Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Man

I refused OT today. I was offered to do OT for three hours after work. I said I write after work. Books, not essays as he insinuated. Because if I did I would still be an SEO writer now. And that paid 10k a month when I was still doing it. But my braincells suffered so I have left my balance and I am thinking that I would have to re-apply if I wanted to write for them again.

I want to earn extra money but I want to do it creatively. I want to be able to fulfill my dream. This is still a day job. I want a different career. My friend foretold this a long time ago. She saw in my hands that I would have two jobs or at most two careers. I was baffled before since I am the laziest one in our group. It would be impossible for me to have two jobs at the same time.

But at the things I have been hearing, I don't want to give myself any grief. I was tempted to. But according to people's calculations, things are not going to look better if I said yes.

I would go through the fire instead. This is already Dante's 7 circles. I don't want to circle down closer to the last circle and be one of the ones who can't turn away from the center of this quasi-paradise.


On other news, a package is arriving tomorrow. June 9. I hope it will arrive safe and sound.

I need to pick it up this 11th to see if everything is in place.

I just need to get through the scavenger hunt this afternoon and then I would check if I would just finish my novels or go through the fire.

I have a future to prepare for. I am not going to work for peanuts any longer.

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