Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boredom + Lack of Net Connections = Novel writing

I am notorious for being super busy at work. *naks sinungaling* So much so that I end up not writing or finishing any of the novels that I should be editing or working on. I have a backlog that would take months to wipe out. But the solution is not having any internet power to go on and blog or even wikipedia anything. That is why I like it at the FIRE. Although INFERNO is unusually cold today, I can't write here *despite the long break times - Darn it if I brought my laptop tapos na sana ang COH video* since I have Google and Blogger working for me.

Oh well, I am editing and will write the last chapter of Yongbae and Jaime's story so I can finally submit it.
Then because of the lack of things to occupy myself when I am hanging out at FIRE, I ended up finishing a chapter of Tank and Emps' story. So far it's drama heavy and I want to make it lighter in the middle part. The teaser still rings through but the story is flowing independent of the first two novels. I am thinking that making JD and Sophia's story too connected with YB and J's would make it too "series-y". Oh well, revisions...

So actually this whole thing is helping me with my creative endeavors.
So go me!~

When this Yongbae story is done, padala ko na to ke Yesha at Lou for reading then COH na to pag okay na sa tingin nila. Hohoho. *crosses fingerlets*

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