Monday, June 20, 2011

Secret Homecoming: the Eyecandy Eyeball Project : The OMG finals


From 4pm to around 8ish, I was pregnant.

No, it was a fake pregnancy and I was fully aware of that.

The reason why was this, despite the facebook updates, which I know is still remiss of me, I forgot to say that the time is important etc and my friends are a little flexible on their ETAs.


1. Hot Mamah had an emergency and needed to go to her hometown. She would be leaving from there, going to her apartment and dolling up before meeting us.

2. Isaac was roaming around Greenbelt and he suggested that we should meet in CBTL instead of Banaple when EC and I were already in AYALA triangle.

3. Freid is coming from La Union. He was in Tarlac when I texted him.

*I really should've blogged this when it was still fresh. I don't have the energy to do this blow-by-blow.

Long story short, EC wanted me to feign an emotional breakdown. Since I don't do emotional breakdowns, I smsed my bf that I would fake a pregnancy.

The story is :

I met my boyfriend before I went to meet my friends. I am calm in the outside frantic in the inside. My parents don't know yet. Just my friends would know. In this case, EC, Isaac, Freid and Hot Mamah.

The replies came in variations of "What?" or HUWAAT?!?

It was funny but I was this close *thumb and pointer finger very close to show amount* to blurting out that EC was coming when they wanted to move from the Japanese restaurant and leave CBTL.

I used the "hormones are raging so do what I say" card. I wanted to just colapse and it would not have been for effect.

I quickly smsed EC to come in through the FRONT DOOR. The one near the road. I was on the chair I was sitting on because I changed places with Freid saying I needed to lean against the wall. It was of course to be able to test my "cousin's iPhone" (EC's iPhone) and the way I would pan the video.

EC came from the OTHER DOOR. T_T, It surprised me too. And Isaac's gasp-O-shaped mouth-hands over his mouth-take a step back was classic. Freid said (according to EC) "Hologram ka ba?" (Are you a hologram?)

Then it was Hot Mamah's turn.
She actually cursed when she saw EC. I was too busying taking a video to listen in. EC came from the higher part of the main CBTL area and she sat up and came from behind HM.

*videos would be available when they are uploaded by EC*

I announced that I was not pregnant when they came. I feel like choking when Fried came earlier and asked me with full concern how I was doing. I might not be able to get that kind of reaction when it actually happens. But I am going to make sure that it would be something that would happen when the right time comes and it would be after the ring and significant savings.


We ate at an Italian restaurant and we talked, barely skimming the surface and with some of us still not sure that they are actually there, talking to EC. The contents of that conversation led to a lot of the old-school laughter that we used to share. And I think, it fed my soul. I was tired and I had to go back to Isaac and HM's house then wait for 3am and went to work without sleeping a wink. But it was all worth it.

I missed being with my friend and being like this. They anchor me and I irritate them because I never shut up.

Just like old times. ^.^

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