Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/11/11 : Happy Pepero Day!

These binary days, as I call 'em are a big deal for high school students. Today, 111011 is their college entrance exam day. Super stressful if you are familiar to how much those guys study for this exam. The pressure is so heavy that some have may snap at the very day of the exam. I would be too if I was in that situation.

Still the fun thing about the binary days is that it's so binary...the 10th is hell and the 11th is fun since it's Pepero day. Granted that this is just a way to sell more pepero but college exams are just tests too, right? (I kid, I kid of course).

People treat this day pretty much like a teenage version of Valentine's day. Giving pepero is a sweet gesture.

I super love the pepero kiss game


  1. wow would love to have pepero kiss with Jung Il Woo or Jang Geun Seok!

    thanks for visiting


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