Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 3 : PInay's Pie

written: November 3, 2011

Day 3 of Nanowrimo

I decided to get rid of my previous 7929 words and start over. My previous piece had an ugly title and the rants were pointing in the wrong direction. I used a third person p.o.v. and it was making my teeth hurt. So I decided to change it to Pinay's Pie. I made some supporting characters too, fashioned from an ex and a couple of friends who I love to pieces. I figured Pinay was not going to have to face every thing alone. This was not some romance where the heroine needed a hero to save her. Chick Lit always gave the female lead a support time. She was only thinking that she needed to be alone in the fight but would never really survive it without a saving grace, a deo ex machina or her girlfriends. I gave Pinay, Josh and Valerie. Any coincidence or possible compatibility with one or two of my friends doesn't mean these characters are them entirely. I just couldn't let Pinay rant away like a crazy pscyho who tore someone's heart. J and V would complete the set of friends that would lead Pinay through her mental dilemmas and play devil and angel sides for her. I know it's the easy way out but the female journey needs a transition from the dark moment into enlightenment. So someone needs to be the candle and the lighter. Josh and Valerie would be it.

I am still thinking what to name the guy Pinay would be gaga over and how he would come into her life. It would be cool to let him come in and be a new crush after Ian is officially out of her life. And that he would be her friend first before they can hook up.

Maybe he could help her by setting her up with some guy friends of his or something. He would help her be the kind of girl that those guys would like and he would end up making her realize that she was exactly who she needed to be to find true love.

Or she could fashion a new novel using him as a main character and end up hoping that he would love her too. Only to find out that he was actually single despite saying he had a girlfriend. Hmm...I wonder what to do. I have finished 5354 words in one writing spree. The story is slowly coming out and it's more dynamic since there are dialogues instead of rant narration of angst and past pain.

Don't get me wrong, there are still those in their but I wasn't letting them damper up my story. Pinay's Pie was livelier and a tad less dark than Confessions of Pinaywriter. Boy was that title a bust. My back hurts now and it's raining like you don't want it to be Friday tomorrow but Saturday instead.

I went to Slice and Dice with Ianne and was glad that I got to overlap memories without meaning to. I do that to get over exes before. I would make space for a new memory by doing something else or the same thing only with a new person who is not my boyfriend at a place that I was with an ex. It works actually. It emerses you half into the past and propels you into the future. But all that would be possible if I didn't decide in the present that the past was in the past and that I should look towards the future.

Now I know that I don't need angst or inspiration to write this story and although Pinay's character would not be nicest one that I have ever written, but at least I hope to give her a happy ending. One word at a time. And just before the end of the story, who knows, I might just find that I got another creative output from another ex-boyfriend.

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  1. good luck on your nanowrimo, actually I had no idea about it, but I keep on seeing it on mylot discussion but never mind commenting on them. Maybe need time to find out also

  2. Pinay's Pie is a novel you're writing right? I would love to read it once you finished it :), are you also going to publish it here or you will have it printed?

  3. I like reading novels. Good luck! Hope we can get a free copy :)



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