Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Won Deuk Yi "Punch"

I want to watch this movie.

My student Melissa told me about it. She said that she watched it with her sister. She told me the story, typical for me to ask when I can't google the title. I kept typing Huan Do Gi. T_T

Won-Deuk Yi or  완득이 is a coming of age movie for a kid who was only good at fighting. Not that the kid is violent or something. But I guess that is why the international release title is "Punch".  He usually beats people who try to hurt or insult his father.

The part that interested me was that the story included the fact that his mom is a Filipina-who migrated to Korea. His homeroom teacher, whom he hates enough to pray for his speedy demise, tells him she wants to see Won Deuk.

Won Deuk Yi or "Punch"
It doesn't seem like this movie would have a lot to give me but I just want to see it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Purple Oven Christmas Price list 2011

Purple Oven Christmas Pricelist!

I for one would be buying something for my family when I come home to visit. I just hope that I can bring my stuff/gifts easily without worrying about how the brownies would survive long enough to reach Christmas Eve.

Do you think I should order in advance? Maybe I should. But what to order?

For inquiries please 
call them up at 631-4221, 910-1363 or 910-1364.

TOPShelf Dream

I know that they have tried and there as some sites that have pocketbooks that are in pdf format. But I just wish that someday we can convert TOP stories all to e-book *yes, I know I would need to learn this first* so that we can sell the books for real...But I don't know... I remembered that wish when I saw that flipreads'
romance section was empty. Hmmm...oh well.

which reminds me I need to get a bookshelf in my room

If I knew how to operate it and all the techie parts that it would entail, I would call that company...TOP shelves. E-books by Filipino writers, different genres, comics that are released only in conventions, new writers, old writers, hard to find textbooks since they are super old or something, reference books, and of course Tagalog online pocketbook stories and COH stories on epub and pdf format for OFWs who can't buy the books because they are so far away.

That might just compel my aunt to learn how to use a tablet. ^.^

Would that be a dream...alas. For now you can register and read the stories here in our website There are free novels and there some that require gils for you to read. Note that most of the writers are newbies or amateurs so be gracious in your comments. ^.^

We write for passion although some of us now write for money. ^.^ But if you want to try it out, why not write?


Monday, November 28, 2011

Waiting for Kangin - kpop fangirling

He is still doing his military service. But he looks like he lost some weight and got tanned. I miss him. He is the reason I am an E.L.F. after all. Stay safe, Young!
Reupload and Posted by: Destinyhae (
Kangin is a member of Super Junior, an idol group in Korea. ^.^ No, he is not my boyfriend or other half. We fangirls call it a BIAS. It means he is the guy we like the most in a group or in all of the hallyu wave.

Purple Oven Price List - Makati Branch

If you are a pastry fanatic, you can't go wrong with Purple Oven.

I have been living next to this awesome place since May and I didn't even know it. this is why I should have listened to my mom and gone to mass more often. It was right in front of the Sacred Heart Church!!!

I asked them if they had a website or if they had a price list I could have. They told me they'd e-mail me the list and here it is! Since I don't know if they have a fanpage on facebook or whatnot but I feel it is my DUTY as a brownie fiend and and a pastry lover to share this very important information.

Purple Oven fanpage?

*As of presstime the only ones I have bought from that place were the 240php worth brownies and my friends loved it!~ They raved about it. ^.^ They took home the ones we couldn't finish. ^.^ I would love to buy more next time we go out for lunch or dinner. Friendship brownies!~*

Bathroom Dreams

I had a dream that I was in line in some kind of co-ed bathroom. *lucid dream mode - I know I was in a dream but I didn't want to wake up just yet* I saw JD Khe in line. I was curious as to why he was in my dream. I dream of dead relative and friends once in a while and I knew that they usually have something to remind me or tell me so I stuck around. It's also probably because in my dream I really feel like I needed to pee. I cut in line but later fell back to the original spot and I ended up being behind him in the line. There was a person between us but we talked. He called me "Dora!" and I corrected him and told him that my mom was Dodie and my name was Nina. He said, "So all this time I was calling you by the wrong nickname?" and I simple said "Yup."
I didn't get to pee at that line. The toilet at the end of the line was not available. I went out and ended up running around looking for a bathroom where I can pee. I ran into a bathroom where most of the people inside were soldiers. I knew them from somewhere but I just said "Opps!" and left. There was another bathroom that I went into and I got in. I woke up before I could really pee. For some reason my head hurt when I woke up and I had that headache until the time I got to work. Weird interpretation for my dream items though since they fit my real life situations.



To dream that you are standing in line represents your need for patience. You need to learn to wait for something and not always have it right away.

* I definitely need to remember this. Since I would be going through a lot of waiting next year. I need to make sure to be patient and get a job that fits my needs. Med card, better pay and possibility of going up.

To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". Alternatively, a bathroom symbolizes purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.

To dream that you can not find the bathroom or that you have difficulties finding one indicates that you have difficulties in releasing and expressing your emotions. You are holding back your true feelings about something.

** So true...



To see your dead sibling, relative, or friend in your dream indicates that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences you had with them. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, your dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

*** I think that when you are shocked about someone's passing there are times when you still dream about them, like there are visiting you or reminding you of something about them that made them so great. In this case it was his unusual sense of humor. But yeah, definitely I'd miss Sir Khe for a very long time.

Interpretations from here


Friday, November 25, 2011

Google Adsense gone

Apparently, I did something that pissed them off. Kidding. My adsense account is suspected of some activity that is considered illegal. I don't know if it's the comment sharing or what. But they don't want to reinstate my google adsense. I went through so much crap to get it before. I honestly don't care anymore. I don't want to put ads on my blog anymore since I kinda suck at it too. Nuffnang is harder to navigate. I will just blog. The very purpose is to just get people to read what's in my head. Generating hits from link exchange and whatnot apparently is too much for them to grasp. So I will just quit the whole paid blogger thing. If I ever get around to learning about the whole ad thing, which I am sure Foo would love for me to learn, I would have to pass. My head would hurt too much.

No this time, I would not panic. The last time that I did, I lost Pinaywriter O.D. 1.0
I deleted my account and all the stuff that came with it. It was horrible. I felt like I did a harakiri. If it wasn't for Carlo, comsci friend from school, I wouldn't know that google reader still has my stuff. So I was able to back up my stuff.

But I think I need a new paypal account. The one connected to my yahoo one is just...fracked up. My old yahoo is *my own fault* hard to access because I forgot the effin password *yet again*

So there. I will comment and read and what not in blogs and will write more stuff here that would be useful to me and other people. But I wouldn't be doing it for money. I'll just get a better day job.

got a new paypal nothing is connected to my other paypal anyway. I will just delete it when I figure out the damn password.

Google Connect is Going : Google+ Me!

I heard that Google is planning to removing the Google Connect thing soon and they adviced their users to connect using Google+ So here is the page for (click the reg g+)

Pinaywriter's Oral Diarrhea 2.0
on Google+

Honestly, I like the Google connect thingy. I don't know why they are going to remove it. What do you think?

How Sailormoon saved a girl

This reminded me of M.

I don't know why it did. My friend M, as we call her now DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. But the quiet girl description reminded me of her. I wondered what could have happened if she hadn't become close to other girls who were quiet in class but actually had a lot in common. What could have happened if someone like me didn't bug her to come out of the classroom during breaktime.

Now she is staking her independence so many years since those days in elementary school. It took her a while but I know that she has opened her eyes  to see that the world may not be perfect but that she is brave enough to live in it. Because there are so many reasons for one to live.

So next time you look at the girl who doesn't talk to anyone, greet her. If you have time to talk to your friends about mundane thing, you can sit near her and talk to her about how her day was or about something you have in common.

In our case, Sailormoon bonded us. This is that reason why to this day I still love the Sailor soldiers because they didn't just transform into prettier versions of themselves, they also drew a bunch of late-bloomers together and we are still very close to each other and extremely glad that we are still friends.

Because not even time and space can stop us from loving each other.

I hope no one ever has to experience saying goodbye to someone so young ever again.

Sometimes all it takes is to say "Moon Prism Power Make-up!"

Stuff from here
and here

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

365 things to do in 2012

I am wondering if you can help me with something...

I am thinking of 365 things, grand or small that would make a person (me mostly) do something ordinary extraordinarily or something that I haven't done before. It could be something that would make 2012 very special.

So far I only have a few.

1. Conquer a fear.
2. Get a good job that pays well and has a good med card.
3. Go to the beach with my family or friends.
4. Meet interesting people.
5. Pay off my debts.
6. Open a atm less bank account and save money in it.
7. Share something to the less fortunate.
8. FINISH writing one COH worthy novel.
9. finish Yo, Bo! #4
10. Hang out with Trina more.
11. Hang out with 4214 girls more often.
12. Learn more conversational Korean sentences.
13. Review my Nihonggo.
14. Wrote a snail mail letter to Japan (to Ate Joy)
15. Give gifts to my friends.
16. Samsung Galaxy Tab
17. Read more e-books.
18. Give my mom a birthday gift.
19. Give my dad a birthday gift.
20. Meet one decent guy who I can talk to. Must not be gay. ^.^ I have enough super fabulous friends.
21. Take more pictures. *if possible buy a camera*
22. Do not make any more new debts.
23.Try a dish I have never eaten.
24. Go somewhere I have never been before.
25. Watch a concert.
26. Finish all pending novels to edit.
27. Go hiking.
28. Wear Grecian black dress several times.
29. Get slim enough to fit into tube dress.


I need 340 more. ^.^ HELP!~

An-ni-yo Mu-te : No, I can't speak

Can you speak Korean? 

That is the most common question that I get asked when I tell people that I work in a Korean online English company as an EIA (online English teacher).

I am listening to an mp3 for learning conversational Korean and I can't remember the things that is being said. I think my brain is not capable of learning any new language, even if it's something that I watch and hear in interviews. It's like the language block is literally in my head and I can't make my brain remember anything.

Now I can understand why my students are so embarrassed. In their head they can hear the words well. But when they open their mouth, the word doesn't come out just like the one you intended it to come out as. I can even hear my Americanized accent butchering the Korean word shamelessly.

I know a little bit of Japanese but it's like those phrases and sentences are vaulted up in some part of my memory and the only way to coax it out is with sushi. And we all know I am watching what I eat now. *so not true* It comes alive when Eiga Sai is around the corner and the rest of the year it's locked up and kept from my daily life.

I bought some flimsy Korean booklet for 140 yesterday. I had wanted to buy the Making out in Korean book but it was more than what I planned to shell out for a book these days. So I ended up with said crappy book and I haven't opened it yet. I was saved by my friend J who sent me some torrented mp3s. ^.^ But she only sent me Unit 1 and 2 since gmail can only take so much. ^.^ But one unit is enough to give me a negaspazz.

But it's time to fix up my resume and boast my skill set. I would have to practice typing blindly and speaking with sense.

My students would have the funniest, most patient student this coming days. I am always like this when I am trying to make them feel my love on the last few days. I remember getting so many claps and commendations before I left some other company. The last company promoted me before the end came near. It's a good idea for me to have fun and give my best so that things won't be awkward when I leave.

And who knows, I could come back. But not likely.

Anyway, some day I pray, I can watch Korean dramas and movies and pick up more than what I used to. Like how I am with Jdramas and movies nowadays. I want to be able to ignore the subtitles too. ^.^ At least most of the time.

In Your Face, Mr. Speaker!

Sometimes I imagine being a member of the lower party and doing this to some people because of the shit that they do.

Representative Kim Sun-dong, bottom foreground, a Democratic Labor Party lawmaker, sprays tear gas from a canister at Vice Speaker Chung Ui-hwa in front of the Assembly speaker’s podium yesterday. Provided by Nocut News

I know I can't punch anyone with enough force but this lawmaker was right on the money. Not.

The Korean FTA bills was passed, railroaded even. The problem with this is that the Korean government is setting their people up to be screwed over. 

Did they not review the things that are happening in other countries, the Philippines even. The effects of the FTA is never good for either country. Weren't they there when the New York Stock Market crashed? Are they not aware that America and the EU is struggling? Are they not aware that Asian countries actually have more investment capabilities now than before.

I think Representative Kim did something highly reactive. Now noone would take him seriously. Grandstanding never gets anyone anywhere and hurting other people would close their mind to anything else brilliant you might have to stay.

But the basic question here is, how fucked up is their security for a man to be able to bring something like this to the floor? Fisticuffs I would allow, but tear-gasing, come on!

I know a lot more people who deserve this in my country's Congress and Senate. Actually, they don't deserve a seat since they can't even be bothered to feel any kind of rage that other members of their house are doing a douche-y job running the legislative branch of the government.

How can they, some of them don't even know the first thing about their job or they can't even be bothered to show up. Seriously, what can you expect when we vote for people because they can knock someone out or they register well on  camera.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sora & Leeteuk @ Super Show 4

I am so going to die!!!

I feel like this proposal is like a prelude to a goodbye too since he is gearing up to leave for this military. OMO!

Kang Sora and Leeteuk (Jungsu Park) profile

They are in this show called We Got Married as the Dimple couple. It's a reality show where two celebrities live like a married couple or something like that. ^.^ I loved this show before because of Kim Hyun Joong and his wife. I haven't watched it since but now I am.

This proposal is something that most idols don't do in their shows since it's could get negative effects. But Leeteuk is considered the second most romantic guy in the whole WGM series. The other guy Alex, was also a singer. And boy was he unrealistically romantic. ^.^ The girl in that pairing also went to his concert. But only Leeteuk was awesome enough to get the girl up on stage, give her a couple ring and hug her in front of so many fans. Korean ones pa, they are kinda vipery pag di nila gusto ang girl na ka-pair ng kanilang idol.

The sad thing is that Leeteuk would have to go on tour so they might not have enough episodes na. Then he has to go to mandatory military service (men in SK need to render 2 years of mandatory military service before they are 30 or they would go to jail for dodging draft). I am thinking they would end this pairing soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sungmin Lee as Manilyn Monroe : Cosplaying Super Juniors

Super Show 4 was a blast. But it was also a treasure trove for Elfs and the SuJu members themselves for LOL moments that are only permissible for a man to do if he is one's bias*. Like this one.

I am an ELF and I can understand this to be fan service. So I accept Sungmin's cuteness. He did get back at Donghae's naughtiness by hitting him with said guitar. I think Sungmin had a lot of restraint though. I would have kicked him if he did that to me. *tee-hee*

But he has his manly moments, this Sungmin...

He needs to show it more since he is growing up. But we will always love him as the agyeo prince. T_T

Anyway, I am just glad the Elfs are having spazzed out days for the holidays. Please go the PH again. I am sure my friends would flip beyond words.

premonition BUT I WANT LEETEUK LEADER TO COME TOO. So saka na!!! I want to see Kangin and Heechul din!!!
*kpop vocabulary : Bias = person who you like the most in a group of idols. Can also mean favorite person in kpop culture or kdrama. Guy or girl you would date if you had a chance in a once in a fanfic universe.