Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 1 of 7 : USANA Essentials

Day 1 Essentials 7 Days before 5-day reboot

Existing conditions:

Skin Asthma (some wounds are being treated with antibiotics and some wounds are healing up)
Menstual Cycle (on the third day – flow is minute ; second period of the year : irregular condition)

Existing Diet or Exercise Routine:

- On the 45 No Rice Challenge so has not been eating rice for 9 days but still no apparent physical changes are seen.
- No Exercise except walking to work

Weight : 83+ Kgs
Height : 5 feet 6.11 inches
Pants size: 36-40 (low rise/regular)

Apparent physical traits :
Large pores
Double Chin
Tadpole Belly

Reactions to the Essentials:

When I took them, the white one before the greenish one (minerals before the vitamins), my brother told me I should feel something within fifteen minutes. I wasn't going to wait for a headache to topple me over since my left knee was still not good because of an infected wound on the side of it. So I laid down for the first try. All I felt was a little pressure in my head like someone pressing on the temples and a tiny stomachache. I was having my period so I checked if it might be the rare cramps that I could get. But the location was not where a cramp should be. You see, my mother rarely has dysmennorhea and God bless her, I inherited that from her. So on the rare times I do get cramps, I remember the pain well enough to know the difference.

My brother told me the next day that it might mean an ulceration (lesion) in the lining of the stomach or duodenum (upper large intestine). And as he said and I experienced, it went away after a few minutes. I wasn't writhing in pain or anything. And this is from a woman who has a very low threshold of pain. So believe me it wasn't that much of a big deal. I think any pansy can take it.

As for the headache, he said that according to the book (yes, there is a book they are not getting this information out of their asses or some powerpoint presentation. The guy who made this all happen is a microbiologist and God knows how much those people like making books about their discoveries.) there might be some clogged arteries in my head. But if it goes away then that means my health is improving. There isn't any remains of that headache anymore, I think, I just woke up so I might not be feeling all of it yet. But all in all, when I woke up I was energetic. Usually I roll over and sleep till noon. I woke up at 5 and had wanted to get up but true to my lazy nature, it's just 7:59 now. I woke up at seven and had to do some morning stuff before I could write about how I feel.

The really good effect was that I slept well. No dreams that I could remember. No wakefulness feeling in the middle of the night. This is the main problem for me. Even if I am able to sleep and not get my insomnia get the best of me, I still can't sleep continuously unless punch out drunk or tired to the bones. And even at times like those I have conjure my sleepiness by reading a book, watching a boring movie or the great sedative “exercising” that puts most women to sleep after. I really don't have to tell you what that is, there are children here.

So there it is. No life-changing events occurred while I took the first pair of essentials. I didn't burst into an itch which according to my dermatologist would be a sign that my body is rejecting any medication or any stuff that I ingest. So it's not like I am allergic to these *medication*. I can't really call them supplements now since as for the next batch of bottles my brother would get, the would remove the no thereupetic claims tag removed since USANA is now on the MMS. (the MMS is the thing that lists all medicine that doctors can perscribe,generic or otherwise) Pretty cool, huh. My brother has always wanted to be a doctor but we never got around to having enough money for that. So this way he can help the people in our family be healthier and well, augment his income as well.


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