Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinay really needs to find her INNER PEACE

I really make things worse sometimes. Often I apologizing for blowing up. I will try to work on my diplomacy skills. I think I can rant and rave on my other blog na lang if I want to expel my anger effectively. At least not everyone can get to that blog easily unless they are really willing to check out my thoughts. And if they read it there, it's my blog, they are tresspassing so they can't complain.

I am really glad people call me out when I am out of line. I guess I need to learn to be less carino brutal and more NOONA mode or big sister mode. I should unlearn how to be too harsh. I should expel my Dark side, my Sith mode.

But people should also try, just try, not to do stupid things on my watch. ^.^

Oh well. I need to learn, they need to learn, we all need to keep learning things that would lead us in the right direction.

I need to think that people are affected by what I say and that is my gift and curse. So I should be the adult. Hindi ko sila dapat sabayan. 

At Ninya wag kang mura ng mura. sabi nga ni Mary. 

I still have a lot of growing up to do. Gaining weight sana matigil na, growing up mentally, mga 20 year pa. I still think like a seven year old sometimes.

I am failing on my #2 and #24 on my 26 things to do on my 26th year.

Darn heck.

Teaching Korean Students about the BUG-OUT BAG

My students who live near the Han River were shocked because of the amount of flooding that happened yesterday. Images of Ondoy swim in my head and I dare only to read the words and not browse the pictures.

When I tell them that things like this are not unusual in the Philippines and Filipinos are tenacious enough to live through it every year, I think some of them looked at us in a slightly higher level. They can't imagine having to deal with landslides that take whole communities away and wash away lives, sully homes and drown vehicles.

When I told my student about the BUG OUT BAG *expression of the day* some of them were attentive, others said we are okay, we don't need that.

I had to stop imagining their bodies full of flood water or starving in a corner of a relief station. I just insisted that they look into having one and adjusting it based on how many people there are in their family.

It wouldn't hurt to have those inflatable life rafts at your home, as some of my plurk friends realized when Typhoon ONDOY hit our country. 

I hope some of them listen. At the very least, it might not be too late for some of them. Thirty-eight died as of presstime. I hope there won't be more.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SONA 2011 : Best in Filipino

Mahina talaga ako sa Tagalog ka habang binabasa ko ang transcript ng SONA 2011 ay mejo nahirapan ako sa ibang mga salita tulad ng pagtitimon. Bastos ang naiisip ko pero parang gets ko na.

Sa hindi pa nakabasa, eto ang SONA 2011.

Maganda sana itong himayin sa Speech Comm class kaso nga Tagalog. Wala pa akong nakitang English version.

As usual ginamit pa rin ng presidente ang isang metaphor niya para sa katiwalian. Pero masakit pa rin para sa akin na mas malaki ang buwis na binabayaran ko at tila mas mahirap pang kunin ang mga government ID ngayon kesa sa dati. Sana ay maharap nila ang mga issue na iyon. Hindi lang naman ang mahihirap ang nangangailangan ng maayos na serbisyo ng gobyerno, pati naman kaming nasa gitna ay me mga hinaing din.

Maraming tao ang me sama ng loob sa bagong sistema. Pero hindi nyo masasabing wala kayong kagaanang nararamdaman. Yun na lang positibong reaksyon ninyo mismo sa pagkakaroon natin ng mas matinong presidente, malaking tulong na un sa morale ng mga Pilipino.

Sayang lang talaga at hindi na inabutan ng lolo ko ang mga mas maayos na palakad sa agrikultura. At wala na rin kaming mga lupang pwedeng tamnan ngayon. Hindi naman sa gusto kong maging magsasaka. Pero sayang pa rin di ba?

Sana lang me naisip nang sabihin si Presidente para sa mga OFW na umuwi ng Pilipinas at nahihirapang ibangon ang sarili sa muling pagkalugmok. At sana totoong magkaroon ng mas maraming pagkakataon para sa kanila na manatili na lang sa bansa. Masyadong delikado ang mga bansang minsa'y pinipili nila. Bagaman may mga hindi na babalik, meron pa ring nais na dito tumanda.

Ang kinakatakot ko, pano pag natapos na ang limang taon pa niya. Pano kung baluktot din lang naman ang papalit sa kanya? Para saan pa ang lahat ng ito kung babalik din ang lahat sa dati.

Sana hindi. Sana totoong simula na ito at ang kinabukasan ng bansang ito ay maging mas maliwanag.

Keep up the good work, Mr. President,

Friday, July 22, 2011

When good men do nothing

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. - E.Burke

A "friend" of mine told me once that he got blamed for something that he didn't do. And he ended up having to make up for what that other person or other people did. I guess I have a warped sense of justice especially when it affects me directly. I don't care if he was being a gentleman about it, it's commendable in certain circumstances. I love him for being that way, maginoo pero mejo bastos. But there comes a time when gender should not be an issue in deciding to clear your name.

All we have is our dignity and we can also do so much to keep our name untarnished.

If we would let other people walk all over us and drag our name through the mud, then we not only let ourselves down but we drag all those who helped mold us to the person we are now, down.

It's safe to say my mom raised no fool. I might have been a liar for the greater part of my youth but now I use it to make actual fiction.

But if someone thought that I did something that caused other incovenience and it's not true. I would clear things up. Because I want to preserve the relationship that I had with that person. I would weight my options and see if the people whom I am covering for are actually worth it. If I don't see them being a part of my life in the next twenty years, they are not worth it. I lie for friends and cover for them all the time. But if they are not in the imagined future that I have, they are not worth a damn piece of fiction.

So if you think that being mum about who really did it for the common good is a great idea, then you are living in a communist bubble. The group would suffer for having the leeching, idiotic petty thieves that caused this whole shit.

What the younger generation should learn is that YOU need to own up to your mistakes. Because eventually, the truth will bite you in the ass and good luck trying to sit comfortably after that.

I hate it when others cover for others and get themselves in trouble. I hate it when the truth is kept when in fact it can be revealed and those who needs justice can get it.

So I hope those idiots who caused my friend to have to appear the antagonist in their school bukol remake should never meet me in person. Because I would personally rip her face off and make sure na wala na siyang mukhang ihaharap sa tao. 

*init ulo*  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boredom + Lack of Net Connections = Novel writing

I am notorious for being super busy at work. *naks sinungaling* So much so that I end up not writing or finishing any of the novels that I should be editing or working on. I have a backlog that would take months to wipe out. But the solution is not having any internet power to go on and blog or even wikipedia anything. That is why I like it at the FIRE. Although INFERNO is unusually cold today, I can't write here *despite the long break times - Darn it if I brought my laptop tapos na sana ang COH video* since I have Google and Blogger working for me.

Oh well, I am editing and will write the last chapter of Yongbae and Jaime's story so I can finally submit it.
Then because of the lack of things to occupy myself when I am hanging out at FIRE, I ended up finishing a chapter of Tank and Emps' story. So far it's drama heavy and I want to make it lighter in the middle part. The teaser still rings through but the story is flowing independent of the first two novels. I am thinking that making JD and Sophia's story too connected with YB and J's would make it too "series-y". Oh well, revisions...

So actually this whole thing is helping me with my creative endeavors.
So go me!~

When this Yongbae story is done, padala ko na to ke Yesha at Lou for reading then COH na to pag okay na sa tingin nila. Hohoho. *crosses fingerlets*

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wants to move to Autumn

I remember that line in the movie 500 days of Summer? I want to move from Summer to Autumn. You might not get it but I am going to rant away anyway.

I am going to do my best to make sure my paperwork and identification is up-to-date so that I can move to a "season" where I don't have to feel the heat every few moments when they deem it's necessary to defrost us meatbags just because they are cutting back on the consumption fees.

I predict that the machinery would rise up against this injustice in a more precise manner. They would, unlike us meatbags, break down and just refuse to function at all. And that moolah saved up from the consumption fees would go to buying news equipment.

I am just going to let it all slide and think happy thoughts. I have one in particular that makes Dante's inferno bearable now.

I would rather sky-dive again than sit tight while I get either medium rare or snotty.

You ask if the WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS ONE'S HEALTH when you know perfectly well that they are screwing with use and making our lives "extra interesting". Give me the time I need to prepare. There would be one less mouth to feed.

Plans on How to Get SSS and TIN ID


If I don't have work on August 15th I will try to go to SSS main and get a schedule for my SSS ID photoshoot (photoshoot talaga eh noh?).

According to my officemate Ianne (special mention talaga), I need two things (these are the things he used)

1. Company ID (check)
2. E-1 (have one = need to unearth it hope it's not missing)
3. 300Php

He went there after shift (God bless the lack of traffic and he arrived there shortly) and he was able to get his schedule. He chose the afternoon schedule (still don't know til what time SSS main is open for this)

Regardless of the fact that there is a backlog of 600,000 IDs for those who could not get theirs since April 2010, I am glad that there would be a new kind of SSS ID, the multi-purpose one. 

My friend who have the older version (digitized) wants to know how to get this UMID version. But I hope that I could get my very first one as soon as possible. (wishful thingking since apparently it would take a year or so. need to research where I would get the actual I.D. when it's done)

Trying to register online for the my.sss but I don't know my employer ID number and the HR ladies are taking forever to arrive. T_T, I can't send my information because of the delay. Tsk.



I found out that RDO 47 is East Makati (understandable since I registered my eTIN when I was in PeopleSupport) I got the info of where office is. Still don't know what to bring and when to go or how to get the TIN ID. But I sent a query to the assistant district officer (via e-mail) and the same to the contact us email of the BIR website.

I hope they can point me in the right direction.

All I have now is the print out of the eTIN confirmation. I can't use that in banks. So I hope I can get it soon.


NBI clearance

According to my friend you can't renew the NBI clearance no more since there is some kinda new shit going down. So in Sept 12 or 13 I will try to process that crap. Good luck sana makuha ko un. My katukayo has a case. So it takes me a while to get my clearance. T_T,

I can't remember what I needed from before. Crap. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's a Small Mall after all

I already knew he was back from the States. I saw him on the bus with his signature tattoos and white wife-beater (white sando) with a girl he would later identify. I would rather not name names. He is still his usual chatty self. I think this guy's chattiness is probably a match for mine. And I usually fall short just a little bit or a least my throat hurts more these days so I should be more careful not to bump into chatty friends.

You wouldn't think that I would find a friend in YUWIE. That is like a *hithole of pervs and whatnot actually. It was cloaking itself as a pay per whatever place. I tend to have this thing about being able to find an interesting person to talk to when I go to shady social sites. And Ryan was it for yuwie.

He told me his cousin was asking about me. I wondered if it was because of the ladies he mingled with I was the only one she met or maybe I was the one he would least likely to play with or hang with. I was single during that time but the aura we had was more of big bro and little sister.

Though he did give me a pinkandwhite VS undie and a pink VS perfume (it ran out) it doesn't mean much than him knowing I would be ticked if he actually pushed through with a joke we had before. I really don't like pink and I think I mentioned that the only pink stuff I own were either given to me or are stuff I can't give away (i.e. pink orgshirt)

I forgot to tell him I had a boyfriend now. We went on and on about friends, his escapades, etc. There were still a lot that he would probably be able to chat with me about but I had to go to my part time soon so I wrapped it up. I used the book I had to look for for my cousin as an excuse to go ahead. He's heading to Makati and the less I know about what he was gonna do there, the safer it is for me. ^.^ He talked about some girl's boyfriend who pissed him off and telling people all sorts of crap about him. I sincerely hope that idiot doesn't walk up to Ryan anytime soon.

I forgot to snap a picture of him looking like himself. I told him my plans for next year. I asked him if his place was finished. He said not yet. He told me that he doesn't have a facebook since there are a lot of people who are looking for him. I think when he said people he meant girls.

That guy is a magnet for crazies, *raises hand* *points to self*. But he's cool. It's like having a pervy big brother who can tell you stories about his life and you can both laugh about it. ^.^

Stay safe, Ry.

Monday, July 18, 2011

To-do list fail & pay-outs

As of presstime, the money I got from FIRE has already turned into a pail that I would use for future laundry time, water refill and food. I tried to do the banana diet during the weekend. I would've been successful had the chicken place not accidentally put rice in my take-out. Who can resist free food? But I did get to clean my electric fan (note to self: still need to buy a new one since the one you have is superbly hard to clean) and finish Samurai Champloo. Boy, did I have some really nasty bloody dreams after that. T_T, And the ending was superbly anti-climactic. Rein told me that she was going to Cinemalaya and a bit later, she saw Mig Ayesa's aunt. I told her that she should tell the lady to tell Mig thanks for the shirt and the CDs. She was having fangirl by extention while I was in bed. But if I had money I would probably watch Cinemalaya movies too. (note to self: next year make sure to make time and enough money for them. June and July are movie time)

I am getting ticked off sometimes when people expect too much from me. And then blame me for things that aren't going well in any aspect of their lives. Like it's my fault that they are not good enough. I am not greater than them. I am not a machine. I am not their bestfriend. Those slots are full. I would have to endure them for the rest of my time here. But after this, we can communicate online. They can like stuff I post. But I wouldn't really forget them or miss them. I would be grateful but I would be relieved that I have new set of characters to bring to life.

I still haven't finished the video for the launching and I plan to polish it by Saturday. I need to remember to bring the installer for the vlc to install it on Lou's lappie. I also have the codex that she might need.

I just hope that the movie quality is not as bad as the others' video.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hanging out my Laundry

Emo day. Just let me do this today. I will get over it. I honestly don't care if you or anyone else cries about this because I for one is not able to stop myself from randomly crying in all the wrong times.

For context, dear ka-chismisan, read this and this.

I suddenly remember that Hot Mamah said albeit in her lovely sarcastic voice that I blog about everything. It's only to keep myself from becoming bat crap crazy.

thanks Shen.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hansel Premium : Would not use them to mark the way back home



I don't need to tell you what you have to expect. It's an either an instant hit for you or it's not. But it wouldn't kill you to try it.

There are a variety of ways to eat it. But where I come from (Batangas) we dunk just about anything in coffee. So I gave it a try.

This is how Pinay likes it, walang basagan ng trip!~

And it tasted...wait for it...Hansel Premium-dary!~

Join the HP gang!~

Ang pasimuno ng pagkain ng Hansel Premium pictures at compiling=> fritz
Picture from here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spreading my Pocky

pocky cake

There aren't a lot of things that lift people up around here, I bought a box of Pocky with my Hamnoda this morning. I figured, chocolate tastes better when you give some of it away and you eat just enough to feed your craving.

Right? It solves my sugar craving and my need to cut down on the sweets.

But had I bought a strawberry pocky, they would have to pry the stick out of my cold dead hands. ^.^

regular flavors 
mah pocky

Hamonado Day

Sorry, but it was good. So I am blogging about it.

Let's be honest, most of us can put ourselves in the 7-11 generation. *No offense to the other convenient stores but this is just for the point of this topic.* We eat processed food every morning for breakfast or lunch or dinner or swing by when we need a quick meal before we go off for work/school/another place.

I have been a 7-11 dependent person for  while now. It's probably because I don't cook and have a raging addiction to Water Plus grape since a plurker told us about that. *Not even going to imagine how much of it I would hord if the notion of it's cancellation of production happens*

And I have broken my mom's tocino rule for a while now. And now the Hamonado. It's less than 29 pesos and I can match it up with water plus to get 59. I grab something else to get it to spike up to 60 *Kaskas card worthy* and I went to work awaiting my new addiction. The ate at the 7-11 has been getting my sleepy order for days now so I think she knows what I buy all the time. I had snapped at her mildly when there was only Bopis meals there. I refuse to eat bopis for dietary and memory purposes. I remember that I enabled Mark's bopis habit and that just reminds me that I was a lousy girlfriend during that time. Because if I really love a guy, I wouldn't let him eat things that would cause him to get sick. Ico would feel that WHEN I learn how to cook. ^.^

Rating for the Hamonado? Extra-Rice worthy. There are three round hamonados and they reminded me of the ham roll that I bought from one of my former members in E-Lamp. It was so yummy!~ It was sweet so if you don't like that skip this one.

Yes, I plan to eat it until I run out of stock and then some. You should try it just once. If you don't dig it, it's inexpensive enough to not care much about while you walk your way to the trash bin. give it to me.

I got hiccups trying to eat it all because I didn't want to throw any away. I will eat this for breakfast until I get tired of it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

COH Sunday : Book Signing at Market! Market!

*FanGirl mode* I was late for the event (thank God I didn't promise to emcee or finish the video beforehand) but I was able to get one Sherine book, one Bernadette book, and four Yesha Lee books signed at the event.
It was too bad that the video Tinz made didn't play well and was a little malabo once it was projected. So I need to remember to install vlc on Lou's computer. And have a back-up in case my laptop doesn't work on the 23rd.

I will be the emcee for that one. I might have to wear a good outfit. I am thinking I would wear something that Reina gave me. ^.^ Then I would doll it up. I need to buy pants for the event or at least wear clean ones.

I got a baller freebie, pink round folding fans from the writers *I exchanged one for a green one without realizing it, it was a good thing She is so nice she let me ask for another one* I met Nhyl,another TOPper, Foo and Lou there while Yesha signed books. Miss B thanked me for the support and I had a lot of fun watching people giddy about pocketbooks as well.

I would replace book signings to crowded concerts. Fan or not, I am still a book lover first and foremost. I am actually thinking that I want to be one of those people from whom people ask for autographs. That would be a dream come true.

I ended up buying another Nora Roberts book when we got to Chapters and Pages. I am currently reading a two novel book named Truly Madly Manhattan. We all know that I love the idea and romanticism of that city.

I actually don't remember where that bookstore is. Now, if only I got Kuya Joseph's number. We'll I can just ask Ate Lou. She would be able to give me directions. We ate at Ineng's and I got free food!~ I ended up going home via Fort bus with a girl who said she also wanted to write. I told her to try TOP first then get fans and submit the novel to COH. I told her about the discipline behind the "writing time". I think she appreciated it. ^.^ I hope she is able to apply what I told her.

I just realized that I am extremely bad with names. T_T, And that I am kinda deaf. ^_^

They thanked me for my super support. They don't know at this rate, I am just a fan. If I was one of them, they would be blown away. ^.^ It's not a fangirl thing, it's a TOPper thing. It's a Pinaywriter thing to be this way.

Once I love someone, I am loyal. Unless they die or break my trust, they can rely on me forever. Otherwise, they can visit Dante's inferno all they want.

Ikaw, Ka-Chapter Ka ba? baller
T-Shirt *wearing it now wala pa akong picture*

Foldable fans

shempre fansign
Miss B


Yesha Lee

Eventful Weekends and Bucket Lists

Remember that crazy list that I was talking about a long time ago? Four out of the many crazy things there were checked off last Sunday Morning. For legal reasons and for relationship status quo's sake, I will keep this on a purely verbally spreading virus as supposed to an online one.

Needless to say, I have a number in my phone in case you need someone to dance for your friend's bachelorette party.

I woke up at 12:30 the same day and went to Market!Market! to support Yesha and the other TOPper writers who are COH writers too. Sherine and Miss Bernadette where there. There wasn't a huge turn out but they are just starting out. And soon, there would be more fans and readers.

I will emcee July 23rd launching. It would be great to be able to do that. I am still working on the video that we will use and I hope there wouldn't be any problems with it when we get there.

Last Saturday, I didn't get to watch One Million Yen Girl, a stupid woman and her idiot boyfriend pissed me off during the Transformers movie,  I missed the train at least twice because people were too freaking inconsiderate. But I got to Makati easy enough and was able to get my very green pasalubong from Reina, clothes and a bag. The tooth bling is with me too. Yey!~

So I am taking the bad luck and the surprisingly good luck in stride. At the end of the day I have materials for at least three novels. ^.^

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Makis quotable quotes 1241 a.m. 070911

I need to sleep but I got this nippit of thought for you and everyone else around you who think there is only one way to show life and worth,.
I think people who feel too much and care too much have learned to be callous, blunt and what not to protect number one which is me myself and i. I think I was born apathetic and still believe that friends are experiments that went right and love is a chemistry test I am yet to ace. Life is a big conspiracy that just bothers you from being actually alive.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hyun Ah presents about the PyeongChang plan + Speech

Link from here

Money saving Blog : Must-read and apply

Okay, so since I have this insane amount of debt that I have to pay I have been literally on a what I can "kuracha" moment and I gave up writing time to earn additional funds. Though if I actually focused on writing, I could earn money that way, anyway, I need it now and so I opted to do the unthinkable, pick another shift at the diner so to speak. I will not elaborate but most of you might get the point.

But I noticed that because of it, I am actually spending more on food. Time that I should be spending sleeping are spent awake and being the bundle of nervous energy that I am, that requires fudang. I am going to try more cost effective techniques regarding this and I would have to gang up on the ladies I am with so that we can save money on NOT eating at Mang Inasal every chance we pass by one. T_T,

I saw this blog (a plurker's) because of the Hansel Premium selca craze they had. I read the article and as is my usual habit I tried to ignore the other articles that seem to threaten to talk about anything related to Math. ^.^ But I saw this one

Money Saving Tips For People Who Hate Saving Money

The was me with a capital M.E. 

So now I am reading the other articles like the envelope saving system and Pay yourself first
For now un muna. Then I will read the rest. ^.^

Feeling ko I'd have a hard time with the Pay Yourself First part. Since I have a different agenda for picking up another shift at the diner. It's more like Pay Off My Mommy Debt thing.  But I honestly want to save my own money dapat daw 25 pa lang sinumulan ko na or even earlier. T_T, But it's never too late.

Who knows? I might just learn more than I expected to read. Thanks fitz. ^.^ 



Other articles that I read so far. (monthly archives here)

Becoming Debt-Free Begins In The Mind

 I am not ready to be rich. For now the goal is to be debt-free.


Other articles I need to read: 

Enemies towards financial freedom

 Go self! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

COH Videos

This is the latest one 

These are the simpler ones

Narealize ko MALI ang spelling ko ng CHAPTERS OF THE HEART, kasi Chapters of the hearts ginamit ko.  Shet ito na ang mahirap sa antok. Wait. Try ko irender ulet at ipopost ko ulet ung mas tamang sampler. 

I have to finish this soon. Wag lang akong masyadong maging OC magagawa ko to. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make-up and Make-out

Postponing koidis is not my cuppa tea. But when there is no venue to propagate I am calm enough to be without it. In fact, I encourage it. It gives me more time to shape up for the adventure. I'll just think of it as an experiment on normal relationships. But the thing about ultimatums and celibacy is that they never work out or last. ^.^
So I will just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. ^.^

I am dead tired. And it's Monday. Sunday refreshed me and gave me a vital boost when it comes to Ico and me. My mom says my sister misses me and I can't quite go home since I am doing a lot of things these days and I have barely enough time to sleep. I hate to compare it but FIRE has a severely unreliable system compared to Dante's Inferno. There are paperworks in Dante's inferno that keeps everything in line and updated. Fire people haven't even figured out where is where when it comes to their references. I plan to fix it even before I leave for Necromancerville.

Just yesterday one of the midgets from Fire was talking about scriptures that didn't match with anything in the archives that I had. T_T, I had a rightful mental bitch fit because I prepared for classes ahead of time and hate it when I get blindsided like that. It's freaking irritating.

Well, I need to buy make-up. I need maskara. I need pressed powder - Garnier. I already have eye shadow and lipstick. I don't really like using blush since I am a mocha girl. *oo maitim na ako* I need a pick-me-up moment since I am going to stretch myself thin.

I am glad that Ne Sarang is going to focus on school and get this mind off distractions. I hope that would give me relative peace and would give him more time to mature into his role as the MANfriend and not just the boyfriend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Trust 30 - Intuition by Susan Piver : My Safeguard Conscience

I think my intuition would be a smoking, thin, and quiet person. He would be a guy. Since most of the time this is how I think. I believe that I have a guy in my head who tells me that this is how the world works.

The first thing that he would tell me would be :

I told you not to date those guys, didn't I? You should have dumped their asses on the second day of your relationship. You wasted so many of your prime years dating the weirdos and emos. I told you to find a man like your dad. You never listen. I guess you found one. Don't worry. He just needs to buff off the rough edges and he'll be a gem.

Trust 30 - 10 Year Text by Tia Singh : After Ten Years...

36-year old me sms

How many books do you think you published by now? It's more than what you could have ever imagined. I told you that you can do it. You should have listened to Yesha sooner. Your Ne Sarang and chikitings say, "I love you, mama." ^.^

I think it would motivate me. I think it would open me up to a lot more opportunities and I wouldn't be afraid of not getting what I really wanted out of my life.

Trust 30 - Overcoming Uncertainty by Sean Ogle : Common Fear Denominator

Major goal: Submit a manuscript to a publishing house.


a. Rejection
  - fear of rejection
  - ego
  - cowardice

b. Revision
  - ego
  - UP-complex
  - deadline is not met (loops to rejection)

c. Realization that I am not good enough
  - ego
  - arrogance
  - UP-complex

What do you know, there are common reasons. Hey there ego and UP-complex, you crazy biatch glitches. T_T,


prompts found here

TRUST 30 - Fault and Change by Carlos Miceli : RISK

I know for a fact that the things that are not working out in my life is my fault. So I am definitely taking chances now. I know that the reason why I am not earning enough is because I settled for a dayjob that was easy. But I need to work on being more ambitious.

I know for a fact that the reason why I can't get my novels polished is because I am afraid of failure. I think that most of the things that I can do or the potential that other people see in me is not realized is because I do not risk failing at something.

I know that I need to snap out of it and live in the real world. Even if that means creating more fiction in my novels from the reality that I encounter.


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