Monday, August 29, 2011

DAY 2 of 7 : USANA Essentials

DAY 2 of 7 : USANA Essentials

Same conditions as DAY 1
Weight:  didn't check

Well, on the second day it was rainy and I didn't feel like getting up to do anything. But since I had planned to clean my room that day, I decided to have brunch, took the essentials and get down to it. Usually I play a movie to be able to tell how long I have been cleaning. I played HITCH for this one. Usually around the middle part of the movie I loose steam. I haven't been that athletic in the past three years and I smoke on and off during that time so I am paying for the vices that I let loose, skin allergies and lack of stamina. I notice that whenever I take the essentials, my eyes get better. It's like the contrast of the picture that I am looking at increases. I don't know if other people with bad eyes like me who are talking the essentials get the same feeling but there you go, I think I forgot to mention that last time. There wasn't the same stomachache just that brightness that I could see things a bit clearly even without my glasses on.

I was able to finish my cleaning without breaking that much of a sweat. Laziness wanted to kick in once in a while but I was able to get through it with energy to spare. Usually I would be tired as hell arranging things and hauling my stuff. During that time, my wound was a little painful. It's still fresh and I really shouldn't be doing anything on it. But I think the energy that I got let me do things through the pain. This is saying a lot since I have a low threshold of pain. Ask anyone I know and they'll tell you how irate I can get when I am in pain.

I decided to finish clearing the clutter and sorting things out. I could do other details in the next few days. My new roommate was coming in the middle of the week. So I could wait for them to clear all the dust in the tiny corners. My wound was not something that I could ignore after all. And my blue days was adding insult to injury.

Verdict: Wouldn't have been able to get through the cleaning without the essentials. Hoping this is not a placebo effect.

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