Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Bang wins MTV EMA Worldwide Act

V.I.P.s United and showed the world that we can make Big Bang win!!!


"This is only because of our fans, through the ups and downs. Thank you for standing by us. - TY"


I finally believed the rumors when V.I. posted it on his me2day account!~

“Dear loving fans. Big Bang won the World Wide Act award of the EMA. I'm so happy that I'm posting me2day during the show. Thank u& love u."

"This is only because of our fans, through the ups and downs. Thank you for standing by us. - TY"

To all the V.I.P.s who helped make this happen let's pat ourselves in the back and/or wave our light sticks in unison. Our oppas did it. And amidst all that they are going through as well as the rumors those capitalizing antis are putting together, this shows that YG family and Big Bang are not going to sit around and moop. They will come back with a BANG, a big one at that. (I asked the writers and readers in my writing group to vote so I hope they did!)

I am sure that Daesung can smile more now and this would lift GD's spirit more. I have ranted before that the things they went through just needed to happen to trim the fat. So to speak, the fakers and poser fans are now all gone. And the real and ever-loyal V.I.P.s made this happen!

Please feel our love, guys and continue to be awesome.

Say it loud, say it proud, "Once a V.I.P. always a V.I.P.!"

BIG BANG IS (always) V.I.P. !!!
As a way to celebrate I let my Yongbae's Song (fanfic novel in Tagalog) be viewable gil-less in our writing group!~ So all you need to do is register and you can read it for free!!!~ Just don't copy it, and we will all be good. ^.^

VJ UTT I had a huge crush on this guy before. Why so red? *with TOP and Seungri
“We are called Big Bang from South Korea, nice to meet you all.
And because this award is something that our fans have given us,
it has a lot more meaningful and it gives us more joy.
I would like to thank our fans, V.I.P, once again.
And through this opportunity, I hope we can attract more love
and interest to Korean music and Big Bang as well.”

such fanboys!~where is T.O.P.

LOL! He's so happy!!!~

Yeah Bae!~
oppa such a cam whore you are!~

Jessie J
Jeremy Scott



  1. wow! Congratulations Big Bang! my youngest son is a fan of yours :)

  2. Yay! That's good news! Congratulations.


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