Saturday, January 28, 2012

NO More SCIENCE for Grade 1?!?

Wait, relax...breathe. Read this first in its entirety before you parentals flip out.

DepEd drops 'Science' for pupils

This is just one of the many birthing pains of the new 12 grade system that they would be implementing soon. It's alarming especially to parents who are used to the old system and who love to overexpose their kids to new information.

There are two sides of the coin here. Let's check both from my point of view, shall we. If you don't want to play this game feel free to read another person's blog. Thanks. 

On the tail side, it is alarming if you don't understand how the whole curriculum from k1 to grade 12 would be revamped. Let's leave it to the experts, shall we. But feel free to educate yourself about it. There are existing patterns all over the world. Let us just pray that they did a good job with the one that is going to be used in our country. Honestly, my sister is going to get affected so I worry about her and her peers. She said that waiting for sixth grade to be over is already boring the hell out of her but the idea of 12th grade is just truly haunting.

On the heads side, this just might give a better chance for children to learn more. This can also open a can of maggots to compliment the can of worms that the educational system might already be at a less private level. Schools across the country that are lacking in teachers, rooms and materials are going to suffer more, we know this.

But back on the topic. Science is a great subject, I am a geeky kid growing up and was a SciMath member when I was in grade school. Studying Science at such a young age complemented my insatiable curiosity. It would totally suck if that open mind would not be shaped to accept the basic stuff that makes the world go round. 

Seriously, nothing is more fun to a little girl that knowing how a butterfly came to be. 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogging Confidential

No more company happenings ranting for me. I don't think I can talk about specific things that tick me off at work now. I hope there would be less things. So this blog would be a little bit more about tips or my personal stuff not work stuff.

Anyway, my first day at my new company was cool. I met K who was the girl I met during my job offer night. ^.^ Then there was J, she's a former RN in a nearby hospital. We are all in the same account type so that's nice. They both don't smoke, so that would help in my smoke less ideal. Yeah right, that'll work.

I saw Wymer there, he's in another account. That was sad and nice at the same time. I want to start over in my new job and I want to try to make sure my reputation doesn't precede me.

I learned a lot of things and it was really information overload for me. But I will just try to strike a balance between blogging about my life without leaking out anything.

I think I would just use scenarios at my lit blog to talk about bad things. So it wouldn't be me directly. But I wonder if that would be enough. Blogging has always been my release, without it I wonder what I would do.

Anyway, I need more internet access...gotta go eat dinner now.

Day 1 : Project Adult Job : Success!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Dragon Be Good to Me

Well apparently Ox and Dragon do not mix well. I have to be extra careful with everything. So far January has been a mess. Making mistakes one after the other. But I hope things open to better opportunities this year.

*Happy thoughts*

Di Ba Totoo Naman?

Sige aminin mo, kahit saan ka ipatak kaya mong maging masaya at magpasaya ng iba. 
Filipinos take the warmth and laughter as well as the fun and funk that makes every moment with them even in the middle of the desert, in a submarine, or in the coldest part of the world a hell of a good time. 

So yeah. 

To be a Filipino, It's just fun ANYWHERE.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I haven't been online lately. Thank God I had saved Travel on a Shoestring on my reading list. I saw this and went, WHATDAFRACK.

This is going to be so nasty...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Congratulations UPCAT passers!

To all UPCAT passers and those who would go on to study in UP, welcome dongsengs! I hope that you would enjoy the Yupi life! Remember

"Party Hard, Study Harder!" 

and that

"Quality education takes time." 


"It's best to have a TRES in exams than to have a INC in life."

Kung hindi mo pa alam if nakapasa ka o hindi aba, check mo na anukabanaman?

Share your experiences here!!!

Anong reaction mo nung pumasa ka sa UP?



I went out of our house, pumped my arms in the air and scream "Nakapasa ako sa UP!!!" (I passed UP!!!) I didn't care what campus it was, I just knew that I was going to the National University and no one could rain on my parade. I was later told I would go to UP Los Banos. That was sad since my friends would be in Manila. But after four and a half years in that campus, I don't regret going there at all.

My younger brother got into UP Diliman and finished Library Science and my youngest brother finished Marine Biology in UPLB. I wonder what my little sister would take six to seven years from now? She would be the grandslam for my parents. 4 Iskolars ng Bayan. ^.^ Would that just be awful? Otoke?

But seriously, whatever school you are in or are from, it would not determine your might open doors in the beginning or add more pressure from the start. It all depends on you.

Remember, "Everything you remember from school is your education."
that includes how you handle hardships, heartbreak and how you celebrate your achievements.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 Bests in 2012 : January 2012 : Birthday in the City

Fab Decors and food (no pics too busy eating)

2012 needs to open up with a parteh! And what better one than the Birthday in the City that Don (Ysac's Bo) threw at Astoria!

Dynamic Beau : They did the decor and food with friends
Ji: I want those tacklings!!!

Fab Giveaway!
A Samantha in the middle of Charlottes
We are missing a Reina! Ergo Mah necklace
Fab Friends!
Our college dance partners have new partners. And Trina and moi are single? Pattern much. But too happy for them to mind. ^.^

We played taboo till the sun came out. My neck hurt from laughing at Don's buddies antics.^.^ I thought I would feel left out but darn, great company and great food made it a fantabolous day!

Made Ysac palpitate when I offered to share college stories. Teehee. Oh those are "in case you run for office stories" hohoho. Peace! Frankly, I don't remember much.

I got Don a big card where peeps got to imprint their greetings. Sometimes old school can also be awesome.

Happy Birthday Don!~ <3

*I have some pics on my phone but I won't have them online anytime soon. to follow na lang*