Fanfiction is my first genre. It started with Backstreet Boys and now it has evolved into a kerfag fanfic frenzy. Someday I plan to get some of the Filipinon versions published but the English ones would be all over the net.

If you are a TOPper, you can read some of the fanfics that I made in the English Library of the tagalog online pocketbook website. 
Go to the Forum part and you can read and comment on my stories there. ^.^ No need to register to other sites. ^.^ I plan to make tagalog versions of this so watch out for them. 

If you are an AFF reader, you can find me here. 
The site has a feature that lets you subscribe to an author. This is the official home of my fanfics. Since this is where most fanfic fans are lurking, I decided to make an account her and post the initial drafts here. Check out the Super Junior fanfics that I made and will make. Please no copying and saying the story is yours.

If you are a Wattpad reader, I post some of my fanfics from AFF there as well. Just look for Pinaywriter (who else?)

Do you want to write a Fanfic too? We are actually having a contest (october 2011) for TOPpers old and new. Check this out!

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