Thursday, August 4, 2011

Novels and silver linings

August has not opened good for me. In the first four days so many things (read as shitty things) happened. There were also whooping biggies (read as awesome things) that happened or were given in return.

I was late for more than thirty minutes then I found out that I got in the NOKIA Essay Writing Contest. Ergo the link on the left side of my blog. *notice it's new* Regardless of the lack of luck that I have in raffles and stuff that have prizes, I don't care. I did that ovi app and almost burst a nerve and I got in!~

I made a decision to focus on my writing and my extra work schedule actually gave me a chance to write and finish BigB1 - Yongbae's Song (read here in the tagalogonlinepocketbook website).

I am working on my standalone (because if you are a newb, you have to pass a standalone not a series) and decided that my BigB series would serve TOPpers better for now than the Ka-Chapters. I have two standalones that I want to finish.

It's too bad that I lost my perfect attendance that I worked so hard to keep. But it's a wake up call for me. It's a sign that I spreading myself way too thin. I am going to free up some of my time. And come September, I plan to pass my manuscript for My Kimchi Kikay. (walang agawan ng title panget at bobo lang gumagawa nun) then I would work on My Sassy Pinay.

Hopefully they would pass the readers and editors of COH. If not, then I can always post it on T.O.P.'s website.

I am actually behind on my editing and some of the writers are sending their work elsewhere. That is a good thing I think. We have more coming and I hope we can help them to be brave enough to send it to publishing houses. That was always my goal.

I just hope when I am done with my manuscript there is still a chance to get accepted. As for now, I would prepare for my life as a starving artist. I need to work on my paper work so I can flip my life and get a day job that covers the bills and my health card easily.

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