Friday, November 11, 2011

Pocky Pepero Day 11/11/11

Happy Pepero Day!~

gifs from here

Kangji Pepero Kiss Game
sungmin *ever the romantic*

omo pumpkin your eyes!

*since he is now in WGM shouldn't Leader do this with Sora too?*

Kangin! Why you do this? *thank god I didn't get to watch these WGM episodes OMO I would've died in heartbreak

SJ: Did they TOUCH? *not touched* seriously


Kangin: *later* It touched...

It still feel a little weird...

 AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I want to play this game too!!! With Kangin or Taeyang or T.O.P. or or or or...tehee. 

11.11.11 make it count will need 100 years to get to this moment again. *need to remember to get cloned to make see it happen again*

Ya! Wanna play pepero kiss with me too? Nah. Your loss. More for me. 

*munches strawberry pocky*

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  1. No pepero/pocky for me... hubby and i are fight! TT__TT


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