Saturday, May 18, 2013

#HappyYBday To my Original Bias, Yongbae Dong

You are a loyal friend 
A true inspiration 
You never waver
You always defended your brothers

The abs that made me fall are your gift to us. But we would love you regardless if you rip off your sando or not. 

I will always love you and your music. VIP until whenever

Always there would be a you that I would hope for. 
I would wish for you to be
More adventurous but safe
More inspired but focused
More content but hungry
For more of what in life can be gain and loved. 


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Nanay

In our home May 7 is the real Mother's day since it's our mom's real birthday. So I get confused when Mother's day greeting season come in since for me it's not the second sunday of May it's always the 7th of May.

I know I owe my mom a lot and when I was 25, I realized that being a young woman who thought her mom was always just nagging her for no reason, that I was actually very blessed because my mom (both my parents actually) loved me and my siblings so much they were willing to do every legal means to raise us well. No work was too hard and time as well as energy could be stretched to their limit because we mattered most to them the whole world.

In Korea there is Parent's Day and not Mother's and Father's day that is separated. I think that it's okay to have separate hallmark holidays for them but I know that my Inay gets a lot of her strength from my Tatay and vice-versa. To be my parents are a team. They are each other's sidekick and to me and my siblings, they are our heroes.