Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Twin Brother from another Mother

Apparently, he found my blog I MISS JAN. Since he doesn't know that I made a public service announcement on FB (he doesn't have one) he didn't know that a lot of humans actually replied to my post. ^..^

Oh well. I can't find that post now so never mind. ^..^
It's weird that I had this Pinaywriter spidey sense to check on my emails or phone when an important message is there. Kekeke. I have been busy lately that I have been ignoring my emails constantly.

I am glad he found me. I already gave him all of my sns and cp info. ^..^ And people did look for him. He's just a ninja. Or I am just bad at googling people. I mean seriously I studied skip tracing. But I am so forgetful I don't know anything to use to search for him.

Apparently he's well and he's going to be working in a company. ^..^
I told him I am a fatass now. And all that. I am still waiting for his reply. And I will keep begging him to get a FB account together.

Seriously, how much do you have to hate Mark Z?

I wanna show him the pictures my Korean Student sent me of her trip to Google. ^..^

And this concludes the search for my Gemini Kambal. If only I can find a version of him I can rape and who also likes KPOP. We are like siblings and he my oppa from a different eomma. <3


Si Sandara Park at the 2NE1+8th Bday ko

Si Sandara Park trended worldwide without even a need for a hashtag.
2ne1 is coming this week. Dara will be in Gandang Gabi Vice and will visit Kuya at the PBB house.

Prior to the announcement some haters of Sandara as well as some bitter fans using the sly excuse "We pay to see her the housemates have no right to see her for free" card using the #saynotodaraonPBB hashtag and trended it. I personally made sure I unfriended the ones that I saw use this hashtag on FB. Unfortunately I was not able to catch all those who used this on my twitter account. I was busy at work so I wasn't able to catch their shit.

It's a big slap for those who trended that they didn't want her to go in. It's already well-known that Dara has a soft spot for the Philippines. She'll all but a Filipina by blood. She talks about the country as her second home. She put the country in YG's radar after getting noticed in a feature made for her. And that's been the start.

Now coming back for the continuation of THE Party for an even bigger NOLJA event, Dara remains the Krungkrung we love but just a tad bit more than that. She's gotten love, hate, support and training in love, life and in the Entertainment world. She came back with her sisters from another mother Chaerin Lee (the other half of CHAERA a one true pairing for the two women who are super close, Bom Park SsangPark/Double Park's other Park and Minzy, 2ne1's beloved eromaknae.

I for one can't wait to see her onstage. I won't be going to the hotel, airport or the mall tour. I am not a fansite noona/eonnie. I will be there in the VIP Standing screaming my heart out. I will call go POPPED on some people and let them call me when the concert is ongoing so they can listen to a song. ^.^ But that is if I can get a power bank. If not then I won't. T_T; 

Nevertheless, this MAY is epic. I won a WIN Epilogue from Kenny AKM YG Fanboys are <3
It's still in Pasig Central Post office. I haven't picked it up because I haven't had a free weekend. I am planning to go there on the May 18th after AON. So stay tuned for that. I already got the poster for the giveaway. *weird that they sent me that and not the dvd* anyway.

This is going to be my last month as a 28 year old and will also mark my last year as a woman in her 20's. And having all this much feels for my birthday month has been unbelievably great.

Also I found my bestie. He saw my I MISS JAN blog entry and he emailed me today. I can email him now. yey~ I should memorize his email. He still doesn't want to make a FB account. Tsss. Anyway. I hope I can contact him more often from now on. So happy for this May. <3

I will try to blog more that I have hooked up my kpop gmail to this blog. So forgive me if I KPOP all over your feeds.

Best. May of my life. EVER.

P.S. Please go to your twitters and start tweeting : #‎PHIsReadyFor2NE1‬
Let's Nolja~!

Other trending hashtags

Thursday: ‪#‎MABUHAY2NE1‬ or ‪#‎WELCOMEHOME2NE1‬
Saturday: ‪#‎2NE1AONMANILA‬