Friday, November 25, 2011

Google Adsense gone

Apparently, I did something that pissed them off. Kidding. My adsense account is suspected of some activity that is considered illegal. I don't know if it's the comment sharing or what. But they don't want to reinstate my google adsense. I went through so much crap to get it before. I honestly don't care anymore. I don't want to put ads on my blog anymore since I kinda suck at it too. Nuffnang is harder to navigate. I will just blog. The very purpose is to just get people to read what's in my head. Generating hits from link exchange and whatnot apparently is too much for them to grasp. So I will just quit the whole paid blogger thing. If I ever get around to learning about the whole ad thing, which I am sure Foo would love for me to learn, I would have to pass. My head would hurt too much.

No this time, I would not panic. The last time that I did, I lost Pinaywriter O.D. 1.0
I deleted my account and all the stuff that came with it. It was horrible. I felt like I did a harakiri. If it wasn't for Carlo, comsci friend from school, I wouldn't know that google reader still has my stuff. So I was able to back up my stuff.

But I think I need a new paypal account. The one connected to my yahoo one is just...fracked up. My old yahoo is *my own fault* hard to access because I forgot the effin password *yet again*

So there. I will comment and read and what not in blogs and will write more stuff here that would be useful to me and other people. But I wouldn't be doing it for money. I'll just get a better day job.

got a new paypal nothing is connected to my other paypal anyway. I will just delete it when I figure out the damn password.

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