Monday, November 7, 2016

Am I Back?

I miss writing on a blog. So I think I would go back to this. I am not sure if this is connected to anything else on my not so active facebook.
But yeah. Need to write more. So I wouldn't get too caught up in other things.
I can't keep an offline diary so I think it's a pretty good idea to go back to blogging, even just to remind me that something is going on in my life.

So where am I now. 80+ Kg. 31 going on 32 and single?
Still struggling in adulting despite the earnest support of friends. ^^
Still haven't finished a single Nanowrimo event successfully but haven't stopped joining. I keep telling myself I will do it next year more diligently. But yeah. November is MAMA season so that never actually comes to fruition.

I had a couple of crushes since my last post.
And that is significant since it's hard to get a crush these days, for fanjuhmas like me. (fan + ahjuhma) But still no Great Love Numero Dos. So in transition for that.

I am still gravely delayed in terms of my Kdrama level but there has been some really cool stuff coming out and I enjoy reading spoilers about them. I watch when I have time to download and stream.

I am into a new KPOP group called Pentagon and joined Black Pink Philippines to support Lisa and the gals. Then we merged Pentagon PH and Pentagon Philippines to support Hongseok and the other members of Pentagon.
Currently Pentagon is nominated in the Best New Male Artist category in MAMA and in last place. They debuted in October so that is pretty understandable. But as for Black Pink they are doing well, nominated in Best New Female Artist category in MAMA and doing well in voting and digital sales. Pentagon has 7 songs in their self-title mini album and Gorilla as their official debut MV while Black Pink has four songs and four MVs. They did well in their digital but IOI has an album out and that worries me.

I went to the Big Bang Made Tour in Manila concert with BGPH minus Dawn. I missed Lee Hi's fanconcert. I went to Epik High's concert by winning a consulation ticket GA and got a high touch and a photo op because my friend Leah from BJBS, iKON Philippines Red and now BPPH, won an FB event for the high touch.
Winner is on hiatus because of Nammie's condition. Bobby and Mino did a collaboration MOBB and made two songs.

Kpop Look-A-like season is killing me. Making me laugh and making me angry so early when I wake up at noon. (that is my morning bite me). But all in all I have been having fun. I don't go to all the events like most people think I do. And I don't always need to pay my way to their events since some events are free. But I can't go to two events in a row now. My body can't take it. I always need one day off after I go to an event. So I missed YG Fest 2 this year. November is packed with events. I am going to attend Fandom Fest on Nov 13 since I have a slam poetry entry ^^ New goals : Perform poetry on stage and not faint due to stage fright. ^^ Which reminds me, I have to memorize that poem.

So still living with Trina (she hasn't kicked my slob ass yet) and entering 2nd year of "living with a human" self-development project. I have to reach my 3rd year with some improvement. I went overboard with my supplies shopping last Sunday, almost gave my mom HB. She asked me if I bought a ticket with that money so I ended up taking a photo of the stuff I bought for her to know that I actually bought food.

Oh I went to SM Bacoor by myself last Saturday for K-Town. Yes, I almost got lost. But it was cool. I had fun.

There are so many videos and photos I haven't uploaded. I hope that when I get back home in Nov 27, I would have more time to upload everything. ^^ So much for me being a good fansite noona.

Oh my dongsaengs PHP won in the Fil-Kor Kpop Contest last Oct 15 in CCP. Then Kim Jo had to go back to Hawaii. #PHP1stWin. He performed with Hergie King, JP Soliva, and Charles (the other half of Bishop with Jo Kim) #proudnoona moments.

And ACES lost their leader and KSY so Ken B joined ACES. They debuted as a revamped unit in YGFest 2 which I missed because I am old af and was tired from K-TOWN and the Cavite to Guadalupe travel. I didn't get to sleep before I went to the event so I was sick by the time I got back home Saturday night. Note to self: Do not overdo it.

Some friends got married, divorced then now re-marrying. Some friends lost special someones and some are married, yey. Me, still single and not worried about my lovelife. I just hope love will me before I am 80.

Am I happy? Yes. Am I still not ambitious? Yes. But I am forming new dreams and revisiting old ones that are now more in tune with what I want to do.

Am I challenging myself? I think I haven't been doing this and I need to take on more money-making challenges. No more time for freebies and need to use every moment I have into something productive. Productive not just for my feels but for my pocket.

Watch out. Pinay's back. ^^