Friday, November 11, 2011

Are you Right-Brained or Left-Brained?

Which side are you on?

I think I am definitely on the right one.  How about you?

When I took those online and magazine tests, I always tested near the threshold. I am like the odd middle-brained kinda person. Not a jane of all trades *not that awesome* but it's like my brain can go either way. *sounds bi ehehe* but if the test has 24 items, I would get 12-12 and can't choose which side I am on. But I think it's a good thing, and probably because my dad is an engineer who is more of a dreamer and my mom is a commerce major who loves books and movies. The nature of my brain might have been on the left since my brothers are more left than right and because of the way my parents raised us. Story books and crayons dominated my childhood. My brain's nature was offset by nurture and I ended up with a more holistic kinda way of thinking.

One of these days I would take a test to determine this. I have, I think but it was one of those tests you try to bluff since it's in high school and you don't want the guidance counselor to figure out that you talk to yourself a lot when you are in the bathroom. In a Catholic school being too creative was considered blasphemous. Please don't refute it, I have tried to hide my political views and hippie freethinking for years in that joint.

Still it's a pretty good picture to show that we often have to recognize that although we are different, the world can't be run by just one side, you know.

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