Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthday Lists : UNDONE

We should follow through, I didn't. I took too much on my plate and I was not able to get anything done. It's been ten days since my 27th birthday and I don't want my 27th list to end up like my 26th things list : UNDONE. I got more or less 5 out of 26. Seriously not a good thing. T_T. Here they are my forgotten dues.

1. Take at least one picture for my day and post it online. - did not get to do. T_T
2. I would BE (and not just learn) to be MORE PATIENT - tried very very hard - did not accomplish 
3. I would PAY OFF (and not just try) my MOM Debt. - increased mom debt instead - did not accomplish 
4. OPEN and KEEP a personal savings bank account. - did not accomplish 
5. EDIT THE NOVELS that are on hold. - lost data and list - did not accomplish 
6. PAY BILLS ON TIME AND STOP MAKING MORE DEBTS. - first part is ok - but still need deposit to be returned and second part totally didn't accomplish
7. BUY MORE PANTS. - accomplished~
8. KEEP MY ROOM CLEAN AT ALL TIMES. - totally did not accomplish
9. Finish BIGB Series and ELBILIFE SERIES. - did not even write another word na extra
10. Manage to live on four hours of sleep a day. (not doing this anymore) - did not do
11. Loose a considerable amount of weight. - rather the opposite
12. HELP IN YOBO. - did not accomplish
13. READ MORE MEANINGFUL BOOKS. - bought more books but not that meaningful. I bought a poetry book of the Brownings. And a buddhism book.
14. Learn at least one dish. - no cooking at the apartment. no chance to do this.
15. BLOG about more significant things other than my sordid little life. - sort of did not blog about much since busy with work.
16. TRAVEL! - I did went to anawangin that counts
a. Anawangin Adventure
17. Mature but remember to be a child. - tried very hard and sorta accomplished
18. BE more prayerful. - Definitely accomplished. And not just for saying petitions but also ty praying.
19. Make BETTER memories. - made new friends from work, met up with friends and made sure I have more adult memories with them. Went home as often as I could.
20. Continue to learn new things. - Moved to Chase didn't I? Learned that there are a lot of things I don't know and can learn. Cool right?
21. GET GOVERNMENT IDS. - So far totally up to SSS when they will send me my id and I didn't get my BIR since I moved branches. -excuses.
22. Decorate my room well. - I would have to clean it first, right? So no. Did not accomplish.
23. FIND MY INNER PEACE. - I did. But someone tried to break it. But the thing is about inner peace, you can return to it anytime you want. So sorta accomplished
24. CUSS less. - did not accomplish
26. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER. not conclusive. 

As per my 27th list i first blogged about it here. And I would track and update it here.  

Four French Film Fiasco : Citi-Rustan's Film Festival June 8

I rushed from work to get to Edsa Shang. I thought that I had missed the ticket line for the first movie for the French Film Festival  but luckily they haven't given the tickets by that time. I thought it was already past one. Thank the muses that I was actually there 45 minutes before the movie.

Tout Ce Qui Brille or All that Glitters's story line kept me engaged. I am also a daddy's girl. And my dad used to pick me up from being away even when he was tired. I liked that the two girls got what they actually wanted in the end. I like realistic happy endings. Could be endings are better for me though in mainstream movies they often force the issue of happily ever after. I keep thinking that even if I am a girl who grew up with a dad I still have guy issues. What more girls who have daddy issues. They are prey for the Barney Stinsons of the world. And oh, upside, the men in the movie are nice.

The Refuge Le Refuge made me remember something that I said to Mark. If you get me knocked up I would disappear and never let you see me again. But the fact *SPOILERS ALERT* that she left them because she was not ready would be something that I might totally do but my father, who is asking for grandchildren regardless of the fact that I am single and with reproductive health challenges, would never let me bail out like that. But I like that she didn't let the baby be aborted, otherwise the movie would have been a short film.

The Three Way wedding Le Mariage à Trois was wordy and it was boring for most of those who watched. Literally there was a person who snored while the movie was half-way through. I mean seriously, some of us actually like this. I am a writer and I understand the premises of the playwright in the movie. I liked all of the characters in the film, even the naked woman move that was done there by the student.

The worst of the four for that day was Roses on Credit  Roses à Crédit. (At least for me it was) I thought it would be nice to watch but I didn't connect to the story of a woman who drove her husband and family away because she wanted things rather than relationships to work out and make her happy. She worked hard to get to pay off her debt but she didn't stop getting things. In the end she lost most of those who matter to her. I sat beside Kristy, an orgmate from UPFC through that movie. I didn't know how she took it but I was peeved that I actually made muttering comments during the film. And unlike the first three, I don't remember hearing much clapping.

The good news is, as per Kristy the May film festival I missed was some asian film festival NOT EIGA SAI. I sure look forward to watching the rest of the french films I marked on my calendar and my flyer. I just need to make sure it doesn't interfere with work sleep time.

The whole trip was keep thrills galore. I bought a lock and lock full of Mochachino, smoked 4 cigarettes one per movie gap, an almost 40 pesos siopao asado and a bottle of Real Leaf lemon I had not been able to drink when I was on my way to work. Then there was the bus ride to Ayala from NetQuad, mrt back and forth, all in all it cost me less than 200 pesos to watch 4 movies. Big improvement over having to pay for food and drinks when I was with Ico. T_T Remind me not to bring peniless men who do not like foreign films to these festivals. I would rather stand in line alone than have to force someone something that I love to do.

The lines were less stressful since the waiting time was shorter. I loved it. I couldn't watch today and I can't watch tomorrow since I had to go home to Batangas. I hope that Hot Mamah got the flyer that I slid under their door.

To all filmbuffs and moviegoers, See you in Edsa Shang!

*will post pictures when available*