Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cine Europa 14

My eyes are not deceiving me, right? Cine Europa 14 here, I come!~
The UK’s entry to this year’s festival promises to once more showcase excellence in British cinema with the film Never Let Me go starring Kiera Knightley and Andrew Garfield.
Never Let Me Go is a film about Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, who spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them. 

´Can a long-lost song save a friend from death in a New York hospital?´
Kamen an aspiring theatre director emigrates from Bulgaria to America to work in New York. His best friend Ivan a frustrated, but aspiring writer, stays behind in Sofia with his girl-friend Nina. One night, Ivan learns that his best friend has suffered a possibly fatal car accident in New York and is in hospital in a coma. Denied an America visa to be by his friend, Ivan hitch-hikes across Bulgaria armed with a video camera to the village where Kamen was born in search of his friend´s grandmother. He remembers that she used to sing a song `About life that passes as a Shadow`, a song that can resurrect the dead according to Bulgarian folklore. A song that may save his friend´s life. Ivan´s odyssey explores friendship, sanity, myth, faith, inspiration, death, life and hope.


Will definitely watch this one!~

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 3 of 7 USANA Essentials

Day 3 of 7 USANA Essentials

Same conditions as Day 1
Weight: didn't check

I had forgotten to take the essentials earlier. I was busy trying to edit a video for my team's presentation. After dinner, I finally took it and I was able to feel the same contrast effect with my vision. *I am typing as of press time* I didn't change anything on my computer's settings but a couple of minutes after taking the essentials it happened again. So now I know that was not a fluke. I didn't feel the tummy ache anymore and no headaches this time too. But I am still on my blue days so it might be getting masked by the fact that I am having the general discomfort ladies feel around this time. Still no itchiness which mean no allergic reaction to the meds.

I am still glad that I don't have to swallow a massive pill just to block anything from being absorbed by my body. No offense to the friends that I have in other pharma-things but I still have the big pills that taste like paper somewhere in the zip lock that you gave me. And after trying to take it one time just to block out carbs in my body, I decided that pills like those are not for me.

I tried the Chinese kind too. And I understood why those who take it feel like committing suicide. ALL FOOD WOULD HAVE NO TASTE. And for someone who loves food and was raised to include food in her life, it was the worst time of my life. So I stopped. That bottle is somewhere in my stuff and I will throw it out as soon as I sort it out of my crap.

So if you are thinking, oh, this is just another one of those people who don't know what the hell she's talking about. You have another thing coming. I went through those crappy, expensive and almost impossible to be through things. Heck, I was willing to buy a very expensive cream to rub on my tummy with an overpriced technology just to lose weight. So you best not troll what you do not understand. *I am still willing to do that machine thing but really I can't afford it and in good conscience recommend it to those as poor as yours truly*

I hope things work out with this USANA thing. Note to self: I really need to check my weight. So far, my double chin is still here. ^.^ Maybe boys just lose weight faster than boys. Or that I am seated longer than my brother. Who knows?

DAY 2 of 7 : USANA Essentials

DAY 2 of 7 : USANA Essentials

Same conditions as DAY 1
Weight:  didn't check

Well, on the second day it was rainy and I didn't feel like getting up to do anything. But since I had planned to clean my room that day, I decided to have brunch, took the essentials and get down to it. Usually I play a movie to be able to tell how long I have been cleaning. I played HITCH for this one. Usually around the middle part of the movie I loose steam. I haven't been that athletic in the past three years and I smoke on and off during that time so I am paying for the vices that I let loose, skin allergies and lack of stamina. I notice that whenever I take the essentials, my eyes get better. It's like the contrast of the picture that I am looking at increases. I don't know if other people with bad eyes like me who are talking the essentials get the same feeling but there you go, I think I forgot to mention that last time. There wasn't the same stomachache just that brightness that I could see things a bit clearly even without my glasses on.

I was able to finish my cleaning without breaking that much of a sweat. Laziness wanted to kick in once in a while but I was able to get through it with energy to spare. Usually I would be tired as hell arranging things and hauling my stuff. During that time, my wound was a little painful. It's still fresh and I really shouldn't be doing anything on it. But I think the energy that I got let me do things through the pain. This is saying a lot since I have a low threshold of pain. Ask anyone I know and they'll tell you how irate I can get when I am in pain.

I decided to finish clearing the clutter and sorting things out. I could do other details in the next few days. My new roommate was coming in the middle of the week. So I could wait for them to clear all the dust in the tiny corners. My wound was not something that I could ignore after all. And my blue days was adding insult to injury.

Verdict: Wouldn't have been able to get through the cleaning without the essentials. Hoping this is not a placebo effect.

Day 1 of 7 : USANA Essentials

Day 1 Essentials 7 Days before 5-day reboot

Existing conditions:

Skin Asthma (some wounds are being treated with antibiotics and some wounds are healing up)
Menstual Cycle (on the third day – flow is minute ; second period of the year : irregular condition)

Existing Diet or Exercise Routine:

- On the 45 No Rice Challenge so has not been eating rice for 9 days but still no apparent physical changes are seen.
- No Exercise except walking to work

Weight : 83+ Kgs
Height : 5 feet 6.11 inches
Pants size: 36-40 (low rise/regular)

Apparent physical traits :
Large pores
Double Chin
Tadpole Belly

Reactions to the Essentials:

When I took them, the white one before the greenish one (minerals before the vitamins), my brother told me I should feel something within fifteen minutes. I wasn't going to wait for a headache to topple me over since my left knee was still not good because of an infected wound on the side of it. So I laid down for the first try. All I felt was a little pressure in my head like someone pressing on the temples and a tiny stomachache. I was having my period so I checked if it might be the rare cramps that I could get. But the location was not where a cramp should be. You see, my mother rarely has dysmennorhea and God bless her, I inherited that from her. So on the rare times I do get cramps, I remember the pain well enough to know the difference.

My brother told me the next day that it might mean an ulceration (lesion) in the lining of the stomach or duodenum (upper large intestine). And as he said and I experienced, it went away after a few minutes. I wasn't writhing in pain or anything. And this is from a woman who has a very low threshold of pain. So believe me it wasn't that much of a big deal. I think any pansy can take it.

As for the headache, he said that according to the book (yes, there is a book they are not getting this information out of their asses or some powerpoint presentation. The guy who made this all happen is a microbiologist and God knows how much those people like making books about their discoveries.) there might be some clogged arteries in my head. But if it goes away then that means my health is improving. There isn't any remains of that headache anymore, I think, I just woke up so I might not be feeling all of it yet. But all in all, when I woke up I was energetic. Usually I roll over and sleep till noon. I woke up at 5 and had wanted to get up but true to my lazy nature, it's just 7:59 now. I woke up at seven and had to do some morning stuff before I could write about how I feel.

The really good effect was that I slept well. No dreams that I could remember. No wakefulness feeling in the middle of the night. This is the main problem for me. Even if I am able to sleep and not get my insomnia get the best of me, I still can't sleep continuously unless punch out drunk or tired to the bones. And even at times like those I have conjure my sleepiness by reading a book, watching a boring movie or the great sedative “exercising” that puts most women to sleep after. I really don't have to tell you what that is, there are children here.

So there it is. No life-changing events occurred while I took the first pair of essentials. I didn't burst into an itch which according to my dermatologist would be a sign that my body is rejecting any medication or any stuff that I ingest. So it's not like I am allergic to these *medication*. I can't really call them supplements now since as for the next batch of bottles my brother would get, the would remove the no thereupetic claims tag removed since USANA is now on the MMS. (the MMS is the thing that lists all medicine that doctors can perscribe,generic or otherwise) Pretty cool, huh. My brother has always wanted to be a doctor but we never got around to having enough money for that. So this way he can help the people in our family be healthier and well, augment his income as well.


I am a user not a distributor. My brother is. If you want to know more about the products that I am using in this blog entry, you might want to check out their official website. Or you can comment here and leave your e-mail. I can give you my brother's e-mail or contact number. Please don't leave your cellphone number here. I do not control the trolls that read my blog and I don't want your number written on buses or anything like that. ^.^

** This is not a paid advertisement **

Friday, August 26, 2011


I haven't updated my meals lately since I have been busy but I am telling my future me that from Day 1 to now Day *can't remember what day it is actually. *checks* DAY 9! I still haven't eaten rice. There was one time that I forgot that I was on a no rice challenge and was thinking of what I was going to eat. I decided not to stick to an oatmeal alternative coz my brother (the biologist) told me that it increases acids in the tummy. So I didn't want to get hyper-acidity or something like that. Stomach problems are worse than voice problems for someone who talks for a living.

So far I only feel less hungry these days. And I am wondering why that is. I am a rice gang member and I got hungry a lot during those days. I likes to eat snacks a lot. But now, when I had to shun it, the cravings are lesser.

I will be starting the USANA essentials that my brother gave me last week. I have them in zip locks somewhere in my bags. One is the vitamins one and the other one is the minerals one. I forgot the names and I promised him that I would document everything that I would feel when I take them. He send me the information about but I have yet to find time to read them. But I will definitely write down the effects that I would feel in the next three days. I might start it later. Just in case. He told me the effects (side effects) have a particular malady that it might represent. It tells the person, "This is what might be wrong with you, you unhealthy lazy person."

I was worried about taking it when I still had my wounds infected since they might cancel out of not have the right effect for me since I was under a different kind of medication. Since my wounds look like they are healing, then I am more confident that it wouldn't have any effects that would be negative.

So I will take the 7-day before the 5 Day Reboot Program that my brother signed me up for. It takes a little bit more than my regular food allowance for myself. I hope things would pan out for me. But if it would help me lose weight without having to exercise (The weather is not cooperating with me lately) then it would be worth a try. Besides, nothing could be worse than that appetite suppressant I got from that Chinese drugstore. At the very least this meal replacement thing might just save me time.

I admit to eating bad stuff like lechon kawali and I even ate that sundae once since I started this no rice challenge. But the thing is that I might have to drink some coke later since I need to get the bad blood out of my body. My visitor that comes only twice a year has arrived. And I need to welcome it with a bang. *yes I know after my derma scolded me I know my mom would drag me to the obgyne next time* *dear god. I hate going to the doctor. Especially one that would stick cold metallic stuff into my hoohoo or press and pinch.* Oh well.

I need to find working weight scale. I want to know if I ever lost any weight. That might be a good motivation. But I am not hopeful. Someone as lazy as me wouldn't be that lucky. :-)

But hey, the only way this can make me sad is if I give up, right? So I won't. ^.^

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kerfag Touch Missed - Kim Hyun Joong High Five Touch Event @ Trinoma

It's too bad I don't have the time, budget or motivation to go. But to the many fans of Kim Hyun Joong, this is your chance to do this.

But it gave me an idea for a fanfic. ^.^

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The essense of GIRL TALK

If you are a guy I am surprised you are reading this. No offense but most guys I know run away when the two words girl and talk are put together. No, women do not yap about senseless things but we tickle our brains with things that not everyone with a feminine agenda can understand.

I was feeling glum (as per my last post) and then I checked my gmail for my facebook updates since some genius skipped her or his class and our facebook time is temporarily blocked.

And I read some of the things that the luvshak goddesses said about my problem. It was more like my internet sigh on our page. Small things like that remind me of the times when they would lecture me or tell me that I should be better than how I was and random lait that we would do.

And suddenly I missed women who were powerful despite their flaws. Those who were pushing ahead to be a better version of themselves despite their age. Sure they took their time picking out the right outfit and the best things to go with it. But I learned a lot from them, had so much fun with them and I know that they are despite the things that they still might need to learn are about the best people to talk to when I have this kind of cloud hanging over me.

These women, these goddesses didn't let floods or thunderstorms stall their parade. No serie. And I miss them so much.

On Tact and Competence

My old friend know and HATE this about me. I am the most tactless member of our groups. I have worked hard to stop this nature from coming up. I try my best not to answer back to my parents. But I always find myself less able to reign this massive flaw when I am in a great deal of pain and/or pressure. I was in a great deal of pain AND pressure yesterday. I tried to reign it in, swallow the rant I was about to spew but I had to do something to get it out. So I punched the wall a little bit. I made sure I didn't hit ANYONE with my fists and my words, which is my common and usual way of dealing with my anger.

I am not the kind of person who likes pressing down her anger or frustration let alone her disappointment. I am just not wired that way. And I am the negative reinforcement kind of person. I don't function well with being nice to people. They tend to exploit it and think that I am always on their side. I am never on anyone's side. I am a friendly enough person. I have a wide comfort zone to accept visitors into my realm.

But people who touch my food, insist on taking my food even if I didn't offer them any, people who pop their gum, those who are unprofessional, delay-causing and all around pains in the toushie are just not going to stay long in that zone without getting snapped at, ripped or ultimately, hurt by what I would say, do or not do.

The reason why I telling Ico to try to be more thick-skinned and to prepare for unreasonable people is that I know they exist. HECK, I am number one on that list. The only difference is that I refuse (often) to make those people with these maladies continue to pollute the populace. Even weeds need to be removed to let the flowers grow.

I had a classmate in elementary who made me this frustrated. We were in the same group and everyone else did exactly what they had to do. This lazy baluga didn't do anything and had the gal to say that the end product was ugly. Other classmates had to hold on to me to prevent me from making her eat our project. They pointed out that we worked hard on it and she didn't deserve to get even an indigestion from it. I made the mistake of putting her name in the group project nevertheless. It would be a point against me if it appeared like one member didn't do anything or was excluded though it was already beyond my powers to make her efficient. That baluga became an archetype in my life. Many others like her tried to reep the rewards of the things I worked hard on and pretended that they actually had a contribution. And they almost always do something to piss me off or frustrate me. And always I have to put their name in the list and continue living my life knowing that I did that because I don't want them to be excluded. But always there is this pang of desire to poke it to their face that they are leeches. But I don't. Unless absolutely necessary. There was an incident when I refused to let the order of the names be in alphabetical order. Simply because some people did not do their work well and I refused to have my name and those who had to work on the thing the slackers messed up, thus doubling their work, be placed after those slackers names. I learned from experience that people do not need to get motivation or pep talks. They can motivate themselves. And people can only REFUSE TO LISTEN TO REASON AND WORK FOR THE COMMON GOOD. And frankly, I hate people who consider themselves a part of a team and then just cause more trouble than they are even worth.

I am sorry if you find the words here repulsive, too big or uncomfortable to read. This is my blog and this is a rant. So you might not want to poke me right now. If there are any grammatical errors, let's just leave it to context for it to remain raw. I really want to go to my happy place and get hugs from my boyfriend. I hate that people make so many excuses for people who are incompetent. It's pathetic, a waste of their precious time and worse of all, a waste of our collective effort.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shattered Shutter

This whole shit is going to gain me a lot of enemies. They think that the reason why I am bugging them is because I don't care if they are sick or not or that they don't have any classes. It's not as if I have any time to eat because of this whole thing. It takes a lot of time to do every thing that has to be done be and I have to be rude and made enemies to make this work. And of course the equipment is good but there are always things that are forgotten and left behind. I am already in pain as it is and I can't handle to babysit and accomodate all of their shit right now. They know that I love them to bits and I won't be freaking doing any of this if I didn't really want this thing to come out okay and so they have other things to be proud of as a part of our group. But what I am having a real problem is time. And how people handle theirs and how I handle mine. There are so many things that need to be happening at the same time and saying "later" is really not an option for now. And of course I have to take the butt of the whole thing since I was stupid enough to try to start things up. Organizing people is not my thing. I am used to people who are told to get up and move their as well as do what they are told. That is the way the theater world works. That was my world even just for a little bit. The primadonnas are not allowed to rule that world. They find themselves with less and less plays to play in and less significant roles unless they are true geniuses so much so that people ignore their attitude. But it takes time to give instructions, it takes time to do things. And I can't really bring my laptop all the time because it makes my wound bleed when I walk with a heavy load. So if I am rude and I give them grief and they don't forgive me for it. Then so be it. But this is the last time I am going to head anything, any project for any group ever. This would probably be true since I have plans to bid this industry adieu.


I refuse to cry over this because that is the only way for me to let out my frustration. I really really really promise myself that this would be the last time. I will never go through any of this again. I will just be freaking sheep. Freaking silent not even baaing sheep.


If your movement feels somewhat constricted today, it's only because you are letting yourself be talked out of things by people who don't know you very well. Just because someone has power over one aspect of your life doesn't mean that he or she has power over your entire life! Stop giving control to other people. Go your own way today, and move about your life freely. You don't need anyone to tell you what to do.

Oh well too late. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day # 4: Fitnesse & Fruit #45DNoRice

BRUNCH : oatmeal + scrambled eggs

Dinner: Chicken wings (2) + banana

Extra: Fitnesse & Fruit (as a snack)

Verdict: Need to curb snacking

Although it was okay to eat different alternatives to rice, I need to remember that my brother mentioned that oatmeal makes my stomach more acidic.

USANA: Decided to start the week before of essentials next weekend since the "side effects" might get in the way of regular work. It's funny how those side effects are said to be window to a malady that a person might have. My brother sent me some information and I would blog about that as soon as I use it.

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results.

The 45 days Ninya No Rice Challenge

Day # 3: Sundae On a Saturday Slip #45DNoRice

Breakfast: bread + chicken

Lunch: chicken + bread

Dinner: (skipped - fell asleep)

Extra: Double Hot fudge sundae

Verdict: Sundae Bad Alert!

Note: I had a bad case of sugar crash because of the Sundae that I ate. My head actually hurt because of what I did. In my defense I was going to the doctor and I was anticipating that I would get injections. Thank God I didn't. I still had to go through antibiotics.

Addamentum: Since I have to drink antibiotics 4x a day, I have to eat something before I do so. So I might not be able to eat just three times a day. I will still continue with the no rice thing, but I might have to eat more frequently so I can take my meds.

USANA: My brother decided to sell me some essentials (vitamins and minerals) and would put me on a 5-day program of USANA. I would replace meals with nutrimeal. Strawberry flavor! But I would do that in September. It's a little pricey. But it costs the same as going to the gym. If I can get the right vitamins and minerals while avoiding rice, then I think it would be much better. If I wanted to expel more energy, I can always go to Ayal triangle. But with the weird weather lately, I don't know if I can. That and my stupid wounds are in the way. *can barely walk*

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results.

The 45 days Ninya No Rice Challenge

Day # 2: Lumpia Day #45DNoRice

Breakfast: sandwich + coffee

Lunch: oatmeal + 2 barbeque

Dinner: lumpia fresh + bread + ham

Verdict: Needs improvement!

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results.

The 45 days Ninya No Rice Challenge

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day # 1: Kanin Gang Challenge #45DNoRice


Ham and Cheese + 1 cup of coffee (creamed)


1 with milk chocolate flavored oatmeal (Quakers) + 4 Pieces of shanghai


1 fresh lumpia (need to remember to ask for extra sauce for this bitin eh)
tofu sticks (saraaaaaap! Goto king!)

bulalo (one piece)
a bit of fruit salad
one piece korean custard thingy
1 Nescafe black
Siomai (2 pieces)

Verdict: NEEDS improvement! Snacking Alert!!!

Exercise : ZERO! (have some wounds that hurt when standing can't go jogging yet will go to doctor on Saturday to fix this)

Comment :

Eating food that do not come in a rice combo is expensive. Need to buy century tuna to eat it with my oatmeal alternative.

Also bought:

plastic containers
plastic spoons

Note to self: Kanin gang are supportive. ^.^ As long as I don't act like I am some anoxeric pretentious biatch I might just live through this hooplah.

45 Days Ninya No Rice Challenge

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Manuod, Mashokot, Makatulong,Magmahal!

"Sayaw" and "Zombadings" :  Benefit Screening of The Love yourself Project

Hindi ko na kailangang ipaliwanag to. Manuod na lang kayo. Okay? Kasi hindi ko sha mapapanuod...*iyak* Azar.


Last time I checked I was 77 kgs. I know that I am bigger than that now. I came from being a 10 or 11 to being a size 14. I came from wearing medium shirts to double XL shirts. I wore 28 to 30, now I am wearing pants that I have shunned before because there were huge. I am able to breathe in a 36. But that is with pants that do not need to be buttoned near the belly button. Thank God, mommy pants are no longer fashionable.

Still looking for a dress for Angel's wedding has been a pain. I went around with my friend Ianne and we found a dress that was 3L (triple Large or whatever that means) and a matching pair of boots on sale.

We went to a sale stop for my favorite Folded and Hung where I got a couple of my old white dress and my sassy yet simple little black dress. I found a dress that fit me well...ton kilograms ago. The thing was it was light, tasty and showing all my bulges. So it was out. It was gray as well but it was nice...It cost 600php compared to the Cirle dress that was 1000. T_T, The shoes cost 950.

So I decided to just get my white and blue dress from storage and have my mom JRS it to my apartment since I can't go home any time soon.

Anyway, why the hell am I ranting about this.

I decided to do something either extremely idiotic or brilliant, depends on whether it's gonna work or not.

I decided to go on a 45 Days NO RICE challenge. I don't want to call it a diet because I have no plans to starve myself. I love food and according to people who tried to go on those diets and those who succeeded, cravings are worse when you deprive yourself of the satisfaction and sustenance.

I already know that I can handle the oatmeal alternative for three weeks. And I did lose weight noticeably because of it. Because of my skin allergies, my doctor said I need to stay away from uber fried food, chicken, and "malansa" food.

So I am thinking of combining the banana alternative I did before with the oatmeal alternative.

I need to save some money as well so I think this whole cutting down the random binges, excessive snacking and sugar rush cravings would do me some good. I need to buy A & D a gift and I am canvassing for something ornamental like a caricature portrait of them Koreanovela style, a couple tee designed by me (might be cheaper but I have to ask for Deo's shirt size and canvass that). I am thinking his shirt would have Made Each in front and Angel would have For Other. When they wear it together it would read, Made For Each Other. Or I would make a pun love shirt that read Through Thick Or Thin. Deo's would say Through Thin and Angels would say Or Thick. ^.^ But I am scared Deo would slaughter me.

But my ultimate gift to Angel is being girly on her wedding. So I am putting up my hair in a half pony then another pony (don't know what it's called sorry) and I will try to deflate a bit (deflate talaga eh noh?) so I won't ruin their wedding pictures. I will have my eyebrows carved (carved talaga eh noh?) and I will try to put some make-up on before I fly off in a cab to get to their wedding that is finally going to happen 45 days from now.

Ergo the 45 day challenge.


1) Do not look like a whale on A & D's wedding or at least make tummy less prominent. Otherwise tell people I am pregnant so they would shut up.

2) Save money to buy them a gift and not have money problems.

3) Save money by using Reina's bag pasalubong (moss green pretty bag) and wearing the dress I wore for Michael's wedding (Angel has not seen me in ANYTHING floral so I am sure she would appreciate it)

What do I need :

1) Oatmeal - flavored since I can't abide milk and blah flavors

2) Ham and Cheese sandwiches from Tina

3) microwavable container for oatmeal and other food

4) my Korean spoon (big)

5) Blue and white floral dress

6) new girly shoes (boots are out since the dress is a summery dress)

7) black leggings (to hide chismis) or pantyhose - note to self go to the store in Starmall where you got those cheap but nice ones

8) girdle panties (I ripped my old one please don't judge ^.^)

9) Self-control and happy thoughts

10) Help and support from the Kanin gang (that I won't eat rice with them for a while)

Meal Plan :

Workday Breakfast (eat at Spicus)
- Ham and Cheese/Tuna/Canadian Bacon sandwhich
- tiny cup of coffee

Workday Lunch (eat at Spicus)
- oatmeal/banana (alternative to rice)
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

Workday Dinner (eat at FIRE or at home)
- oatmeal/banana
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

Weekend breakfast
- bread
- peanut butter or something else (not chocolate spread)

Weekend Lunch
- oatmeal/banana
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

Weekend Dinner
- oatmeal/banana
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

*no more water plus
*water water water
*try not to smoke

Exercise plan

1) sit-ups (if I can get enough moolah for gym then I will do it with a machine = more effective for me)

- Start with 20, more to increasing 5 every two days to see if I can handle it.
Caution : Do not overdo this
Goal: 50 to 100 sit-ups

2) jog/brisk walking

- I have been having problems with my foot lately so I don't want to force it. But I would want to jog and walk in the Ayala Triangle after work if it isn't raining. If it is, I can always walk slowly with an umbrella.
- If I can get enough moolah for gym in Sept (need 3k) I would do this on the bike or the treadmill

3) Take stairs when available

- Of course I won't take 33 floors worth of stairs. *Or maybe I would. But I don't plan to do this and kill myself in the process. Though it might be a good idea, right?

4) TRO on cigs

- You get my drift.

5) Wake up early

- So I can walk to the bus stop, then get on one, get off near SM and walk to Tycoon. Walk walk walkathon

Grocery List:

1) Microwavable containers
2) oatmeal honey hazelnut/apple/chocolate
3) Nissin Wafer
4) Fitness Flakes and Fruit (optional)
5) Century Tuna
6) Can opener (if I don't find my old one)
7) Water heater (for oatmeal)

To buy:

1) Girly shoes
2) Wedding Gift for Angel and Deo
3) Shawl for the dress - or use the one I bought from Chloe and Andrea
4) girdle panties
5) hair pin
6) Make-up (might just get the ones from my mom)

So there you go. I would put this thing into gear today. Thinking about this made me want California Maki last night. I bought a cold and not so nice foursome from Tokyo Tokyo. I felt the specialty maki beacon me but I realized my tongue has decided to help me out this time. I guess, like the rest of me, my tongue has decided that enough is enough.

Wish me luck!

If you have any advice about this, please feel free to post a comment about it. If you blogged about something effective before, feel free to link it in the comment box.

But please, no selling of ANY weight lose products and what not. I really don't feel like ingesting anything that I have no confidence in. I was an SEO writer before, so I know how REAL those testimonials are.

Ya, dig?

RICE VS NINYA : Challenge accepted!~

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


To all my cat-loving friends, feel free to re-post and send out the information and let's try to find homes for the kitties that they have. If I see another roadkill, I might just loose it.

When I saw this I suddenly missed Trese (our white cat at my parents' house) My brother got the cat from my Lolo Teng who is a super animal lover. He was worried that the cat won't survive because of the aggressive siblings it had. Trese couldn't get any milk because he got pushed out of the way a lot. So we (meaning my brother Alvin a marine biologist now certified animal lover) had to dropper feed him milk for a while since he couldn't and wouldn't drink milk from the saucer. It sounds like animal torture but it was necessary for him to survive. The foot of the stairs became his temporary home. To date, he is the only cat we took care of INSIDE the house. My mom would have fits about the cat hair sometimes but she knew that it's a good thing what we were doing. No one was supposed to play with him too much because he was way too malnourished and my mom made sure that the other kids didn't play with him (you know how kids are and there were a lot of them in our area - relatives living next to each other). It paid off because as Trese grew up he was strong enough to live outside of the house (cats can be very independent once they want to be) and he pretty much became the CAT in the HOOD. ^.^ He would go home covered in soot or looking like a Dalmation (he is purely white so gray makes him look like that) And I can only imagine the mischief that he got himself into.  He has a brother named Azul who came after. It was hard to distinguish them from each other coz Azul, who has blue eyes obviously, was purely white. But perhaps because he grew up in the hands of humans, Trese has more respect for the humans around him. He didn't scratch them and still rubbed our legs from time to time. I worry about him sometimes since he gets around a lot.

My friends had cats too. Some of them had sad stories of their moms bagging their cats and throwing them away. My friend didn't like her mother or talked to her mom for a bit because of that. It's great to have pets but sometimes if you can't keep them off your car, it's a problem. But still, I would have asked someone to keep them instead of throw them away. 

They say that when you have a dog, you are the master. If you have a cat, the cat is God. ^.^ It's kinda true. I never recall telling the cat where to pee though. I think my mom made that easy for the cat to remember. No catnip or cat litter for us. Trese learned where to poop and pee eventually. Though cat poop and pee is not a fun smell. Not. At. All. There was this girl who hid a stray cat in her dorm room during freshman year. Dear God! I had to inhale before I came in their room and exhale when I got out.

Still, I love these ancient guardians of the underworld. Except black cats. When I see one, I am sure to get three really bad things happen after. They say that it's superstition and you attract what you fear. But I say, if you haven't experienced it yourself, don't judge me. ^.^ I always wanted to have a black cat but seeing that I have a bad luck with taking care of animals, I might not be the best person to have a cat. I picked up a stray that was left behind by his mom too. EDSA, was the name. He lived for at least 23 days, I think. He didn't make it. Reina found him dead under the stairs of our apartment. I think he was way too young that's why he didn't make it without his mom. I fear he got bitten by the large palengke rats that came to and fro the first floor. But I figured then that I didn't just kill plants, I was not meant to be a master of any pet.

But if you think you can do a better job that I can, go right ahead. Adopt a cat now. Don't wait for Christmas to do something good.

Getting an NBI Clearance in Batangas

How I got my NBI clearance (081511)

I woke up at 4 and when to the NBI office in BATANGAS by 5 a.m. I was told that the office would open at 8 a.m. and that people from last FRIDAY (all 150 of them) would be allowed to go in BEFORE the people who lined up just that morning. (collective groan)

All I brought with me was :

(1) valid government issued I.D. = in my case it was my POSTAL I.D.

I got some help from a friend of my mom's and I got a number 136 from last Friday. NBI in Batangas is relatively fixer free. I didn't pay anyone for that number, they just know my mom and so they helped her. *Not going to be mentioning names so that nobody gets in trouble*

I got in around 8. People who had numbers lined up too so they got in before I did. Still I was in the cashier line and paid 115php.

They gave me the form to fill out and I did. I panicked when I didn't know my weight and height in pounds and centimeters. I was surprised because they didn't even bother encoding it in. T_T, I found out my dad's birthplace is in Calicanto, Batangas City not in Isabela. ^.^;

Note: Remember to use an I.D. that has a "number" otherwise the ID would not be okay to use. Make sure you have extra paperwork like NSO birth certificate and marriage contract.

Step 1a: CASHIER. Paid 115. Got form to fill out. GET YOUR RECEIPT.
Step 1b: Give to NBI form checkers. They will tell you if you wrote the incorrect thing on the form.
Step 1c: Let those form checkers give the form to the encoder.
Step 2: ENCODING. You have to wait for your name to be called and the lady or manong who encodes would type in the information and you will see if the information in another screen that is facing you. VERY USEFUL. Be sure to point out any mistakes or this would be a problem for you.
STEP 3: PICTURE and BIOMETRICS. Fall in line for the picture and biometrics (no more inky fingers all techie now) Do not be in awe of the electronic finger reader thingy. It's called a biometrics. (Kinda like in the picture)

If you have a namesake: 
You would have to wait for 22 days at most especially if this person has a criminal record.
What you need: (1) A recent 2x2 picture that you need to give to the biometrics guy after he tells you that you have a namesake with a record. (2) More patience.

If you DON'T have a namesake :

*If you got to this point at around 10 then there is a chance that  you would hear the best two words you can ever hear in this kind of situation "AFTER LUNCH".

This means you will get your NBI clearance after their employees lunch time.

Note: That is around 12 or 1 pm so make sure you have something to do while passing the time. I do not suggest a music player since you would have to listen for your name at times and if you are not attentive enough, you would miss your chance and they would move on to the next person, who is more attentive than you are.

You have to give the receipt that you have to the person in the inside who asks for it. She will get the clearances that would be released. 

Step 4 :  NBI Clearance 
One of the employees is tasked to call out the names of the people who are going to get their NBI Clearance. This is embarrassing for people like me who hate getting their name announced.

NOTE : Prepare 5php since they would charge you for the envelope. You would be too happy to refuse to pay since you keep thinking that you might not get the clearance if you don't dish out. This is a new spin to their "wet ones" before when  you had to put your thumbmark on the form. 

Let's summarize: 

You need:

1. 1 Valid I.D. (one that has a number on it/gov ID if possible)
2. 2x2 picture 
3. 120 php (115 + 5)
4. a relatively thick book or a gaming gadget 
5. a fully charged cellphone (bring a spare battery if you have one) with earphones
6. water & biscuits
7. a fan (if you have those battery operated ones bring that)
8. money for lunch 
9. patience  
10. pen (make sure it's working)

Step 1: Cashier. Pay, show ID, get form. Fill out form.
Step 2. Encoding
Step 3: Picture and Biometrics
Step 4: Get NBI Clearance

Sounds easy enough. But it took me 5am til 2 to finish up and that was with a lot of help from other people. It's relatively fixer proof but you can't really etch out the small ways people try to hoodwink you.

Suggestion to NBI: Get a permanent provider who is even better than the old one  you kicked out. I hope De Lima stops filling cases against people and makes sure the other parts of her job is handled better from now on. Personally, I am sure I would have an even more horrid time getting my SSS picture schedule. I am sure of it.

If the president spent less time chumming up to socialites, I think he would have more time fixing the system that is en shambles.  Hop to it, Mr. President.

Come on, Let's Travel! (Tara, byahe tayo!)

Pilipinas, Tara na! v.1 from drsus on Vimeo.

Someday I want to travel around the country. I would forever be thankful for having friends like Fried, Ji and Rein for being travel savvy as they are. I wouldn't have been able to mark off Zambales ever if not for them. ^.^ I am really a coward about these things. ^.^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wala kayo sa Lolo Celo ko

I knew I was ready. I knew before even my mom told me but I still have the same flaw I have before. I bounce back easily but I repress sadness or loneliness and try to rely on my uncanny ability to lift my spirit. After ranting for a bit or doing something useful with the extra energy, I believe that I am over something. But I never am. I get those small internal emo bursts as I call them those pangs of sadness that people feel when they think of someone who is not around anymore.

I know my grandpa is with his beloved wife now. After so long but it hurts to know that he won't be around to attend my wedding, or see MY kids.

I teared up (my version of bawling) while editing the pictures so I can upload them later on Facebook. I am working on a video for the 40th day. I can't make it as soon as I did Utoy's (tito Dante) because his was sudden and the reason why the video was put together was that it was my way of adjusting to his death. With my grandpa we were waiting for him to take his rest.

Kayo nasa CITY history book ba ang Lolo nyo bilang oldest newsboy? ^.^

Family man
The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.  ~John Vance Cheney

I remember telling my sister early this year to make the lettering for Happy 80th Birthday Lolo Celo better. And I am glad that we did fix it. No one thought it would be his last birthday party. Not even one of us thought that by August we would've lost him. He cries on his birthdays...every time. I think this is why most of his kids are no afraid to cry when they are overwhelmed by happiness. 

Januaries would not be the same. Augusts would never be uneventful in my family ever again. My mom misses taking care of her dad. I think she would be zoning in on her kids again. *feeling the pressure now* 

I gave the eulogy at his funeral. I was choked up and I couldn't read my notes. But I knew that everyone understood me and felt that he had a full life. 

Like my mom said, *punas luha before resuming typing* at least we showed him we loved him up to the end.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Caution : Open Emergency Sunshine Pack

Sometimes there are days when it's not just like the gods are crapping on you or the universe is retrograding, there are days when you feel like your happy thoughts reserve is on the red and it's only the 12th day of the worst month of an overly crappy year.

This is one of those days. My wonderful August has been plagued with happy thoughts depleting events. It started with the combo shot on August 2. My grandfather died and I made an asinine remark on something that pissed someone I care about like family.

I was 33 minutes late the very next day. Crap. Entirely my fault.

Then every day after that had been either a drag, people kept asking me why I gained a lot of weight (during the lamay) and I had to brush it all off whilst I was losing my incentive and two days worth of pay. (doesn't matter it's for my lolo naman).

System failures, personal fails and the gloom of losing an important part of your life coupled with not seeing my boyfriend for a while because we are super busy during the weekend and he is slammed in school. Not to mention the mad decision I made that kept me bogged down during the evening with only enough time to sleep three hours every day for almost a couple of months now. (Unfortunately, I didn't stop doing it until it was too late and I had lost chances to make memories with people whom I care about greatly and disappointed. What was I thinking, try to be an overworking drone when I know I strive better under petiks mode?) *wipes face with hands in frustration* So despite what people say and assume I would rather go back to extreme poverty than let go of my afternoons. I will devout them to jogging at least an hour at the Ayala triangle when it's not raining, writing my standalone novels, editing the TOP novels and last but not the least, getting the right amount of sleep. And when Ne Sarang is already free to frolic, we can have titigan dates or he can run with moi.

I need my life back. I think I am becoming an insensitive, overbearing, arrogant prick to people because I thought I needed more money to be happier. Turns out, I am still me and I am unhappy when I don't get enough sleep.

There is much to learn. I am twenty-six. I hope there is still time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gemini in August : Retrograding

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

Gemini Horoscope for August 2011

By Susan Miller

You've certainly had a time of it, dear Gemini. With three eclipses recently in Gemini on June 1 (a solar eclipse), a lunar full moon in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on June 15, and a new moon solar eclipse on July 1, no one would be surprised to hear that you need to rest.

The first two eclipses highlighted your interests, health, and close romantic (or business) relationship, and the last on July 1, your income, so you have had a lot on your plate. The June 1 eclipse may have brought up an exciting opportunity in early June, and if so, you may still be investigating it in more detail. The eclipse June 15 highlighted your health and closest relationships and could have been more troublesome. The third eclipse may have changed a source of income, whether by ending one, or beginning another - or both. My goodness!

There is still one more trigger date this month that may deliver news of one of the eclipses, the financial one of July 1. I would like you to pay attention to what happens on August 16-17, when Mars will move over the precise 9 degrees of Cancer, of that July 1 eclipse. Watch to see if something comes up involving a new way to make money. If you see a source end, don't worry - there is more money on the way. After this, you will have a much more stable outlook. You are done with the financial eclipses that came by every six months for two years! You won't miss them!

There are two days when you must not talk money to any VIP. Those are August 8 and 11 when Mars will first pick a fight with Uranus, and set off fireworks, and then oppose Pluto, when you are likely to be pushed around by an 800-lb. gorilla. Actually avoid scheduling important financial meetings during that whole week, August 8-12, and you'll be happier that you did. August 25 won't be exactly easy either, as Mars will run into a wall when dealing with Saturn.

What you need most now is rest. As I mentioned just now, various parts of your life are likely on fire. If your birthday falls on June 15 or within five days of this date, or if you have planets plus or minus five degrees of 23 degrees in Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Pisces in the natal chart, or have one of those signs rising at or near those 23 degrees, you are feeling massive change. Pay special attention to your health, for you are dealing with a lot.

Mercury will be retrograde August 2-26, and rather than find that phase to be annoying (as if often the case), August will give you a chance to follow your own schedule, relax, and digest all that you've experienced so far. When Mercury goes retrograde, it is not a good time to start anything new and I don't think you'd have the "bandwidth" to deal with anything new anyway. Influential people will be hard to reach, and if so, don't press for answers. It's in your interest to keep to the status quo and to actually extend the waiting period a while longer. Plan to get things ready to start up again in September.

I would ideally like to get you to the new moon at the end of August, something I will tell you all about later. Commitments you make earlier, before the new moon of August 28, will likely have to be changed or renegotiated later. With a glorious new moon coming only two days after the end of the Mercury retrograde period, it pays to wait for your ideal time. Mercury retrograde brings miscommunications and changes in goals, for it is a time when the world is in flux. No one actually knows which way the wind will be blowing soon, so it is a time to watch and wait, and attend to loose ends. You will want to clear your canvas for the excitement of September and October. It's a good time to plan, but not to act. That's your plan for most of August.

Be especially careful not to lose anything this month. Tape your business card to the bottom of your laptop or iPad, and put your business card inside the case of your cell phone, eyeglasses, sunglasses, digital camera, smartphone, and anything else you carry with you that you would be heartbroken to lose. Write down all your credit card numbers today, before the retrograde starts, and put them in a safe place. Back up your computer, and print out important documents. Be deliberate this month, and keep an eye on all your treasures!

Mercury will retrograde in Virgo this time, and that means the area of home or family plans are likely to stay in limbo for a few weeks, until month's end. It may be a question of trial and error, finding the right solution, or it may be that you need to get several people on board with a plan you want to enact. If you are doing renovations now, you may find that the contractors report problems that are unexpected and need to be fixed before going forward, so ask for any unanticipated overages in writing before they are incurred.

Mars will be in Cancer this month, indicating that you will be in a high spending period until mid-September. (Fortunately, as you see, this won't last long.) Yet high expenses may encourage you to find new sources of income, so in a kind of backhand way, those expenses now may work to your favor because they will make you more assertive about finding more money. Your motivation will be high to make money, for sure. On the day Jupiter and Mars collaborate - August 18 - you may hear some very good news, or see a sales or other financial negotiation go very well!

Travel seems to be very likely now. You may have taken a short trip recently, or will in early August. A long trip may be in the making as you get closer to August 13, plus or minus four days. This is an ideal time for you to board a plane to fly away, for you'll enjoy this trip in an outstanding way. Ideally, you will leave a few days before the full moon, say, August 9 or so, so that you can return no later than August 15. A lot may be coming up for your review on August 16-17, due to the trigger point of the July 1 eclipse being hit by Mars. I would prefer you home by that point, August 16.

I love this full moon because it will send a comforting beam to Saturn - although very wide, not as close as would be ideal, it still indicates that if you have work to do in that distant city, it will have a nice effect on your reputation, and possibly on your future income down the line. (Saturn rules your house of other people's money, including commissions and fees.) Neptune will fall very close to that full moon, so there's a good chance you'll be in the news, say, on TV or interviewed in the press! Your face seems to be "out there," so look your best. Neptune will also help you with a creative or artistic event or presentation.

Not only will travel be coming to a full point at the full moon period August 13, plus or minus four days, there are other areas that may show culmination too. You may have a publishing or broadcasting deal or project coming to fruition, or you may be putting the final touches on your plans to go back to college or grad school now - in fact, you may be moving to campus now. Wonderful!

If your birthday falls on June 11, or within five days of this date, you will benefit the most from this full moon. I am happy to say this, for these Gemini likely had a hard time with the eclipse of June 15, so this full moon could bring good news and relief from some of the stress you've been feeling lately.

If you are in a legal dispute with someone, this same full moon August 13, plus or minus four days, may help negotiations finish up, and this time you may like how things are playing out. Remember - sign papers after the new moon August 28, not mid-month, but you can say your lawyer needs a little time to draw up the agreement. Otherwise you may have to redo the agreement later - waiting will actually improve your outcome.

Now we come to the important new moon, August 28, falling in your house of home and family. It is one of the most glorious, helpful new moons of the year, and it portends a lot, for Mars will come in on November 11 in the same house and energize it until July 3, 2012. This is rapidly becoming a vital area of your life, because come November 11, Mars will enter the same area and energize it brilliantly, not for the typical seven weeks but for a staggering nearly eight months. With such a positive new moon behind you, you can get everything done to your complete satisfaction, even if you have had difficulties doing so in the past. A new moon's energies last a full year, until the next new moon in that part of your chart has time to come back and refresh and renew the energy.

The reason I find this new moon so incredibly special is that the new moon, Sun, and Venus, all in Virgo, will send a glimmering beam to Pluto in your house of finances, and one to Jupiter in your twelfth house of confinement and confidentiality. The link between the new moon and Pluto is logical - if you need money to make your plans a reality, it will likely come to you. Pluto is the planet of wealth, and in your eighth house of other people's money, the tide is flowing in your favor.

Jupiter's position in Taurus, in the twelfth house, has many possible manifestations. The twelfth house is associated with places of confinement, including hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes - even prison. If you have a family member in one of these areas, or if you are, Jupiter's position suggests you will get the best care. If your relative needs a new "home" to live in (or if you want to take your relative home with you), you again will have the right people to help you. The caveat is, of course, that you act AFTER this new moon arrives, August 28. If you can't wait, just keep in mind that you may need a temporary place, and then later, change your mind and find a second, more permanent place.

Jupiter, Pluto, the Sun, new moon, and Venus will all be in compete agreement in earth signs. This says that to find the best outcome, you will need to stay practical, realistic, and objective in all your dealings after the new moon arrives.

You may be moving, renovating, reorganizing, cleaning, or decorating your space with new furniture and accessories, or appliances and electronic items. Or you may be buying, selling, or leasing property. Mercury will turn direct two days before this new moon arrives, so lucky you, you can move forward with vigor.

Get this - the day after the new moon arrives, August 29, Venus will work with Jupiter to create excellent luck with financial questions AND design / artistic ones. You can't do better than this!

Parents are included in the fourth house (where the new moon will be based on August 28), so if you are looking for a way to help a close relative, such as your mother or father, you will be very grateful for options that come up at the new moon. New moons begin a new chapter, and oddly enough, the forth house is also said to be "the end of all matters." The reason it was called this by the ancients is that this house where the Sun is, as it moves through this area, is the house that turns today into yesterday - it is the demarcation between one day and another, for it marks "midnight."

This all means that a long-term situation will now move into a new and different stage. Don't worry, however - this new moon forms a golden triangle of harmony, the best possible aspect, as it works with Jupiter and Pluto. Each is positioned perfectly (mathematically) to work in perfect harmony, and these are very powerful planets! If you need a near-miracle in the home-family area, you are about to get one. Stability and comfort are within reach - at long last the solution is about to appear.

Keep in mind that all the planets at the new moon will be in earth signs, underscoring the need to be practical and realistic above all. Sometimes I will tell you to be visionary and creative, and at other times, more realistic, like now. This may mean you have to weigh different elements to find the right balance.



As you begin August, Mars is now winding down his visit to Gemini, so you've had quite busy, and very possibly, at times, tense, during June and July. You may feel a little weary by now, so don't try to accomplish too much in August. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde from August 2 to 26, so decisions you would make now would need to be revised later anyway when you view life through a different prism. Even though the various elements and signposts in your life may look solid in August, in hindsight you will see they were not. For now, hold back until the road ahead becomes clearer.

If you can travel in August, do. You'd gain a new perspective and be able to revitalize your spirit in a big way. Sometime during the first week, you may opt to go to a nearby location, in close in proximity to your home, if you didn't already do so at the end of July. That will be a fun excursion and require very little planning - perfect! Gemini always loves to be spontaneous. Watch August 1 when Venus and Uranus collaborate - it's a great day to be spontaneous.

Later, in the days preceding the full moon, August 13, you may enjoy a longer trip, possibly overseas, or to the opposite coast, possibly to a place near water. Water is indicated because Neptune will be so very prominent at this full moon. You'd return within four days of this full moon, so if you have your choice, leave well before August 13 so that you have time to enjoy yourself, and plan to be back no later than August 15.

The full moon August 13 plus or minus four days may alternatively allow you to finalize plans to go back to college or graduate school. There is another possibility at the full moon August 13, too, in that you may finish up a major deal in publishing or broadcasting. All these types of interests are right up your alley, so you should be happy with the way things go.

On August 16-17, Mars will reach the same mathematical degrees as the eclipse of July 1, so you may see a major change in your income or savings. News may be positive or not - there's no way to know - so keep your antenna up.

At month's end you will begin thinking about your living arrangements. If you've been promising yourself to spruce up your apartment, or had hoped to move, you will have your chance. Whatever you dream, the new moon of August 28 will allow you to follow your heart's desire. Pluto, now in your eighth house of other people's money, will ensure you get the funds you need, whether in the form of a home improvement loan or a mortgage or refinancing plan. Banks and even family members will look kindly on your request and help you get the money you need to get started.

Sketch out your plans, dear Gemini. The new moon of August 28 will arrive with Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter, all in special and rare harmony. A golden triangle will link the planets, indicating you can finally see a long-term dream come true. If you have a home-related project you've hoped to get off the ground, this is your moment to begin, for it has the power to carry you forward for a full year. Mars will be in Cancer all month, starting August 3, an indication you will be spending money, most likely to make your family members more comfortable and your home more stylish.ÿIf you need to help a parent and have been unsure how to proceed, you will find this new moon a blessing. This is why you should travel early in the month - later many exciting things will be going on at home!

Gemini Dates to Note

Your most romantic dates: August 3, 4, 11, 12, 18, 21, 22, and 27 (best day).

Sell a creative idea on August 3.

Mercury will be retrograde August 2 to 26. Mercury rules your sign, so you will feel this. No signing contracts!

The first week you may need to travel to follow up on a conversation you started earlier this year with a bigwig, possibly about a creative project.

More travel is likely to come up at the full moon, August 13, although you will likely be returning from a distant trip on Sunday or Monday. Still, everything will go really well on August 12-13 when on foreign shores.

Writing, publishing, editing, and broadcasting projects could come up near this full moon as well.

Difficult financial days will be August 8 and 11, when Mars and Uranus (first) and later Mars and Pluto will be at odds. Later, Mars will have a row with Saturn, August 25. None of these days would be good for scheduling any kind of financial talks.

Expect changes to or news about your income August 16-17, due to Mars moving over the precise degrees of last month's eclipse (July 1).

August 18 could bring excellent news about your income and salary due to Mars' beam to Jupiter.

The new moon August 28 will allow you to make excellent changes to your home and living situation, and it will be a harbinger of a much bigger trend to start in November.

August 29 brings a lovely beam between Jupiter and Venus - perfect for solving design questions or for financial meetings.


August 10 (this explains some stuff)

You want to share your feelings with a trusted friend, but your harmless disclosure could inadvertently elicit an explosive reaction. You understand the necessity of exercising self-restraint today because you can sense the delicate balance of power. However, you're still not interested in changing your mind now. Unfortunately, your current lack of flexibility might make a difficult situation worse. On the other hand, trying to meet another person halfway could produce mutual benefits.

August 11 (okay fine)

Your thoughts and emotions don't mix well today. You may try to manage your desires in order to fit in socially, but you could grow resentful if you don't say what you feel. Unfortunately, knowing what's best doesn't always mean that you will do the right thing. Instead of acting too quickly, think about the consequences of your actions before blindly following your impulses. You might feel differently tomorrow.


Beware of False Promises

Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on August 2, beginning a reversal that lasts until August 26. This doesn't inhibit love, but it can complicate relationships with communication snafus and misunderstandings. With the messenger planet in bold Leo and your chatty 3rd house, this cycle encourages big talk and, in some cases, over-optimism. Be careful about the promises you make and the ones that others make to you since living up to them may be difficult. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, and using your verbal gifts to attract people should work well this month. It's just that you may lure someone to you who isn't the person you expected. When you're trying to make a good impression, don't forget to carefully scrutinize the one you're with.


Go to TopMon Aug 1: Testing Conditions
There are likely to be upsets or changes with partners that will colour the course of the day and conflict between you and someone close. If so, try to negotiate peace. It may be that someone close is in the middle of tumultuous events themselves: if so, help them get through as best you can. Burn off any excess feeling by getting stuck into basic domestic tasks. Secure colours are carnation pink and taupe. Lucky numbers are 8 and 35.

Go to TopTue Aug 2: Retreat
Don't worry if you haven't made your bed with hospital corners today; even though the Moon is in critical Virgo and your fourth house of home and family doesn't mean you have to get fussy. If one of your family members starts picking on you, simply retreat to your room or get out of the house for a while. Your mantra for the day is, 'There Is No Such Thing As Perfection!'. Advantageous colours are pale green and pearl grey. Lucky numbers are 14 and 20.

Go to TopWed Aug 3: Mercury Retrograde
Mercury the Messenger, planetary ruler for the sign of the Twins, is now in retrograde motion in Virgo for the next three weeks. There could be confusion or misunderstandings around the home or within the family. Speak clearly and listen carefully when you're talking with loved ones. Something at home may need repairs or servicing. Read more on Mercury retrograde! Focused colours are apple green and gold. Lucky numbers are 31 and 22.

Go to TopThu Aug 4: Recreation And Romance
The Moon shines in Libra and your solar fifth house and this is a day for taking a little well-earned time out for your favourite recreational pursuits. Get out and enjoy yourself, especially with friends or immerse yourself in a creative project. For those of you with family, make the most of time and activities with loved ones. For those devoted to a partner, this is a day for romance. Money matters will be increasingly important in weeks ahead, so keep the plastic in your purse! Communicative colours are electric blue and fire engine red. Lucky numbers are 5 and 25.

Go to TopFri Aug 5: Changing Focus
The day may begin with some ambience and a sense of good fellowship but things will soon change! As the Moon moves into Scorpio and your solar sixth house, concentration on necessary tasks will become the theme. Efficiency is the key today, so don't flit here, there and everywhere as Gemini tends to do. If you change gear at the right time today, you'll get a lot done. Playful colours are bright purple and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 14 and 16.

Go to TopSat Aug 6: Big Decisions
There are important choices or decisions to be made shortly which may involve family, relationships and money. The issue of what you believe in and how far you're prepared to go to express that belief is a crucial one. You may even have to give something up or break ties with someone who's been a fixture in your life. Fortunate colours are bright gold and pale peach. Lucky numbers are 2 and 14.

Go to TopSun Aug 7: Sharp Tongues
There are likely to be verbal clashes today, Gem. You might be determined to take on authority or have your authority challenged in turn. A clash with a family member is in the wind Take care of accidents around the home, especially if you're distracted or preoccupied. Healing colours are deep amethyst and amber. Lucky numbers are 6 and 33.

Go to TopMon Aug 8: What Really Is Important?
Mercury's retro shuffle back into lordly Leo heralds changes in your attitude or beliefs, as he dances with giant Regulus, the mighty healing star. Such changes will occur over time and come as a result of people entering or leaving your life. You'll be involved in new encounters that open your mind or heart. What really is important? Adventurous colours are bright cherry and citrine. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.

Go to TopTue Aug 9: Inner Urges
You feel the urge to get down to business or get involved in things going on around you today. There is a restlessness in the air that can lead to greater things, as long as you don't go over the top. Your insight is strong at the moment, letting you get to grips with what's going on beneath the skin of those around you. Don't let the spending bug get hold of you today.... Advantageous colours are deep amber and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 17 and 26.

Go to TopWed Aug 10: Reaping Rewards
Something you've been involved in begins to make itself clear and shows promise for the future. Gauge what's happening, especially in the area of professional matters or responsibilities and assess what you need to do next. You should be able to get a real picture and either keep going or make changes in your approach. Your financial situation will be the guide. Practical colours are charcoal grey and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.

Go to TopThu Aug 11: Power And Control
There's nothing from the manual that will get you the kind of equilibrium you need. You are forced to question your motives and behaviour as well as analysing the motives of those who have great influence over you. Personal power and control is the object and there is no better place to start than by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. You have to find your own way and your own solutions. This is freedom and this is responsibility. Favourable colours are plum and avocado. Lucky numbers are 21 and 23.

Go to TopFri Aug 12: Breaking Free
The Moon is weaving through Aquarius and your ninth house now, so you'll be feeling the urge to break with routine and break out. Try something adventurous, even if it's just exotic food. The farther you can get from home, the better you're likely to feel. Consider expanding your horizons: do you need to study or learn something in order to advance your situation or to simply broaden your mind? Expansive colours are coral and cloudy blue. Lucky numbers are 29 and 30.

Go to TopSat Aug 13: Full Moon
It's a tricky Full Moon today as the lovely lunar light blazes forth and the planets as well as everything else go mental. Accident risk is high, especially around the home, or in ventures or adventures with others so take extra care. In the broader sense, you may come to some strong or stunning realizations or revelations about people with whom you're associated. Stimulating colours are brick red and peppermint. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.

Go to TopSun Aug 14: Rocky Road
The Moon slips her way into Pisces and your solar tenth house, raising merry hell with Mercury and Uranus, so this could be an unsettled day at work. There are peculiar developments and even a bit of conflict as the day unfolds. Dealing with the public could be tricky. Be at your versatile best and you'll cope with most of what goes on. Adventurous colours are emerald green and ruby. Lucky numbers are 18 and 36.
If you say potato on the 1st or 2nd and they swear they heard you say tomato, well, don't fret too much. After all, when it comes to making a salad, a tomato is just as good as a potato. It just means adjusting a little, and being willing to serve an entirely different kind of salad than you'd planned. Get upset about it, though, and the month could be off to a rocky start. Which way would you prefer things to go? After all, it is up to you to set the mood. By the 5th and 6th, you have a real insight, and that feels good. In fact, you could use this insight to help a whole lot of people. So what are you waiting for? Business progresses at its own pace on the 10th and 11th, even if you wish it would move faster. You're feeling social on the 17th and 18th, which means you should get together with friends. You're feeling great and looking downright fantastic on the super successful 22nd and 23rd. Have a ball! Take your time communicating on the 28th and 29th. Ready for romance? It's ready for you on the 30th and 31st.

Year 2011 Career

The key to continued career success lies in your ability to network like it's your job. Being the messenger of the zodiac, this is like breathing for most Gemini's. If you happen to be one of the shyer twins, use the fiery energy of 2011 to put yourself out there. When the planet of fortune and fame enters your sector of goals and friendships, it's up to you to take the initiative. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
A huge shift takes place when Neptune, the planet of illusions and delusions enters your career sector in April for a relatively short stint until August. This is only a preview of what's to come in 2012 and then continue to evolve over the next decade. The best part is that you'll finally feel like you can wed your need for glamour and soul with your professional aims. But the downside is the potential for more confusion when it comes to clearly delineating what exactly you want in the long-term. What mark do you want to make on this big bad world? You're about to discover that this question leads more to a process than a destination.
With the cosmic taskmaster cracking the whip in your creativity sector over the course of the year, you can't help but take your ideas more seriously. In fact the more you honor your myriad artistic talents the sooner you can turn your gifts into a potentially lucrative enterprise. When Jupiter enters your sector of dreams and imagination in June, you'll certainly suffer no shortage of inspiration.

Feel free to judge me. ^.^ I don't care. I need to be careful since I have fumbled so far this month. And this was supposed to be the uneventful one. T_T,