Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I ran after a bus. I ran so fast that I went past the provincial stop at Magallanes.

I think if I had a camera that was good in my cp I would've recorded the whole thing.

Basically, this is the gist, the trip that we needed to catch was the 3pm bus at Victory Liner Pasay. They all thought I could make it. They thought my work ends at 12. I dunno where they got it might be something I said or didn't say. So there. I left work at 1345. Stupid me bought shorts etc at St. Francis. So I got on the bus late. The bus driver said I would get there after three.

Lesson: When your friends tell you to get on an effin' cab, get on a fracking cab.

Lesson 2: Ride a MIA bus to go to Victory Liner PASAY. It takes 30 mins to get there. 

I had to get out of the bus at Guadalupe. There were no cabs there that would stop. I didn't want to stand in the middle of the highway just to hail one so I got on another bus, the same kinda bus.

They told me to get off at Mantrade and RUN for dear life to get to the other side and wait at the provincial stop. This was the first time in my entire life that I prayed for traffic to be heavy.

I got there and I even tried running after the buses that passed the provincial stop thinking the bus I needed to get on had already passed.

Long story short I answered Fried's call and when he asked me "Naka-yellow ka ba?" (Are you wearing yellow?) I said yes and dropped the call. I got on the bus and rode in front. I was hot, nearly dehydrated and panting when I got there. Fried was upfront and moved to the back. I sat there until San Fernando. TWO HOURS LATER. It was reminiscent of my one inch sitting training crap in ROTC. Still my ass was three times bigger since college so the relatively five inches wide seat with padding felt like an effin inch.

I finally got to the back of the bus and sat with my friends. I know that if they weren't my real friends, they would've killed me already. I think they had every motivation and reason to do so.

It made for MIRACLE NUMBER 1 for our trip to Zambales. There would be setbacks and mishaps but there would be blessings and adventure as well.

Lesson 3: Quit smoking and get back to exercising. That speed and height should not have been so hard had I been well-trained and toned.

Lesson 4: The bus time for the bus we rode at 5:30, 9 something, 12:00 and 3:00pm. The next one is  past 11:00.The buses to Olongapo start at 2am and have a 30-minute interval. 

Lesson 5: Never EVER travel without even a tiny-*ss bottle of water.

Things to buy : A good The North Face Travel backpack. 

Things to do/learn: How to get to Victory Liner Espana.

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