Friday, November 25, 2011

How Sailormoon saved a girl

This reminded me of M.

I don't know why it did. My friend M, as we call her now DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. But the quiet girl description reminded me of her. I wondered what could have happened if she hadn't become close to other girls who were quiet in class but actually had a lot in common. What could have happened if someone like me didn't bug her to come out of the classroom during breaktime.

Now she is staking her independence so many years since those days in elementary school. It took her a while but I know that she has opened her eyes  to see that the world may not be perfect but that she is brave enough to live in it. Because there are so many reasons for one to live.

So next time you look at the girl who doesn't talk to anyone, greet her. If you have time to talk to your friends about mundane thing, you can sit near her and talk to her about how her day was or about something you have in common.

In our case, Sailormoon bonded us. This is that reason why to this day I still love the Sailor soldiers because they didn't just transform into prettier versions of themselves, they also drew a bunch of late-bloomers together and we are still very close to each other and extremely glad that we are still friends.

Because not even time and space can stop us from loving each other.

I hope no one ever has to experience saying goodbye to someone so young ever again.

Sometimes all it takes is to say "Moon Prism Power Make-up!"

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  1. that was very sad, i hope she's in good hands now and may she find peace and happiness.

    we never will know why she opted to take away her life, for it is the most beautiful gift we ever had


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