Thursday, November 10, 2011

GIRL TALK : A Must for my Sanity

That moment when you realize that you miss your besties because they are not around to do pow-wows and exchange girl talk. Sad that they are away and happy that you know distance means absolutely nothing.

I know that I am lucky to have all of them in my life. But sometimes I pull an ico mode and just wish they were all right next door. Trina and JI are but for some reason, I can't find the time to gather us all together. Wah. Such FAIL.


  1. Same here, Sam... I think I'll go insane now. I need someone to talk to, to rant to and to brainstorm with. Yeah, I have my hubby... but, huhuhu... I need more!!! TT__TT

    Emotionally down ako ngayon! I'm so drained... TT__TT

    I need to get myself a life, as well... =(

  2. Haller eh ang layo mo kasi!!!~ Kung lumipat ka na lang dito sa spicus ahahahah eh di sana panalo sa japan. Pero freeze hiring na eh. T_T,

  3. ok lang... by next year, school teacher na siguro ako... ^__^

    i just need a social life... i miss going out!!! need ko na maarawan at mki-halobilo sa ibang tao... hehehe... hayzt...

  4. and sometimes you want to be young again para happy lang lagi and walang problema :) btw, are you from uplb?

  5. RJS mama : Opo! I am an '02 BACA!~


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