Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kpop is my only drug

And I am having too much of it lately.

So I wrote this in AFF.

Signs you are writing/reading too many fanfics

1. You think in auto-OTP.* 
It doesn't matter who ship who, you see a picture, read a post and watch a video and automatically your mind turns into an idea spewing machine.
(And for this I am thankful for the note apps and AFF so I can put my ideas somewhere as soon as I think about it. Kinda like an idea cloud. Because God knows I do not back up my data. [yes, I am a babo like that.]) 

2. You mutter dialogues in the oddest places. 
It used to be in your room when you are alone. Now, you do it when you are walking to work/school, when you are washing the dishes and when you are in the bathroom/loo/jon. And your friends/family members are contemplating your sanity because of the frequency of this "talking to yourself" when for you it's just a tool to test if the dialogues for your fic is something smooth to say in the real world. 

3. You often ignore reality and think it's getting in the way of your second life. 
Oh, please. You have statused on at least one social network that work/school/other major responsibilities have been getting in the way of your writing, admit it. 
We are all guilty of wishing we were billionaires and have time to write all the stories in our minds. 
In my case I imagine a beach house and I have a super workstation that has lightspeed fast internet connection so I can spazz, watch subbed videos (in my dream I can speak, understand and write in 10 languages but I still like to read subtitles like the good old days) and write. And the rooms in my villa are named after Big Bang members and Sandara. 

4. You have at some point imagined an M-Rated scene involving you and your bias.
Granted that regular fans also do this. BUT you as a writer have an advantage. Because you can smell the scenario and taste your bias' skin because of how freaking imaginative you are. So it's fangirling + spazzing 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x 

5. You SHIP** too hard. 
Meaning you would have heated fanwars with other OTP shippers. So immature. Hahaha. And you DGAF. Because (insert pairing here) is REAL!
6. You are probably single or is making your hubby/bf's life miserable comparing him to your bias. 
I am single. Though I have been a writer for far longer than I have been a fanfic writer. So the whole my husband/bf is my bias doesn't really apply to me. I just treat TOP as my lust bias and go to lust thought. But I can't imagine or want to actually date someone who has fans. I am FAR too possessive and prone to jealousy for that.
BUT I wouldn't say no to a one-night stand that would lead me to have his love child. ^..^

7. Your non-kpop loving friends have probably hidden you from their newsfeed. 
It's not because they don't care about you. It's just that their walls are flooded with kpop they don't even care about. So to keep from unfriending you, you have accepted this reality. That or you have a kpop account and a nonkpop account. (guilty) 
8. You are probably trying to learn or already know how to speak another language apart from your native tongue and English. Like, I dunno, Korean maybe?
I took Nihonggo in college. But I already forgot it. I have not even tried to learn Korean. TOO HARD. Maybe later. Yey for subs!
9. You have more ideas in your head than plans for the future. 
It's not such a bad thing. Unless your job is not related to writing creatively. Because then you would have to shift your thinking pattern to just focus on what needs to be done (programming something or finalizing a boring report). Luckily for me I write workbooks for my company. So it's pretty much the same. Bad thing is, it takes time from my fanfic writing. 
10. You know more about Korean culture than you care to admit. 
In my case this is good because I am an online English teacher to Koreans. (This is how I got in this mess in the first place - researching about Big Bang because a group of girls called themselves TOP, DLITE, VICTORY, GDRAGON and SOL in my group class. TT_TT) 

Got anymore to add to this list? Please tell me in the comments section. ^..^

*OTP - One True Pairing - term to mean a couple that is being paired up in reality or in fanfics
**to ship - to pair up or to be a fan of a pairing