Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The essense of GIRL TALK

If you are a guy I am surprised you are reading this. No offense but most guys I know run away when the two words girl and talk are put together. No, women do not yap about senseless things but we tickle our brains with things that not everyone with a feminine agenda can understand.

I was feeling glum (as per my last post) and then I checked my gmail for my facebook updates since some genius skipped her or his class and our facebook time is temporarily blocked.

And I read some of the things that the luvshak goddesses said about my problem. It was more like my internet sigh on our page. Small things like that remind me of the times when they would lecture me or tell me that I should be better than how I was and random lait that we would do.

And suddenly I missed women who were powerful despite their flaws. Those who were pushing ahead to be a better version of themselves despite their age. Sure they took their time picking out the right outfit and the best things to go with it. But I learned a lot from them, had so much fun with them and I know that they are despite the things that they still might need to learn are about the best people to talk to when I have this kind of cloud hanging over me.

These women, these goddesses didn't let floods or thunderstorms stall their parade. No serie. And I miss them so much.

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  1. Look on the bright side, dear. At least you still have people to talk to from where you are unlike me, I'm stuck at home working with just myself. My friends and family live so far away that when I need someone to talk to nobody's around. Yes, I miss having girl talks. I may not have had a lot of them in the past as I am not your usual girly girl but then again, I still miss having to share things with another woman. I don't know when my next girl talk will be but I really hope soon. As I think no woman can ever resist being in one. Hugs to you, Sam!~


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