Friday, September 30, 2011


Please do not post your teaser or chapter as an update or message sa wall ng group. Thanks. 

Go to FORUM 
> Go to the bottom part of the page me POST NEW TOPIC dun 

Ilagay ang Title ng Nobela sa TITLE BOX 

I.E. My Heart's Birthday

1. Unang ilagay ang Teaser sa CONTENT box.
how to make teasers =>

TEASER example
original form in WORD DOCU

GANITO SHA PAG CTRL C THEN CTRL V nyo sa forum part ung nasa docu

 2. Ilagay ang mga chapters na kasunod sa susunod na comment box.

Mas okay na kung susundin nyo na ang format dito. para hindi na magkagulo.

see link for the explanation

Pero pag pinost nyo yan sa Romance section comment Walang bold at italics pero don't panic. The other format however SUNDIN.

Sa ganitong paraan hindi na sasakit ang utak ng editor (at ko) sa pagcheck ng format when in fact dapat content at grammar na lang ichecheck namin. Ha, please. Thanks.

WARNING: if you don't post it completely baka kailanganin nyong mag-edit. 1 gil nababawas ata pag me ineedit so might as well tapusin muna bago magpost ng chapters. ^.^ 

if you want lagyan nyo na ng chapters 1 - 10 as reply then just edit it later. ^.^ para kahit anong comment nila after that will not cut the flow of the story. ^.^

3. Pag tapos nyo na, send me a complete copy. = yan ang bonggang bonggang email ko (mas madalas ako sa email kesa fb etc kasi blocked sha sa opis ko so please, email me your tanong)

Sana ung nabasa, na-check at
content at grammar na lang ang checheckin. Ung format, please kayo na ang kumana nun. Ha? Ha! Thanks. <3

Please, wag ninyong hintayin na ako pa ang magsabi to send me a copy. Babato ko ke Yesha ang copy and she will check chapter one I will check the rest. Pag hindi ninyo nilagay ang mga corrections na binigay namin beforehand, well...nagsasayang lang tayo ng oras ng isa't isa.

Let's be open to helping each other learn. ^.^ Win-win situation.

Happy Carla Day!~

Happy birthday carla by pinaywriter

It's better late than never. Sorry I didn't get enough time to make an actual video with this. ^>^


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tagalog Online Pocketbook social - T.O.P.

There are still some bugs but I am really glad about the new TOP site. It was tested before and it helped keep everything in one place.

So if you are looking to read and socialize about TAGALOG pocketbooks, then feel free to join up. Read this guide to help you earn gils, our TOP currency.

I hope this makes it all easy for some of the readers to get the gils that they need. We are thinking about promos on how to help them read more novels. And of course, I still have those 32+ novels to edit. But changes are in the wind. And more surprise will come when we have our fifth anniversary.

Great things come to those who wait...and are loyal. ^.^


Cine Europa 14 : How to Enjoy a Free movie

The best thing about going to the film festivals that are in Edsa Shang every year is that I get to see a movie or movies that I wouldn't have a chance to watch in a regular cinema. The industry can take that as a pun to the kind of movies they have been showing for years with some exceptions in the past few years. Indie films have been becoming increasingly marketable but I hope that they don't give their essence and just make "indie-like" mainstream movies.

Having said that, there is one major setback in the whole free movies in festivals thing, the LINE.

If you are a graduate of UP this would not be a biggie. We fall in line all the time, from registration until graduation. So we have mastered what to do while waiting in line.

Personally I bring a book, or something to read.

 There were times when I brought Eros, my lappie. But it's too heavy.

1. Bring a gadget/book.
If you are a techie, charge up your tablet, smartphone, psp, netbook, whatnot to keep you busy during the hour or so wait.
avoid getting bored
Didn't get a booklet or that cap thingy *tears*

2. Bring a friend.
        This would come in handy when you need to buy something to eat or drink. The best thing having a buddy with ya is for is when you need to go to the loo. That's bathroom, cr for you and me.

shy pa si ate, feeling mo naman manghihingi ako ng fudang wit na?
I try not to cover for people when I am in line but sometimes you meet nice people and they really need to pee. Others would get mad if you cut in front of them and you say that you asked someone to keep that place for you. Btw, this happened while I was in line for Mamut. Some movie buff didn't let another guy cut in front of them even after the guy said that he asked someone to keep that spot for him. The guy behind me asked me and the guy behind him to keep the spot for him. Since we both agreed there was no problem. That guy left the line like twice, one to eat and again to pee. The girl in front of me asked me to keep the spot for her since she really really needed to go to the loo. I let her, I knew how she felt but I could hold it in.

I liked her bohemianism.
3. Bring a date.

Ang sweet nila noh?
I went on free movie dates with Ne Sarang too. And that was like hitting two birds with one stone. I call it a cultural date. ^.^ Free na romantic pa.
I could see a lot of thunders during the weekend. Oldies who love movies, during their time it was a prime date-to-do activity, I guess.

4. Bring the whole barkada

Manong Pendong Club

You don't need to be teens or college students to enjoy a film festival. I call them the Pendong gang. ^.^ It's a good bonding activity and you don't have to pay for the movie. You can't bring your own beverages and food though so eat first before you go in. You would have to leave your fudang outside the cinema.
Food from the cinema store would be ok though but pricey for students and on a budget movie goers.

5. Bring a camera

No, you are not allowed to take pictures of the movie. But if an actress from the movie just happened to be around, it wouldn't hurt to have a good camera unlike the cam phone that I had.
Yaya Gloria in Mamut

I also took a picture of a group who were probably watching Cine Europa together for the first time. Making memories is always good. ^.^

Warning: Do not lie about where you are, Murphy's Law might be on to you. Someone might spot you, someone you don't want to see or haven't seen in a long time. Case in point, the counselor I had during my freshman year was there. He is the reason why I became a gabay. He didn't take such a good care of my bloc so I vowed to make the bloc meeting experience more fun for other freshmen.

Yes, I take pictures of lotsa things. I am stealth like that.

*Please don't sue me for posting them online. No offense was meant for all puns made.*
**all people in the picture are strangers**

Cine Europa 2011 : Mammoth

When I watched Mamut during this year's Cine Europa I was able to see the Filipina who played Yaya Gloria in the movie. Some parts of the movie was shot in the Philippines and it told a back story of how hard it was for her and her children to have her be so far from them. The audience clapped for her and went over to ask for pictures. Since I had a shitty camera phone I managed this picture and got an autograph instead.

Good job, Miss M!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Before September Ends

There are a lot of things that needs to be done. And it's October soon.

Things to do:

  1. A video or a blog about a loved one. Ok wait, about two loved ones who are celebrating their birthday or had celebrated their birthday.
  2. Edit novels – finish Claire by the end of September
  3. Clean room – Seriously clean Simone!
  4. Get the to follow gifts for friends who got married
  5. Pay Mom (seriously still working on this)
  6. Think of a catchy male protagonist's name that starts with J R since she had finally decidedt that she can't continue writing My Kimchi Kikay using his name for it. It hurts too much to see his name let alone type it. It would be years before people can say that name without me getting hurt.
  7. Attend Angel & Deo's wedding.
  8. Blog about missing experiences like Cine Europa 2011 etc.

And this is just for the end of the month.

Note to self: Do not leave your cellphone at home. Pa-bo. T_T


Surprising Happy Thought

The funny thing was that I was on a bus, contemplating a week of not seeing Ne Sarang, when I saw him waiting for his bus at Boni. I called out for him but he was plugging into another universe (his BM) so he didn't see me. I flailed my hands and caught the attention of most of the people on the bus. I am sure I look like Toni when she said, "I love you, Piolo." Since the bus wasn't moving, I went down and went to where he was. He was surprised to see me and happy at the same time. He told me that he went on a road trip with some classmates. I was happy that I wore the dress Rein gave me. I was in my girly mode that day not knowing I would see him.

I realized then that Ico had better backing than the others. Somehow coincidence or not, the universe was telling me, this boy has better timing. I would have loved to have spent more time with him but I am happy he wasn't pouty over the fact that I need to spend a lot of time editing novels. I know it would take months to finish everything. But I hope he would understand. He teases me that he feels neglected over all that. And I had not been the warmest kinda person when someone ticks me off.

But that day, I felt the warmth of my friend's and co-TOPpers affection and the support of the universe by throwing me a surprise happy thought. At least between me and my adversaries, I am able to smile over the smallest things that come from the big things in my life that they don't have. I don't need the applause of many, I just need to the love of one.


Friday, September 23, 2011

No more after this - T.O.P.

Naiiyak ako. Hindi ako high blood. Kasi hindi ko na pinapaabot ang init sa ulo ko. Otherwise I would be cursing up a storm and marami lang akong flaws na ma-eexpose. I am trying to be a calmer person. I am freaking 26 years old now. I need to learn patience and boy is this year teaching me that being nice is such a challenge and a pain in the toushie.

I made mistakes. But I am not the kind of person who sits in one corner feeling sorry for herself. I am a fighter. I fight harder when I am hurt, bleeding and gasping for air. That is what I think seperates real heroes to those who believe themselves better than something else. A real hero doesn't have a sense of entitlement. He doesn't need medals and applause. He can sacrifice more for the common good and is mum about it. He doesn't go in the middle of a crowd and asks them to kiss his feet. The real hero isn't the prince who rides in his mighty steed at the end of the battle. The real hero is his most mangled foot soldier who could barely smile because it hurts to move his cheeks. War torn and bruised, he or she doesn't care if the crowd is screaming his name but that he was able to achieve peace for all the land. And of course that he survived yet another battle. And once he is healed, he is ready to have another one though he does not hope for one to happen anytime soon.

I realized that I really need to choose those whom I should extend the hand of friendship to. I haven't had a chance to be bitten by someone whom I have considered promising. I have apprentices in the past, each more arrogant than the next. Each more stubborn than the last. Each with a sense of entitlement worse than the last. But they were able to prove to me that their arrogance can be used for good. And they were never rude to their elders.

I guess the world that I lived in should shift. I never wanted to compartmentalize the new people that I meet. I hoped that high school clique mentality of mine had gone. But I guess it's time to bring it back. I will keep those that I love and who love me for who I am as well as my limitations close to me. Those who are associated to me because of their talents would be just below. And the new ones that I meet would just have to be online associates.

I apologize for whomever would be affected by this. I know I am not that significant to the world to cause that much of a ripple. I missed Chen most of all during this time. I know that she was hurt by me before and I was angry when she didn't tell me. None of the things that she did or what happened could make me stay angry at her. But this time, I think that would need to change.

There are things that need to change. But we would not change because of one scrawny kid. We have been planning changes and had been weighing them for a while now. And when he decides to build his own realm, he would realize that being a leader, sitting on one's throne is lonely and difficult. That is why we sit together in a circle to talk about these things. There are things you do not see, things you are yet to understand boy. We know there are flaws and mistakes that were made. But there is one thing that we know that you are yet to learn, that selflessness is not something that is easy to do. Open-ness is something that is hard to achieve. So we must all compromise. I know the effort that you did must have been tremendous for you to think that we have abandoned you. Perhaps your cause is true. But I don't have to talk down to others to have them understand my wrath. If I were you, and as you are saying you would do, I would make a better place for me to do whatever I want. I hope that like Foo, you would find some people who you can trust to accept you for you who are and are not afraid to hit you over the head for being a crazy frack.

There is much for you to learn, young padone. It's not just talent that makes you a person. Tell that to the voices in your head. One of them is sure to understand.

To all the Toppers, slighted or active, lost and new, I will do what I can to make you happy. And I will continue to write, not for fame...not for money...but for the simple fact that I know that in time, I would be able to give you a story that would make you laugh, cry or reflect on your life.

To all the TOP writers, contributors, lost and new thank you for your patience. I offer you all my free time, time is all that I can give you. Every word I cross out, ever correction that I make is with love. So please do not reject my love for you. Give me a chance to give you my love.

Love after all is the “elitism” that caused this website to be, that keeps this community together. We don't need website hits, likes and adoration. We are here to give you stories, to read your stories and to keep T.O.P. alive.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

This means War

Kidding! I have to go to war against grammar, punctuation marks and "writer's elitism" so I need to kill all the brain cells I have left and finish all the novels I took for granted. This is in no way an admission of full responsibility but I want to be able to prove to myself that it can be done. It's great that I am not outwardly releasing my anger. There is simply no reason to be mad. It's my fault that it took this long for me to realize that I am useless. But hey, new ideas always come up and things are going to get better from here. Vigilance would be my goal.

I will never abandon something that I started. I just need to finish it so we can move on.

I am not out to prove anything to you. I have been writing since before you were able to hold a Mongol pencil.

Make sure that I would buy your book in the next ten years, online or offline. Because if your dreams never come true, I would be one of the first people would feel bad for you.

Good luck and have a nice life.

Oh and just an advice, try to look into, that might interest you. I think it's a platform for e-books to be sold to other e-book sellers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Add caption

If your novel is not on this que that means I don't have a copy of your novel. E-mail it immediately. Those FINISHED novels that were not sent to me are not my responsibility. It's part of the HOW TO SUBMIT that you have to SEND THE EIC the edited form  (by another person preferably from TOP as your editor or reader) not the RAW format crazy version of your novel.

If your novel is in FATE, dapat me copy din na na-send sa akin.

AGAIN, these are the rules. If you can't wait for me to finish all these, then I am sorry. I am not a machine. Write somewhere else but don't expect me to help you. I want to help that's why I got this "job" but I have a life too. It was very eventful lately and I messed up my time. But it's on like donkey-kong.

There is something we are preparing for next year (5th year ng TOP) so I need to evaluate the writers.

Wherever you might end up, don't rush greatness.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rikki's Blog

I know a hot girl name Rikki. She blogs now.

She has always been petite and pretty. That's what I remember about her. She's from the same major and most of the girls from our batch were the mix of beauty and wit. No offense to the girls and gays that came after my batch, but I am the BACA '02 rep so I have to toot our horn.

Anyway, she just recently got into blogging. Something that I really recommend for people to do. She asked me about blogging tips. So here goes.

1. Keep your blog clean. Make sure there aren't any autoplaying or flashing flash advertisement.

2. If you are going to talk about yourself, make sure it's interesting.

3. Have a theme.

Sure this is a hodgepodge page but it wouldn't hurt to compartmentalize it a little bit more. If you can you can have one that is about stuff that you are interested in. In my case it's about poetry and prose so I have a separate blog or page for it.

4. Talk about trending topics and add your own twist to it.

5. Be careful of trolls. Make sure you let people comment but don't let them get away with thrasing your comment box either.

6. Be a "first to blog about something" kind of blogger.

For example, I loved free movies at Shang for a while now. I know when things are about to start so I google about it and post it online. The chances of you being among the first to blog fully about and get google more often, would be higher.

7. Label rants as such and try to proofread the rest of your pieces.

If you plan to make it a rant site, do with wit and spunk. It would help if you try to end it with a positive note or some kind of how to not experience this list. (I do that sometimes.)

8. Be a quality read.

If you write what you know and try to learn new things and share it with other people, the internet would welcome you arms open.

9. Choose advertisers and servers wisely.

For most of us html is alien and getting a domain is dizzying. Ask a friend who is good at it and learn from them.

10. Blog with photos.

Blogs entries with photos would help make more visual readers go to your site. Do the same with gifs and video.

11. Share buttons +1 and Like buttons help

It's easier to share your blog it you add it to Networkedblog (see app in facebook) and to share it in blog communities.

Also having a Facebook connected comment box would help have your friends get information regarding your latest entry.

12. Nuffnang or Google adsense it.

If you are using a blog that is not supported by adsense, nuffnang would be okay, I think. I am a WP newb so I don't really know.

13. Link your fanpage or a public FB account. or your Google+ account.

This way you can connect with those readers easily. Also make a "group" to make sure you remember the people who added you who are not really friends but readers. This way you can keep bikini pictures away from creeps.

That's it for now. The rest is actually trial and error.

Good luck to newbs and Rikki! Welcome to the blogsphere. It's about damn time.

A USANA C.A.T. meet-up

Our friend Joy N. started her road to USANA-hood and had asked for us to meet up with her about the whole biz. Eka, Mea and were supposed to be there. But Eka couldn't get a sitter for her baby. T_T I need to remember to include her baby to the kiddies I would give dolls and doll dresses to. ^.^ 

Small, Large, Medium @ Hot&Cold Batangas

Mea's sis had been on Herbalife *facepalm* and when she saw me, who was using Nutrimeal and essentials, we told her that she should make her sister stop that. We got to meet one of Joy's mentors, and she talked to us about the business side first. 

I have of course gotten most of the information from my brother and was already a living testament to what the few products could do. Proflavanol helped with the stuff on my legs, I feel more energetic because of the Essentials and 83 kgs to 77.2 kg (as of my last weight in last September 7) is something to brag about. 

In fact, all the peeps in my hometown who told my brother that if he could make me lose weight they'd buy from him ended up buying essentials first then maybe when they see that they feel better and are sold to the idea, they'd get into the nutrimeal habit as well. I went home after the whole meeting, missing the padasal for my lolo (sorry lolo, I love you nevertheless) and the rainy trip to Eternal Gardens. 

I got to talk to Mea whom I haven't seen in two years. Thus, we were able to grant the group wish to see each other during the year. Though the 4214 meeting got moved to October 8 from September 17. ^.^ I hope we can do something similar with the CATs. Mea and Kate work in Makati. I live in Makait. But they want to meet up somewhere in between their house. T_T I don't know if I know how to go there. ^.^ Oh well. 

Still don't know if Makis is going to move soon since she's incomunicado. We tried to contact her that Saturday but I have yet to meet up or talk to her since the last time she contacted me about the wi-tribe thing. I would appreciate it if she took some time to contact me. I keep imagining her in a basement tied to a chair. Seriously I am. 

On a side note, my mom tried to put her foot down about my work too. But I told her I have a different passion and plans. I have plan A, Project Manuscript and Plan B Project Morgan. There are two possibilities. Hopefully things would work out either way. But I am hoping it's Plan A. 

I consulted with my brother if he was going to tap Canada and he said that it might be hard to send stuff to that part of the world and I told him that there is a market in Canada for USANA as well. pabo. But I think the things that are happening in his life professionally and otherwise is actually too much for him to handle. So he doesn't have the time to go full-time on this racket. 

So I told Joy that I would contact my aunt for her. I hope things would work out. Joy has a different drummer and some of her mentors would learn that about her. You can't rush Joy. ^.^ But she'll get where she needs to go using her own steam. 

Note to self: Reversal of dress sizes. Mind-blowing. And I love Mea's hair. Her curls are not trying hard unlike some other person I know. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chuseok jal bo nae sae yo!

One of the few things that I like about my job is that there is Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving either in September or October. The longest one that I experienced was almost an entire week of holidays. But of course we didn't have off all week but it was long. Most of the students didn't want to attend class so I breezed by that time last year.

As far as I know Chuseok is akin to Christmas, harvest festival, All Soul's day and family reunions rolled into one. Kids get money from the adults. Adults give their elders money, gifts of food and meat and whatever they can think of giving. And everyone who is in Korea needs to go to the house of the oldest living relative usually the grandparents to gather and offer prayers to the ancestors. They clean out the tombs of the deceased and the men do the ceremony. This is their traditional role in the whole thing.

It's Calvary as far as the wives, daughters, aunts, mothers and nieces are concerned. They have to clean after everyone, cook the food, prepare the offering and watch the menfolk do nothing but play cards, drink, talk or watch television. A married woman visits the husband's family first on the actual day. And depending upon what they talked about, they can visit her family after the actual day.

Kinda reminds me of our more traditional families as well. But it's a little different in my family since in my family the men cook better than the women sometimes. So I grew up seeing men and women huddled up in the kitchen, husbands carrying on with the wet market shopping and all of them making great feasts together. So I said to myself, I really should marry someone like my dad who is a great cook (when he gets around to doing it). I dated a guy like that before, I even dreamt about him last night. In the dream he said, "You promised your life to me, remember?" But I realize that those dreams happen whenever I have someone that I really love and am happy with in my life. So I take it as a sign that my inner demons and demon guides are acting up. This means that Ico is now considered as a rival to my affection. I need to remember Ne Sarang to be more careful and to wear a cross too.

Going back, I think Chuseok is a time to rest and be with family, so despite the fact that I might have movies that I want to watch that are playing this weekend, I think I will go home. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow. So it would be a nice surprise if I am home. I can also go see my friend and support her with the USANA thing and be her testimonial for her business meeting.

I wanted to spend the time in the city and write, get my BIR ID and all that stuff but I think spending a couple of days to help my friend and see my family wouldn't hurt.

I just need to check the schedule for the Cine Europa movies so I can plan out what I would watch on Monday and Tuesday. Then I will try to get a BIR ID on Tuesday. The SSS one would just have to wait. I can go there after shift some other time. I hear it would be too difficult to do so but I can try.


Our boss gave out sungpyon. I got a green one! Cutie. I think this violates my no rice diet but hey, it's the holidays. I can make an exception.

rice cakes

Can I bring him home instead?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dieting, Writing, Cine Europa & Chuseok

I am super excited for the Cine Europa 14. *Yes, I a movie buff like that* I looked all over the internet for the schedule and the posters/synopsis of the movies and I think I managed to get them all. But the posters in that entry is not going to be enough. I need to know the schedule. Darn it. I will go there later to check if they already have the schedule posted. Then I can map out my afternoons. I will definitely not eat any chips when I go there. I really can't go home during the weekend to attend Joy's product meeting since I have to watch the movies that are playing this weekend. I know she understands. If she needs a before and after picture I will give it to her when I lose more weight. As of presstime I just lost more than a kilogram from the reset but that is probably because I cheat on my diet. ^.^ But the fact that I feel full and it's quite convenient for me, makes one kilogram one less than I had before. Seriously, I tend to gain more weight that it's worth.

I was actually supposed to go home for the weekend because it's the Chuseok festival in Korea. So if the movies that I want to watch at not going to be play or can be watched in other times during the weekday then I would go home. I have to come back on Monday because I have to get my BIR. And if I have time I would go to SSS on Tuesday. *Wait. That's it I really can't go home. I have way too many things to do.*

I also need to start writing up the next part of Yo,Bo! ^.^ I haven't started since the video for our team had needed my attention. I thought it would be done by now but someone asked me to make a change on the credits part. T_T,

I promise not to do something like this for anyone anymore. I have had enough I would focus on writing and just do what makes me happy.

*if we have a reliable healthcard by next year, I might not leave this place regardless of the things that I planned to do.* Working here gives me time to write. And since most things are blocked, I don't have a lot of distractions. But the recent changes are making me think that things are about to get really bad really quickly. A clout is afoot and I don't think I care for it very much.

It's Korean Thanksgiving till Tuesday so I want to be thankful for the challenges, good times and lessons I thus far. There were a lot that happened in such a short time. But I would really be thankful if I can loose the weight that I gained because of all of it.

It's the time to put the pedal to the metal. If I can control my urges, then things can work fine. I don't cheat on my boyfriend but I cheat on my diet. And that my friend is cheating on myself. T_T,

See you in the Cine Europa 14 screenings! ^.^