Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TOPShelf Dream

I know that they have tried and there as some sites that have pocketbooks that are in pdf format. But I just wish that someday we can convert TOP stories all to e-book *yes, I know I would need to learn this first* so that we can sell the books for real...But I don't know... I remembered that wish when I saw that flipreads'
romance section was empty. Hmmm...oh well.

which reminds me I need to get a bookshelf in my room

If I knew how to operate it and all the techie parts that it would entail, I would call that company...TOP shelves. E-books by Filipino writers, different genres, comics that are released only in conventions, new writers, old writers, hard to find textbooks since they are super old or something, reference books, and of course Tagalog online pocketbook stories and COH stories on epub and pdf format for OFWs who can't buy the books because they are so far away.

That might just compel my aunt to learn how to use a tablet. ^.^

Would that be a dream...alas. For now you can register and read the stories here in our website http://tagalogonlinepocketbook.com/ There are free novels and there some that require gils for you to read. Note that most of the writers are newbies or amateurs so be gracious in your comments. ^.^

We write for passion although some of us now write for money. ^.^ But if you want to try it out, why not write?


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