Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sora & Leeteuk @ Super Show 4

I am so going to die!!!

I feel like this proposal is like a prelude to a goodbye too since he is gearing up to leave for this military. OMO!

Kang Sora and Leeteuk (Jungsu Park) profile

They are in this show called We Got Married as the Dimple couple. It's a reality show where two celebrities live like a married couple or something like that. ^.^ I loved this show before because of Kim Hyun Joong and his wife. I haven't watched it since but now I am.

This proposal is something that most idols don't do in their shows since it's could get negative effects. But Leeteuk is considered the second most romantic guy in the whole WGM series. The other guy Alex, was also a singer. And boy was he unrealistically romantic. ^.^ The girl in that pairing also went to his concert. But only Leeteuk was awesome enough to get the girl up on stage, give her a couple ring and hug her in front of so many fans. Korean ones pa, they are kinda vipery pag di nila gusto ang girl na ka-pair ng kanilang idol.

The sad thing is that Leeteuk would have to go on tour so they might not have enough episodes na. Then he has to go to mandatory military service (men in SK need to render 2 years of mandatory military service before they are 30 or they would go to jail for dodging draft). I am thinking they would end this pairing soon.


  1. forgive me I am not very familiar with the people involve in your post hehe, anyway proposing made publicly is "nakakakilig" :)

  2. Uhmmm... D ko sila kilala pero sa tingin ko OK naman sila :D

  3. Is that a proposal wow its so so so blow-minding hehehe especially infront of many people

  4. Wow! I haven't seen one of these proposals on TV or other forms of media made by a public figure.

    "SK men render mandatory military service..." is this like ROTC or CAT in the Philippines?

  5. what a very romantic proposal, very rare. :-)


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