Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 9 : Lit immitates Life

Just another day another few thousand words. I am beginning to dream about my novel. That is a good and a bad thing, I think. Still it helps me visualize my story. But the bad thing is it's like a sitcom and I wake up every time the episode ends.

Don't you hate it when that happens.
Well Pinay had to suffer through the worst holiday of the year to be single. No, it's not V-day since she could have easily escaped her family during that time by going to Elbi for the Feb fair. But Christmas.

I am just hoping that by the time I am home for Christmas, my ex boyfriend scenario is already old news. But believe me, there is going to be major "concern" for my impending spinsterhood when I see them again.

I don't care if I don't ever get to ask them for payment on the gift I give my nephews and nieces by having a kid of my own, or getting married as well as long as they don't ask me about Ico and why I broke up with him. Except for a few chosen cousins, this is a warning shot for all the oldies who would take a shot at me for being single during the Christmas season,

"Don't you dare tell me you know someone who is perfect for me." 1) If I wanted perfection I would marry a gay guy. 2) Your definition of perfect for me is anyone with a dick and is willing to marry me since I am not beyond your generations age limit to the supposed finish line 3) No, I am not desperate to have a man in my life, I just got rid of one areyoufrackingkiddingme 4) Yes, I want to be a mother someday if God would allow it and no I don't want to have one out of wedlock unless I win 500M in the lottery in which case  I would need an heir produced by science in my otherwise scary womb 5) NO, I will not live in Batangas and marry off to some douche you throw at me. If he is not as awesome as my dad, flaws and all, just forget it.

The worst thing about being single is settling. I will never ever ever do that again. Ever.


  1. I'm completely with you on this. I hate it when people try to hook me up with someone who they think is 'perfect' for me. Even my parents are desperate for me to get married or have a kid. I'll do that in my own time.

    Cheers to not settling. :)

  2. Thanks!~ I would rather be a spinster than be with someone I have to "settle for"


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