Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If Seung-hyun was my sempai...

If Seung-hyun was my sempai...I would just die.

Don't look at me like that, oppa! I have to study!!!

He is studying drama and cinema in Dangook University.  He looks so cute eating and posing for the camera. I think they should totally use this to inspire students to study for the Korean CSATs by stating where idols/actors study. Imagine bumping into him Seung-hyun accidentally. I would just go into involuntary kyah!~ spazz. In my head of course I would just walk past him and keep that memory in my heart forever.

And I would probably be in the same major if I was in that school. Darn it. If my parents had enough money I would've studied Film and Audio Visual Communications. But hey, we play the cards we are dealt with.

The odd thing is that I have this feeling that I had a student who worked in this university. Dankook University rang a bell before even before I knew idols studied there. Oh well.

*daydreams about sitting in class with Seung-hyun oppa or be his English literature instructor. OMO!*

+source : allkpop + newsen

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