Monday, August 1, 2011

On Coffee, Tea and Me

I am from Batangas. My relationship with coffee I don't even have to describe. Basically it's in my blood. End of story. Tea I hated for the longest time. But since I got into Japanese food that had to change significantly. I liked tea a little but it was an acquired taste. But what I noticed is that I was able to avoid the sugar and coffee crash that came with my overly-sweet Americano or Barako brews.
So I am going to try the Revitalife that I snatched from my mom's stash. My Tita E has been selling Personal Collection stuff since I could remember. So she gave my parents coffee. I got some. I noticed that the pack was divided into two. One is not enough for a large cup so I poured all of it (2 packs) and it tasted unfamiliar (not a creamer person) and later I realized it was nice. After I finished it I moved on to the green tea that I got from the teabags that people kept giving my parents. (my dad needs chamomile tea to sleep) Since the chamomile tea was not easy to make, I ended up with the green tea. *I am thinking of buying a calamansi concentrate in SM to add to it later. *Might was well, right?*

Please change your package. It looks like there is a big dung on the cover. Not a pleasant image. Pramis

would not say no to this tea set

I know I should just try apples but I am cutting down on my food budget. (might be the worst time to say I bought 2 Hansel premium boxes) I am not harboring any hope of loosing weight in this way. But if it's at all possible to stay awake without them, then surely I would want to get a crack at that thing. But sans drugs, I have none that comes to mind.

So, which one do you prefer, coffee, me or tea?  ^.^

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