Monday, November 21, 2011

Sungmin Lee as Manilyn Monroe : Cosplaying Super Juniors

Super Show 4 was a blast. But it was also a treasure trove for Elfs and the SuJu members themselves for LOL moments that are only permissible for a man to do if he is one's bias*. Like this one.

I am an ELF and I can understand this to be fan service. So I accept Sungmin's cuteness. He did get back at Donghae's naughtiness by hitting him with said guitar. I think Sungmin had a lot of restraint though. I would have kicked him if he did that to me. *tee-hee*

But he has his manly moments, this Sungmin...

He needs to show it more since he is growing up. But we will always love him as the agyeo prince. T_T

Anyway, I am just glad the Elfs are having spazzed out days for the holidays. Please go the PH again. I am sure my friends would flip beyond words.

premonition BUT I WANT LEETEUK LEADER TO COME TOO. So saka na!!! I want to see Kangin and Heechul din!!!
*kpop vocabulary : Bias = person who you like the most in a group of idols. Can also mean favorite person in kpop culture or kdrama. Guy or girl you would date if you had a chance in a once in a fanfic universe.


  1. I super LOVE this!!! Kamsahapnida Onnie!!!! :)))

    You know how much I LOVE THIS MAN, no matter how he looks! (even if it means he looks prettier than me) :)

  2. the Koreans invaded the limelight hihi

  3. No idea ako dito kasi wala na ako updates sa mga pangyayari sa showbiz ngaun ..hehehehe

  4. lalake ba yun marilyn monroe, okay sya ha ang galing din muka talagang girl

  5. ^.^ Sorry for the Korean overload. ^.^ I haven't been able to blog about my first life (real life) lately so my second life (kpop fandom life) took over my blog ahahha. ^.^

  6. Cosplaying as a girl for the male is something I myself would think about. Hands down to this guy!


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