Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nanorimo Day 8: 13339 words

I was so inspired after finishing POPPED TOO that I was able to write 3,100+ words for Pinay's Pie!

*note to self do not write after smoking a stick of Capri, you can't type correctly that you had to delete every other word in your first sentence*

I needed 13336 words to get back on my word count rightness and I was able to do it. I should make my writing life a Nanowrimo challenge since I clearly could do it! I promise to do this in the future so that I would be able to finish my novels and edits after this challenge!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun that my first life was a useful inspiration for my novel. I just put everything on wattpad so that I don't fear that it would get corrupted in Eros and Singko (laptop and HD respectively if you didn't know that about me, I name my things)

Things were coming out so easily for Pinay's Pie. I am so happy. But I am not too proud of it to send it to Summit or anything. Still a coward when it comes to getting my dream of being a published writer to come true. But I am sure this challenge once I win it would fuel my self-esteem for months to come. I just need to write what I knew and made sure I didn't get caught up in the fact that my character is a total Mary Sue, an almost perfect persona in the written world circle.

So what, I am a romance novel writer, the characters were always too good to be true and a piece of a real person was always going to be present in my work. Besides, I have enough friends to make into characters and it would take me fifty novels to run out of people to fictionalize. If that was even a word.

So all is well in the realm of Pinaywriter's world. My first live might be riddled with financial woes and debt to society, but in PW's world, allizwell.

I found out that the Cinema One thing was going to be 150 per movie. No thanks. Indie film problem averted. I was going to the free Italian films. The ones that I would be able to catch at least. So I need to check out the schedule and think of what I wanted to see. So what if I had to do it alone again. I might ask Trina if she was up for it. Gosh, I miss her so much. I have become the friend who neither smses or facebook hellos her and I need to make it up to her. God, I don't even know her days off anymore. I used to schedule my free time around my friends in the past. What a fair-weathered friend I had become.

But I promise to try to ask her when she might be free to catch a movie with me. Sleep be damned. I couldn't let her and my other friends have all the fun in the first life realm again. Now that I was shackle free, I would make sure that the next time I am entangled in another romance, I would not leave them hanging.

My friends had fed my obsession for the written word. Even if I won't be able to get around to hooking up with them in November because of all this writing I would make it up to them in December. This year is one for the books, that was for sure. And I owe so many of the highlights to my dear loving friends that I had to make amends.

I need to write a new chapter again. And I was not going to write them out of it ever again. 

Added in November 9 :

OMO! Chinggay Labrador did a pep talk Nanomail thingy! I can't believe that the person who inspired me to write 3,100 words actually did a peptalk. Yeah. You are preaching to the choir girlfriend! I super love your books! 
I plan to visit this cafe (God had I know that it was near where I worked. Jesus need to haunt it down) and try that purple latte thing. Though I am not sure if I would like it as much as you gals did. 

I would like to Thank Nina for lending me her Popped Too. I would like to apologize to the people on the Taguig bus yesterday for laughing by myself. I hope I didn't weird you out all that much. 

Chinggay, thanks and Hwaiting!~

As for me Keep it up, self!

13339 / 50000


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