Sunday, February 3, 2013

SBC 100 years AHC : Blue & White

It was the best of time and it was the worst of times. Some people tend to say that about their time in school. I think I lived in a cocoon during the time that I was in elementary and high school. I am not shy to say that I may be the kind of person who peaked during my school years. I was a bully to people who were not my friends and cared only for my own comforts. I don’t remember everybody from elementary and high school so though it may be fun to be an organizer, I would be the worst person to ask the sentence,  “Do you remember…?” I would automatically say no. It actually happened during the centennial alumni homecoming. I forgot a guy who played for the exhibition game. I was like, “I don’t remember going to school with this guy." I later realized I might have encountered him at times but bitchy brat weirdo that I was I don’t remember him since I didn’t really  pay attention to people who were neither my classmates nor my crush. It’s weird when people remember you and you don’t remember them. But as the past goes, he remembers me for a version of bullying I did during my officer years. Infamous has always been a tag I had on my person but I have grown to not care.

It was great to be able to see old players get things going on the court. I used to LOVE watching and writing stuff on stats for the games. People always though I was some kind of sports writer for the school organ (newspaper) but I wasn’t I was just a weird fan like that. I actually at those times wanted to be a sports journalist. ^.^

We were the bracket champion and had the trophy for it.

But we came short 6 points to win the exhibition game. I hoped I was able to know they were doing the championship games. I would have gone home to watch it and just travelled back to work. *then again my prod was on the line so I probably wouldn’t have*

Funny thing was an Aquino was playing for the other team and we were missing our Aquino on our side. That would have been epic if they played against each other. Lala’s brother was killing us with his awesomeness. If the lil man was on my team I would applaud him but I want to hrrr him because he wasn’t. ^.^

I took a tryke to SBC after getting to batangas, eating breakfast and taking a bath. I had to walk from the parking area in the back to get inside.  A helpful guard told me that the registration was at the main gate. *Manong malamang* I saw Eka there and we waited for Dada. No reg for us just wrote down our names on the guest list since the ID tags were out.  I let Eka and Dada go to the gym first I went up and was told by a teacher or alumnae that my batchmates went down after leaving a message on the board.  I didn’t realize Abs was Abi B so I left a message for Max that Eka and I would be watching the game. When I came down it turned out that they were all there. It turns out the game was delayed and we would have to wait.
We went back up to wait for the game to start. When it did, I didn’t care if my voice was my bread and butter, I was in high school again and my voice echoed in the gym. At one point I was able to be louder than the other team’s cheerers. Loving our own is not difficult since we spent years supporting them in various things. The friendship too made it worth the while. Just this time the heckling was more of “your wife/gf said you won’t get any if you screw it up”. Good times.

lakad pa lang matikas na

sasoy vs goliath

Lala's Bro


We decided to go somewhere after. Smuch as the activities and the alumni show would have been fun to watch I was from my years of Febfairing knew that the people that you spend time with and not the things you watch is what matters the most.
The peeps I was with were not in my circle of friends maybe except Eka and Abi. They are what I call my Venn Diagram friends. Friends of friends or classmates of friends or friends of my classmates from years past. But like what we realized when we graduated from SBC and meet in other school, we would always gravitate towards each other because that is how Batanguenos are.

there were more food later
We ate and drank and talked. We shared live after college experiences. They ribbed each other over who had courted or had a crush on whom. Not going to go into details I don’t want to be unfriended on facebook. LOL

I just realized that it was a good thing AND a bad thing that I was just plain weird during those times. I was able to just enjoy being a kid. AND the more adult playing I did in the freedom of my college years. Because no offense to my parents and parents in general, had I stayed here I would have been smothered.

I was told I tend to live in the past. Going back helps me realize that there were  a lot of things I already forgot but that some things stay with you, camaraderie, a sense of home and the need to know that things then happened for a reason. And that collectively all your experiences helped shape who you are now.

I am just sad that BJ, Jonas and a few others were not given a chance to even choose whether to go or not. But I am sure that they were there with us in spirit.

To those who were not there, we know you could have if you could. To those who didn’t want to because they thought it was lame, you missed 100 years of your life. To those who were there, next time ulit!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Late for School

Champorado for breakfast. Fish for a meal. Hurrying to take a bath to make it on time.
I won't be in a blue skirt or a blue jumper this time. But I am going back to school.

I just hope I can still register.

As we merry Bridgetines sing along

From our laughing lips come a song

Which will rise and swell and mark the beat

Of the willing feet of our Master sweet

And our eyes will shine with love alone

Lamp of truth, strong and burning

From the light that’s yours St. Bridget

And the glory round your throne

So all Bridgetines sing

When the bells no longer chime

With arms linked and hearts linked

So let our life’s light shine

Forever and ever to the final sunset flame

Till the last great rolling echo

Is our dear St. Bridget’s name