Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An-ni-yo Mu-te : No, I can't speak

Can you speak Korean? 

That is the most common question that I get asked when I tell people that I work in a Korean online English company as an EIA (online English teacher).

I am listening to an mp3 for learning conversational Korean and I can't remember the things that is being said. I think my brain is not capable of learning any new language, even if it's something that I watch and hear in interviews. It's like the language block is literally in my head and I can't make my brain remember anything.

Now I can understand why my students are so embarrassed. In their head they can hear the words well. But when they open their mouth, the word doesn't come out just like the one you intended it to come out as. I can even hear my Americanized accent butchering the Korean word shamelessly.

I know a little bit of Japanese but it's like those phrases and sentences are vaulted up in some part of my memory and the only way to coax it out is with sushi. And we all know I am watching what I eat now. *so not true* It comes alive when Eiga Sai is around the corner and the rest of the year it's locked up and kept from my daily life.

I bought some flimsy Korean booklet for 140 yesterday. I had wanted to buy the Making out in Korean book but it was more than what I planned to shell out for a book these days. So I ended up with said crappy book and I haven't opened it yet. I was saved by my friend J who sent me some torrented mp3s. ^.^ But she only sent me Unit 1 and 2 since gmail can only take so much. ^.^ But one unit is enough to give me a negaspazz.

But it's time to fix up my resume and boast my skill set. I would have to practice typing blindly and speaking with sense.

My students would have the funniest, most patient student this coming days. I am always like this when I am trying to make them feel my love on the last few days. I remember getting so many claps and commendations before I left some other company. The last company promoted me before the end came near. It's a good idea for me to have fun and give my best so that things won't be awkward when I leave.

And who knows, I could come back. But not likely.

Anyway, some day I pray, I can watch Korean dramas and movies and pick up more than what I used to. Like how I am with Jdramas and movies nowadays. I want to be able to ignore the subtitles too. ^.^ At least most of the time.

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