Wednesday, August 17, 2011


To all my cat-loving friends, feel free to re-post and send out the information and let's try to find homes for the kitties that they have. If I see another roadkill, I might just loose it.

When I saw this I suddenly missed Trese (our white cat at my parents' house) My brother got the cat from my Lolo Teng who is a super animal lover. He was worried that the cat won't survive because of the aggressive siblings it had. Trese couldn't get any milk because he got pushed out of the way a lot. So we (meaning my brother Alvin a marine biologist now certified animal lover) had to dropper feed him milk for a while since he couldn't and wouldn't drink milk from the saucer. It sounds like animal torture but it was necessary for him to survive. The foot of the stairs became his temporary home. To date, he is the only cat we took care of INSIDE the house. My mom would have fits about the cat hair sometimes but she knew that it's a good thing what we were doing. No one was supposed to play with him too much because he was way too malnourished and my mom made sure that the other kids didn't play with him (you know how kids are and there were a lot of them in our area - relatives living next to each other). It paid off because as Trese grew up he was strong enough to live outside of the house (cats can be very independent once they want to be) and he pretty much became the CAT in the HOOD. ^.^ He would go home covered in soot or looking like a Dalmation (he is purely white so gray makes him look like that) And I can only imagine the mischief that he got himself into.  He has a brother named Azul who came after. It was hard to distinguish them from each other coz Azul, who has blue eyes obviously, was purely white. But perhaps because he grew up in the hands of humans, Trese has more respect for the humans around him. He didn't scratch them and still rubbed our legs from time to time. I worry about him sometimes since he gets around a lot.

My friends had cats too. Some of them had sad stories of their moms bagging their cats and throwing them away. My friend didn't like her mother or talked to her mom for a bit because of that. It's great to have pets but sometimes if you can't keep them off your car, it's a problem. But still, I would have asked someone to keep them instead of throw them away. 

They say that when you have a dog, you are the master. If you have a cat, the cat is God. ^.^ It's kinda true. I never recall telling the cat where to pee though. I think my mom made that easy for the cat to remember. No catnip or cat litter for us. Trese learned where to poop and pee eventually. Though cat poop and pee is not a fun smell. Not. At. All. There was this girl who hid a stray cat in her dorm room during freshman year. Dear God! I had to inhale before I came in their room and exhale when I got out.

Still, I love these ancient guardians of the underworld. Except black cats. When I see one, I am sure to get three really bad things happen after. They say that it's superstition and you attract what you fear. But I say, if you haven't experienced it yourself, don't judge me. ^.^ I always wanted to have a black cat but seeing that I have a bad luck with taking care of animals, I might not be the best person to have a cat. I picked up a stray that was left behind by his mom too. EDSA, was the name. He lived for at least 23 days, I think. He didn't make it. Reina found him dead under the stairs of our apartment. I think he was way too young that's why he didn't make it without his mom. I fear he got bitten by the large palengke rats that came to and fro the first floor. But I figured then that I didn't just kill plants, I was not meant to be a master of any pet.

But if you think you can do a better job that I can, go right ahead. Adopt a cat now. Don't wait for Christmas to do something good.

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