Monday, August 22, 2011

Day # 4: Fitnesse & Fruit #45DNoRice

BRUNCH : oatmeal + scrambled eggs

Dinner: Chicken wings (2) + banana

Extra: Fitnesse & Fruit (as a snack)

Verdict: Need to curb snacking

Although it was okay to eat different alternatives to rice, I need to remember that my brother mentioned that oatmeal makes my stomach more acidic.

USANA: Decided to start the week before of essentials next weekend since the "side effects" might get in the way of regular work. It's funny how those side effects are said to be window to a malady that a person might have. My brother sent me some information and I would blog about that as soon as I use it.

The author of this blog is not a licensed nutritionist or a fitness expert. *obviously* So do what you think works for you but don't take my word as gospel. This is a trial and error thing I am doing so I don't want trolls to tell me they tried this and it failed to give out any decent results.

The 45 days Ninya No Rice Challenge

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