Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 3 of 7 USANA Essentials

Day 3 of 7 USANA Essentials

Same conditions as Day 1
Weight: didn't check

I had forgotten to take the essentials earlier. I was busy trying to edit a video for my team's presentation. After dinner, I finally took it and I was able to feel the same contrast effect with my vision. *I am typing as of press time* I didn't change anything on my computer's settings but a couple of minutes after taking the essentials it happened again. So now I know that was not a fluke. I didn't feel the tummy ache anymore and no headaches this time too. But I am still on my blue days so it might be getting masked by the fact that I am having the general discomfort ladies feel around this time. Still no itchiness which mean no allergic reaction to the meds.

I am still glad that I don't have to swallow a massive pill just to block anything from being absorbed by my body. No offense to the friends that I have in other pharma-things but I still have the big pills that taste like paper somewhere in the zip lock that you gave me. And after trying to take it one time just to block out carbs in my body, I decided that pills like those are not for me.

I tried the Chinese kind too. And I understood why those who take it feel like committing suicide. ALL FOOD WOULD HAVE NO TASTE. And for someone who loves food and was raised to include food in her life, it was the worst time of my life. So I stopped. That bottle is somewhere in my stuff and I will throw it out as soon as I sort it out of my crap.

So if you are thinking, oh, this is just another one of those people who don't know what the hell she's talking about. You have another thing coming. I went through those crappy, expensive and almost impossible to be through things. Heck, I was willing to buy a very expensive cream to rub on my tummy with an overpriced technology just to lose weight. So you best not troll what you do not understand. *I am still willing to do that machine thing but really I can't afford it and in good conscience recommend it to those as poor as yours truly*

I hope things work out with this USANA thing. Note to self: I really need to check my weight. So far, my double chin is still here. ^.^ Maybe boys just lose weight faster than boys. Or that I am seated longer than my brother. Who knows?

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