Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Your Face, Mr. Speaker!

Sometimes I imagine being a member of the lower party and doing this to some people because of the shit that they do.

Representative Kim Sun-dong, bottom foreground, a Democratic Labor Party lawmaker, sprays tear gas from a canister at Vice Speaker Chung Ui-hwa in front of the Assembly speaker’s podium yesterday. Provided by Nocut News

I know I can't punch anyone with enough force but this lawmaker was right on the money. Not.

The Korean FTA bills was passed, railroaded even. The problem with this is that the Korean government is setting their people up to be screwed over. 

Did they not review the things that are happening in other countries, the Philippines even. The effects of the FTA is never good for either country. Weren't they there when the New York Stock Market crashed? Are they not aware that America and the EU is struggling? Are they not aware that Asian countries actually have more investment capabilities now than before.

I think Representative Kim did something highly reactive. Now noone would take him seriously. Grandstanding never gets anyone anywhere and hurting other people would close their mind to anything else brilliant you might have to stay.

But the basic question here is, how fucked up is their security for a man to be able to bring something like this to the floor? Fisticuffs I would allow, but tear-gasing, come on!

I know a lot more people who deserve this in my country's Congress and Senate. Actually, they don't deserve a seat since they can't even be bothered to feel any kind of rage that other members of their house are doing a douche-y job running the legislative branch of the government.

How can they, some of them don't even know the first thing about their job or they can't even be bothered to show up. Seriously, what can you expect when we vote for people because they can knock someone out or they register well on  camera.

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