Friday, September 9, 2011

Chuseok jal bo nae sae yo!

One of the few things that I like about my job is that there is Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving either in September or October. The longest one that I experienced was almost an entire week of holidays. But of course we didn't have off all week but it was long. Most of the students didn't want to attend class so I breezed by that time last year.

As far as I know Chuseok is akin to Christmas, harvest festival, All Soul's day and family reunions rolled into one. Kids get money from the adults. Adults give their elders money, gifts of food and meat and whatever they can think of giving. And everyone who is in Korea needs to go to the house of the oldest living relative usually the grandparents to gather and offer prayers to the ancestors. They clean out the tombs of the deceased and the men do the ceremony. This is their traditional role in the whole thing.

It's Calvary as far as the wives, daughters, aunts, mothers and nieces are concerned. They have to clean after everyone, cook the food, prepare the offering and watch the menfolk do nothing but play cards, drink, talk or watch television. A married woman visits the husband's family first on the actual day. And depending upon what they talked about, they can visit her family after the actual day.

Kinda reminds me of our more traditional families as well. But it's a little different in my family since in my family the men cook better than the women sometimes. So I grew up seeing men and women huddled up in the kitchen, husbands carrying on with the wet market shopping and all of them making great feasts together. So I said to myself, I really should marry someone like my dad who is a great cook (when he gets around to doing it). I dated a guy like that before, I even dreamt about him last night. In the dream he said, "You promised your life to me, remember?" But I realize that those dreams happen whenever I have someone that I really love and am happy with in my life. So I take it as a sign that my inner demons and demon guides are acting up. This means that Ico is now considered as a rival to my affection. I need to remember Ne Sarang to be more careful and to wear a cross too.

Going back, I think Chuseok is a time to rest and be with family, so despite the fact that I might have movies that I want to watch that are playing this weekend, I think I will go home. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow. So it would be a nice surprise if I am home. I can also go see my friend and support her with the USANA thing and be her testimonial for her business meeting.

I wanted to spend the time in the city and write, get my BIR ID and all that stuff but I think spending a couple of days to help my friend and see my family wouldn't hurt.

I just need to check the schedule for the Cine Europa movies so I can plan out what I would watch on Monday and Tuesday. Then I will try to get a BIR ID on Tuesday. The SSS one would just have to wait. I can go there after shift some other time. I hear it would be too difficult to do so but I can try.


Our boss gave out sungpyon. I got a green one! Cutie. I think this violates my no rice diet but hey, it's the holidays. I can make an exception.

rice cakes

Can I bring him home instead?

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