Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indie Film Dilemma : Cinema One Originals 2011 or Italian Film Festival?

"What do I do? How could you do this to me? Can someone please clone me please?" Yes. I said that outloud when I walked past this in Edsa Shang yesterday

If you think I am being anti-Pinoy or something, I am not. It's just that I saw this online the day before

How? How am I going to watch movies from the Digital Filmfesta and the ones in Greenbelt 3 without killing myself commuting?

Google came to the rescue. I found this in http://bobetbagundang.com. There are youtube links of sorts in the actual titles. I can't watch them at work but I will after. *dear god my nanowrimo 4k goal for today will greatly suffer*

I am not sure if the Digital Cinema thing would be free. Can someone give me information about this please? I don't know the schedule either. But I will try to ask later at Shang. *I pass by that place all the time en route home*

But the Italian filmfest is obviously free. But I have never watched a free movie at Greenbelt so I don't know the rules. I have gotten this free movies thing down to tee at Shang. But Greenbelt has the hords of Makati people to deal with. So I don't know what to expect.

But I LOVE seeing Italy on the big screen. God, that is the ONLY reason I saw Milan (that OFW movie).

I want to watch more quality Filipino movies. And Cinema One is the answer to that. But how can I now if I am being pulled from both sides?

Do you have any tips for me for the Greenbelt thing or info about the Cinema One Originals thing? Do comment here. Thanks!


Schedule of Italian Film Festivals 

Italian Film Fest toasts Brillante Mendoza

Italian Film Festival at Greenbelt 3

10th Italian film fest: Rolling out the red carpet

Italian Film Festival









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*Update 150 per movie for Cinema One. Don't have money for it so I won't watch any of the  movies since I am short. 

**Italian films are free! But late at night. T_T*



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  1. nice blog here sis.. :) I'm a movie buff as well thought didn't had the chance to explore Indie films.. will try to! ;)


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