Monday, November 28, 2011

Purple Oven Price List - Makati Branch

If you are a pastry fanatic, you can't go wrong with Purple Oven.

I have been living next to this awesome place since May and I didn't even know it. this is why I should have listened to my mom and gone to mass more often. It was right in front of the Sacred Heart Church!!!

I asked them if they had a website or if they had a price list I could have. They told me they'd e-mail me the list and here it is! Since I don't know if they have a fanpage on facebook or whatnot but I feel it is my DUTY as a brownie fiend and and a pastry lover to share this very important information.

Purple Oven fanpage?

*As of presstime the only ones I have bought from that place were the 240php worth brownies and my friends loved it!~ They raved about it. ^.^ They took home the ones we couldn't finish. ^.^ I would love to buy more next time we go out for lunch or dinner. Friendship brownies!~*

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