Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Van Roxas : My Paranormal Expert Encounter - My Paranormal Romance

I had wanted to watch My Paranormal Romance ever since I read the title. It was just a plus that I actually didn't regret watching this movie after the abysmal experience with watching MATT (Mga Anino sa Tanghaling Tapat) [will talk about this in a different post- that rant deserves another post]
from Cinema one booklet : yep I got one!

You are great Mr. Director : Super funny ng movie mo pramissssssss!

I would have loved to see her in person!

Ang third kasi iba-iba ang labas sa bawat tao, yung sa iyo mukhang henna. - FTW line (di ko sure kung tamang tama ito pero grabe fanalo ang tawa ko sa movie na 'to

It was a really great idea to keep this movie in Bisaya since it was funnier than if it was in Tagalog or Filipino. I am not here to review the movie *yet* I just want to say that it pays to be as kapalmuks as me if you encounter an actor. I am used to seeing them in the mall and randomly being told that someone is this and that from this and so-so show. But when I saw the male lead for My Paranormal Romance, I resurected my groupie super powers and ever so casually followed his group on the escalator and in my nice 1-800 voice asked for an autograph. 

quick feet+kapalmuks=awtograp

He asked me if I watched the movie. I mentally rolled my eyes. Of course, I did. Why else would I ask for you autograph?  *in icebag voice* Pero shempre hindi ko talaga sinabi yun dahil ang totoong nangyari at sinabi ko ay "I tried not to laugh too hard. I didn't want to be expelled from Edsa Shang."

Honestly, I am not a cute actor kinda fan. It wouldn't hurt if the cute guy who I saw that resembled SOL (the engkanto) was really Paul (the actor who played SOL) but all I did was take mental pictures. I would have taken a picture of "Lucas" had he not asked me that question. Seriously, dude. The question to ask, next time someone asks you for an autograph is "Did you like the movie?" HmKay?

*fine he was nice to me so I will say this* Cute ka, kuya. Siguro na-shy ka lang na me nagpa-autograph sa iyo. ^.^ Good luck sa career. ^.^


  1. hi there! im phoebe and i played the role of merry sa movie. im really2x, extremely delighted to read ur blog and how u liked the movie. daghan salamat! =) big kisses and hugs from me and my badly doodled, poorly henna tattooed third eye! hehe =)

  2. Looks like we both watched the same films on the same day! Haha. Thursday's gala premiere, right? :D I also watched MATT and MPR! :D

    Here are my reviews: http://filmcheckbytepmayo.blogspot.com/2011/11/cinema-one-originals-2011-experience.html

  3. Hi PHOEBE!~ add mo ko sa facebook? Wala ka pa bang Fanpage, rirl? If not you should. You were super duper funny. Naku wait ka lang sa aking review. ^.^ So pretty the movie. I-apir mo ko ke Direk at ke Van na rin. At i-hug mo ko ke Sol. Hohoho. So hot that guy. ^.~

  4. *wala ka pa bang fanpage, girl?* dahell me problema daliri ko~


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