Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Homecoming: the Eyecandy Eyeball Project part1

How hard is it to keep a secret?

For me it was harder than keeping a working romantic relationship.

My friends who will play a part in this series of blogs and picblogs have called me candidly as the "Blurter". I can't really blame them.

I remember there was a time when they had kept me off the loop because they didn't want me to tell EC or Reina that I was with my friends plus Isaac, one of our fab friends since freshman year. But while I was on the phone with EC I let it slip that he was there. Granted that I was confused because I don't really keep secrets from my friends and have not been a secretkeeper since I started college. (In high school I kind of became the go-to secret keeper that I think I lost all ability to keep the truth straight. I became a pathological liar during that time and when I realized that it was ruining me, I just gave keeping secrets and turned anyone away who wanted me to keep their secrets for them.) Anyway, long psychoanalysis later, I became a blurter. Which is the exact opposite of who I was back when I was in high school.

To the dismay of my friends, of course.

So when EC told me to keep her real homecoming schedule a secret, I was so glad that I wanted to cut my wrists and water the grass with my blood.

But she knew my weaknesses and kept me informed that she was putting a lot on mah shoulders.

This was hard for many reasons:

1. Isaac and Hot Mamah, although they lived together rarely saw each other or talked to one another since they have erratic schedules that never left them a chance to really have time to hang out.

2. Freedrick...well I didn't have his number on my new phone. And he works in the Fort area.

3. Me...I didn't have a lot of time and I was a disorganized crazy person who hates it when people are late.

4. I didn't count on me getting a boyfriend this year. And my boyfriend, although he is a loving sweet guy can't quite understand (in the beginning) the concept regarding adult relationships where people don't need to see each other every week or everyday to have an understanding. I know, I am trying to train him better to be more understanding. And I think...I hope he learns a lot while we are away from each other. (I will be very busy the next few couple of months.)

5. I am penniless. (But we already know why that is.)


So the thing that I need to come up with was a way to SURPRISE Isaac, Freedrick and Hot Mamah in their office buildings. I quickly scratched that plan since it's time-consuming, a logistics nightmare and expensive.

So I told the three that we needed to set up a time in JUNE to meet so that we could prepare for EC's homecoming.

Isaac was supposed to leave the country (he has decided to postpone this to August since EC is staying here until August 3.) and he said that it would be best to have the meeting in June 12 (Independence day!~) at 6pm Banaple Ayala Triangle. Hot Mamah and Freedrick agreed.

Problem solved, right?

Wrong. Oh was I so wrong.

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