Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last time I checked I was 77 kgs. I know that I am bigger than that now. I came from being a 10 or 11 to being a size 14. I came from wearing medium shirts to double XL shirts. I wore 28 to 30, now I am wearing pants that I have shunned before because there were huge. I am able to breathe in a 36. But that is with pants that do not need to be buttoned near the belly button. Thank God, mommy pants are no longer fashionable.

Still looking for a dress for Angel's wedding has been a pain. I went around with my friend Ianne and we found a dress that was 3L (triple Large or whatever that means) and a matching pair of boots on sale.

We went to a sale stop for my favorite Folded and Hung where I got a couple of my old white dress and my sassy yet simple little black dress. I found a dress that fit me well...ton kilograms ago. The thing was it was light, tasty and showing all my bulges. So it was out. It was gray as well but it was nice...It cost 600php compared to the Cirle dress that was 1000. T_T, The shoes cost 950.

So I decided to just get my white and blue dress from storage and have my mom JRS it to my apartment since I can't go home any time soon.

Anyway, why the hell am I ranting about this.

I decided to do something either extremely idiotic or brilliant, depends on whether it's gonna work or not.

I decided to go on a 45 Days NO RICE challenge. I don't want to call it a diet because I have no plans to starve myself. I love food and according to people who tried to go on those diets and those who succeeded, cravings are worse when you deprive yourself of the satisfaction and sustenance.

I already know that I can handle the oatmeal alternative for three weeks. And I did lose weight noticeably because of it. Because of my skin allergies, my doctor said I need to stay away from uber fried food, chicken, and "malansa" food.

So I am thinking of combining the banana alternative I did before with the oatmeal alternative.

I need to save some money as well so I think this whole cutting down the random binges, excessive snacking and sugar rush cravings would do me some good. I need to buy A & D a gift and I am canvassing for something ornamental like a caricature portrait of them Koreanovela style, a couple tee designed by me (might be cheaper but I have to ask for Deo's shirt size and canvass that). I am thinking his shirt would have Made Each in front and Angel would have For Other. When they wear it together it would read, Made For Each Other. Or I would make a pun love shirt that read Through Thick Or Thin. Deo's would say Through Thin and Angels would say Or Thick. ^.^ But I am scared Deo would slaughter me.

But my ultimate gift to Angel is being girly on her wedding. So I am putting up my hair in a half pony then another pony (don't know what it's called sorry) and I will try to deflate a bit (deflate talaga eh noh?) so I won't ruin their wedding pictures. I will have my eyebrows carved (carved talaga eh noh?) and I will try to put some make-up on before I fly off in a cab to get to their wedding that is finally going to happen 45 days from now.

Ergo the 45 day challenge.


1) Do not look like a whale on A & D's wedding or at least make tummy less prominent. Otherwise tell people I am pregnant so they would shut up.

2) Save money to buy them a gift and not have money problems.

3) Save money by using Reina's bag pasalubong (moss green pretty bag) and wearing the dress I wore for Michael's wedding (Angel has not seen me in ANYTHING floral so I am sure she would appreciate it)

What do I need :

1) Oatmeal - flavored since I can't abide milk and blah flavors

2) Ham and Cheese sandwiches from Tina

3) microwavable container for oatmeal and other food

4) my Korean spoon (big)

5) Blue and white floral dress

6) new girly shoes (boots are out since the dress is a summery dress)

7) black leggings (to hide chismis) or pantyhose - note to self go to the store in Starmall where you got those cheap but nice ones

8) girdle panties (I ripped my old one please don't judge ^.^)

9) Self-control and happy thoughts

10) Help and support from the Kanin gang (that I won't eat rice with them for a while)

Meal Plan :

Workday Breakfast (eat at Spicus)
- Ham and Cheese/Tuna/Canadian Bacon sandwhich
- tiny cup of coffee

Workday Lunch (eat at Spicus)
- oatmeal/banana (alternative to rice)
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

Workday Dinner (eat at FIRE or at home)
- oatmeal/banana
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

Weekend breakfast
- bread
- peanut butter or something else (not chocolate spread)

Weekend Lunch
- oatmeal/banana
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

Weekend Dinner
- oatmeal/banana
- viand (not greasy, fishy or chicken)

*no more water plus
*water water water
*try not to smoke

Exercise plan

1) sit-ups (if I can get enough moolah for gym then I will do it with a machine = more effective for me)

- Start with 20, more to increasing 5 every two days to see if I can handle it.
Caution : Do not overdo this
Goal: 50 to 100 sit-ups

2) jog/brisk walking

- I have been having problems with my foot lately so I don't want to force it. But I would want to jog and walk in the Ayala Triangle after work if it isn't raining. If it is, I can always walk slowly with an umbrella.
- If I can get enough moolah for gym in Sept (need 3k) I would do this on the bike or the treadmill

3) Take stairs when available

- Of course I won't take 33 floors worth of stairs. *Or maybe I would. But I don't plan to do this and kill myself in the process. Though it might be a good idea, right?

4) TRO on cigs

- You get my drift.

5) Wake up early

- So I can walk to the bus stop, then get on one, get off near SM and walk to Tycoon. Walk walk walkathon

Grocery List:

1) Microwavable containers
2) oatmeal honey hazelnut/apple/chocolate
3) Nissin Wafer
4) Fitness Flakes and Fruit (optional)
5) Century Tuna
6) Can opener (if I don't find my old one)
7) Water heater (for oatmeal)

To buy:

1) Girly shoes
2) Wedding Gift for Angel and Deo
3) Shawl for the dress - or use the one I bought from Chloe and Andrea
4) girdle panties
5) hair pin
6) Make-up (might just get the ones from my mom)

So there you go. I would put this thing into gear today. Thinking about this made me want California Maki last night. I bought a cold and not so nice foursome from Tokyo Tokyo. I felt the specialty maki beacon me but I realized my tongue has decided to help me out this time. I guess, like the rest of me, my tongue has decided that enough is enough.

Wish me luck!

If you have any advice about this, please feel free to post a comment about it. If you blogged about something effective before, feel free to link it in the comment box.

But please, no selling of ANY weight lose products and what not. I really don't feel like ingesting anything that I have no confidence in. I was an SEO writer before, so I know how REAL those testimonials are.

Ya, dig?

RICE VS NINYA : Challenge accepted!~

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results. 


  1. Awwww... That's so sweet of you, Sam! I super miss you talaga!!! ^__^

    I'm super excited to see the result of your challenge!!! ^__^

    About your gift ideas... cute! Especially the "Through thick or thin..." ahahaha! you're right, deo would slaughter you for that! hahaha!!!!

    Fighting! Aja! ^__^

    See you very, very, soon!!! ^__^

  2. oooh! loving this whole no rice idea. thinking of doing the same. as of now, i have only done the kanin once a day diet. i eat oatmeals, corn flakes na walang lasa then bananas at bread with peanut butter na pang alternative pero so far, i'm only 60kgs (62 during the months after i got married). i have been punishing myself to work out at home too. i was just lucky na merong mga exercise gear dito. been working on the abswing for about 300 reps everyday then i do weights (3kgs lang naman) for about 20-40 reps then i stay on the hiking machine for about 10-15 mins. Over all, I work out for 40-45 mins a day. if possible, i might have to get my stationary bike from my parents' house soon para one whole hour daily nakong nagwoworkout. mejo slow kasi ung progress ko somehow. almost two months nakong ganito. i would have to go on that no rice diet soon if possible. good luck with your plans.

  3. i suggested the no rice diet to my groom... hope he tries it para naman maglose weight cya before our wedding! =D

  4. Wow! Go! Go! I am trying to do this as well pero hindi no-rice kundi less-rice. There are times na di ako kumakain ng rice for a day but when I am with the family, I eat rice kahit kaunti lalo kung pinapakain ko yung anak ko.

    Ang hirap lang ng temptation kapag nakahain sa harap mo ang food na alam mong best paired with rice -- waaahhhh!

    Anyways, hindi ako masyadong nahirapan dahil ramadan reason dito sa Saudi and we are not allowed to eat at the office kaya nabawasan talaga ang kanin ko. And not just the wait but physically ay nabawasan ang laki ng bilbil ko - sana tuloy-tuloy na.

  5. Word of advice pala, this is more efficient kung mag-workout ka para magising yung fats na gusto mong mawala at mabilis silang ma-eliminate. Mas mahirap kasing mawala ang tulog na fats eh.


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