Monday, June 13, 2011

One for the books

I am still not well from the stomach aches that I have been having lately. And I am too sleepy to blog what happened *blow by blow* *pun intended* but I had a fun-filled rollercoaster ride ELBI-like weekend.

Basically the highlists were

1. I met Reina after she had her rebonding at Market!Market!
2. We stalked JI on his foursquare and Twitter so as not to run into him accidentally.
3. I slept almost the entire Saturday.
4. I met up with Reina at GB3 to start the surprise arrival yesterday.
5. I had to fake a pregnancy to get Hot Mamah and Freedrik to get their ass off Binan and Tarlac.
6. Classic reactions on Aisaak and Fried's part when Reina came in CBTL in GB3.
7. Latecomer Hot Mamah's jaw dropped when Reina walked into our group for surprise part two.
8. We ate at an Italian restaurant I had Chicken Marinara and Creme Brule. *I am now suffering the consequences.
9. We went to Bugsy's to drink smoke and get treated to flaming drinks.
10. We all went home at around 1ish and Reina ended up sleeping over Aisaak and Hot Mamah's place.

There are more stories within these stories, some I won't tell. Others I would reiterate as much as I can. With pictures of course. As soon as Reina gets them uploaded.

As for me, my Polaroid picture would last me a lifetime. And I plan to bring it to work everyday.


  1. Off-topic: did the package arrive? :)

  2. @KC: The package was a term used to refer to Reina who is my friend coming in as a surprise. ^.^ So yeah, it did. ^.^


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