Monday, July 11, 2011

COH Sunday : Book Signing at Market! Market!

*FanGirl mode* I was late for the event (thank God I didn't promise to emcee or finish the video beforehand) but I was able to get one Sherine book, one Bernadette book, and four Yesha Lee books signed at the event.
It was too bad that the video Tinz made didn't play well and was a little malabo once it was projected. So I need to remember to install vlc on Lou's computer. And have a back-up in case my laptop doesn't work on the 23rd.

I will be the emcee for that one. I might have to wear a good outfit. I am thinking I would wear something that Reina gave me. ^.^ Then I would doll it up. I need to buy pants for the event or at least wear clean ones.

I got a baller freebie, pink round folding fans from the writers *I exchanged one for a green one without realizing it, it was a good thing She is so nice she let me ask for another one* I met Nhyl,another TOPper, Foo and Lou there while Yesha signed books. Miss B thanked me for the support and I had a lot of fun watching people giddy about pocketbooks as well.

I would replace book signings to crowded concerts. Fan or not, I am still a book lover first and foremost. I am actually thinking that I want to be one of those people from whom people ask for autographs. That would be a dream come true.

I ended up buying another Nora Roberts book when we got to Chapters and Pages. I am currently reading a two novel book named Truly Madly Manhattan. We all know that I love the idea and romanticism of that city.

I actually don't remember where that bookstore is. Now, if only I got Kuya Joseph's number. We'll I can just ask Ate Lou. She would be able to give me directions. We ate at Ineng's and I got free food!~ I ended up going home via Fort bus with a girl who said she also wanted to write. I told her to try TOP first then get fans and submit the novel to COH. I told her about the discipline behind the "writing time". I think she appreciated it. ^.^ I hope she is able to apply what I told her.

I just realized that I am extremely bad with names. T_T, And that I am kinda deaf. ^_^

They thanked me for my super support. They don't know at this rate, I am just a fan. If I was one of them, they would be blown away. ^.^ It's not a fangirl thing, it's a TOPper thing. It's a Pinaywriter thing to be this way.

Once I love someone, I am loyal. Unless they die or break my trust, they can rely on me forever. Otherwise, they can visit Dante's inferno all they want.

Ikaw, Ka-Chapter Ka ba? baller
T-Shirt *wearing it now wala pa akong picture*

Foldable fans

shempre fansign
Miss B


Yesha Lee

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