Friday, August 5, 2011

On the act of Overacting

So there I was being told to check a picture online and I almost chocked when I saw it.

First I said "Fuck. They broke up." I know what those things meant. The first step in the JI Puno School of Getting over was DRASTIC HAIR CHANGE. My eyes popped out. I still can't remember the color he got that was like some green mossy thing. Still that was tame compared to this. He was a consultant in the matter. 

Then when I saw it from another angle I said "SPUNKY!" and I had this urge to cut my hair. I was about to do so since I had the andalush to do it then I remembered that I am going to attend Angel's wedding on September 30th. So no to the haircut until then.

To all friends getting married after that, I will wear a suit to your wedding instead, k. Then I remembered something more important. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. I can't go around looking like the boy that I secretly was. ^.^;

So there, I will go jogging once the rains let up and I have more time since I would free up my afternoons. It would help me lose weight, quit smoking, my reproductive system might wake up if I get some exercise, and so that I can get a little closer to my normal size and rock a spunky hairdo with it.

She said she loves it. And I know she does. I just hoped she hadn't spent so much on it in the beginning of the trip only to chop it all off. But for a girl who asks me for a reaction back in the days for just trimming her hair, she should have known I would be all tactless about it. And I was, I am sorry for being abrupt and sounding judgmental but I had a lot of things running in my head, her job, the people there and her mother. How would they react to it?

And then I realized I was pushing the stick further up my hole and so I pulled it out and said. "It'll grow back." then concluded, "This would make a great grandmom story someday."

"Alam mo ba apo, noong dalaga pa ako rakista talaga ako. Yang ahit ahit na yan luma na yan. Tingnan mo ito." produces hollographic form of the hair from the past "Ang lagay ay kala mo astig ka na, marami ka pang kakaining rice capsules." sabay rock-sign. ^.^


  1. Buti pa ngayon nakaka-free up ka na ng afternoons. Well, last I checked matagal tagal pa ang monsoon season so good luck with that. The thing with these kinds of haircuts is that you just do it if you want to. No questions. No doubts. No excuses. "Pag gusto maraming paraan. Pag ayaw maraming dahilan" Fuck events, it's your presence that counts not what's on your head. The boyf, if he loves you for who you are inside and out, then a drastic hair change should mean nothing. And lastly, fuck the job related foresight, that's for me to deal eith not yours. If anything, you were the one person I needed the most in the middle of all these coz you were the one person who's gone through a similar love, ang great love affair. But you weren't 'available'. So I dealt with it. But for you to jump all like WTF on me over this cut just spelled "under the belt". (there, then im pulling the stick out of my a-hole. i'm done).

  2. Yeah. I expected that. I hope things are working out for you. I am really sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me.


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