Monday, November 14, 2011

Cinema One Originals 2011 Schedule

It's a little late but here goes. I had to bug the ticket ladies during the first two days when I went back on the third day, they had a print out. Yey, us buggy indie movie watching people! Seriously, they should have this online so that more people would get a clue how to map out their viewing pleasure...or displeasure.

Movie Titles Legend
Sa Kanto ng Ulap at Lupa (SKUL)
Anatomiya ng Korupsyon (AK)
Big Boy (BB)
Di Ingon 'Nato [Not like Us] (DIN)
Mga Anino ng Tanghaling Tapat (MATT)
Sa Ilalim ng Tulay (SIT)
My Paranormal Romance (MPR)
Ka Oryang (KA)
Six Degrees of Seperation from Lilia Cuntapay (6 Deg)
Cartas De La Soledad [Letters of Solitude] (CDLS)

Shang Cineplex Cinema 4 (showing was till Nov 12)

Nov 9 Wed
3pm Opening
4:45 pm Gala : SKUL
7pm  Gala : AK
9:30 pmGala DIN

Nov 10
5pm Gala : MATT
7pm Gala : MPR
9:30 pm Gala : BB

Nov 11
5  Gala SIT
7 Gala KA
930 Gala 6 Deg

5pm Reg SKUL
7:30 reg DIN
9:30  Gala : CDLS

Shang Cineplex PREMIERE THEATER (Showing till Nov 15)

Nov 10(TH)
12nn Ishmael
2pm Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria *last year's winner*
4 SKUL - watched
7 AK
9 Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria

Nov 11(F)
12 CO Docu Special : Indie Mainstream Paano Ka Ginawa? by Jay Abello
2 Layang Bilanggo
9 BB

Nov 12 (S)

1130am CDLS
1:30 KA
3:30 AK
5:30 SIT
7:30 KA
9:30 6 Deg

Nov 13 (Sun)
1130am MATT
1:30  MPR
3:30 KA
5:30 CDLS
7:30 6 Deg
9:30 BB

Nov 14 (M)
12 SIT
2 AK
10 6 Deg

Nov 15 (T)
4 BB
9 Best Picture Winner

I didn't get to watch all the movies but I got to see Sa Kanto ng Ulap at Lupa, My Paranormal Romance and Mga Aninno Sa Tanghaling Tapat. Stay tuned for my varied reviews about those three movies. Next time there is a Cinema One near where I work, I would make sure to save enough money to watch as many as I can.

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